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Today's Highlights

Why Doesn't al-Qaeda Attack the US?: M. Scheuer
The Iraq Exit Is Clearly Marked: Lawrence Korb
The Ancient History of Military Reform: William Lind
US Sets Standards, Fails to Meet Them: S. Suri
A Kinder, Gentler Torture: Candace Gorman

 Rep. Ron Paul

Peace and Liberty

 Cliff Schecter

The Real McCain

 Michael Schwartz

Memorial Day for Iraqis

 Jacob Hornberger

Restoring the Republic

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Updated May 29, 2008 - 10:03 AM EDT
Washington's Spinning Permanent Campaign
  Pentagon Asks Congress for Authority to Transfer War Funds
  Bush: US 'Learning as We Go' in Iraq, Afghanistan
  $152 Billion in Defense Spending Unchecked
Sadr Getting Ready to Lead Iraq?
  Sadr City Truce Strains as Militia Leaders Grumble
  Militant Group Warns of Mosul Retaliation
  Marines Pass Out Gospel Verse to Iraqi Muslims, Iraqis Say
  Iraqi Army Fans Political Tensions
US: Iran Must Not 'Stall' on Nuclear Issue
  US, Allies Say UN Report Bolsters Fears Iran Wants Nuclear Bomb
  Bolton: Attacking Iran an Extremely Unattractive Option
  Ahmadinejad Rival Gets Powerful Post in Iran
  Senators Say Report of Planned US Strikes on Iran Untrue
ABC, FBI Punk'd by Terror 'Fan Video'
Israeli Defense Chief Says Olmert Must Step Down
US Absent as Global Cluster Munitions Ban Agreed
Why Doesn't al-Qaeda Attack
the US?
 by Michael Scheuer
Neocons Silent on Hagee Repudiation by McCain  by Jim Lobe
The Ancient History of
Military Reform
 by William S. Lind
The Iraq Exit Is Clearly Marked
by Lawrence Korb
Flack Attack  by John Dickerson
The Attack on Damadola
by Brian Cloughley

More Viewpoints

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US Official: No Sign al-Qaeda Has WMD Capability
Putin Appointment to Belarus Post Concerns US
Bush Says Country Must Not Lose Its Nerve in Iraq
Diplomats Eyed for Possible Forced Service in Iraq
US Rebuilds French Connection
Amnesty: US Sets Standards, Fails to Meet Them
Talking to Hamas
John Bolton Escapes Citizen's Arrest at UK Festival
Cluster Bomb Ban Surprises Observers
Today in Iraq
Iraq Reopens Bombed Bridge, Vows to Defeat Militants
Iraqi Troops Capture TV Correspondent
Over 7,500 Iraqi Police Sacked This Year
Sadr Urges Unity on US Security Deal
Mosul Awaiting Promised Funds
Iraq to Hold National Census in 2009 – Minister
Mass Grave, Tons of Chemicals, 44 Rockets Found in Northern Fallujah
Wednesday: 31 Iraqis Killed, 24 Wounded
Iraq Occupation
US Makes Progress in Iraq's 'Triangle of Death'
Haditha Massacre Court Martial Begins
Only a Few Survived the Invasion: US Military Helps Baghdad Restock Its Zoo
Iraqi Sports
Feud Over Sports Could Keep Iraq Out of Olympics
Iraq in Last-Ditch Effort to Overturn Football Association Ban
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi Prime Minister to Seek Debt Relief
The World Must Do More for Iraq: Rice
British DM: Aussie Troops Leaving Iraq at the Right Time
The War at Home
Bush Likens War Against Islamic Extremism to Fight Against Fascism
White House Calls McClellan's Book Sour Grapes
For McCain, a Switch on Telecom Immunity?
Blackwater Sues San Diego Over Permits for Training Facility
Blackwater Grand Jury Hears From Iraqi Witnesses
Powell Speech Draws Antiwar Protesters
US Military
Marine Heads to Trial on Obstruction Charges
Gates Reviews Report on Mishandling Nuke Shipment
Military Insurance Falls Short on Mental Health Care

Secret Bomber, Son of Killer Drone?

Robot + Million Round Per Minute Gun = 'Crowd Control'
Colonel Says Speaking Out on Guantánamo Cost a Medal
Still Silenced in Guantánamo

'War on Terror'

Italian Investigator Says US Agents Left Obvious Clues in Abduction Case
Bin Laden in Northern Pakistan: Afghan Official
Chertoff: Al-Qaeda Targets Democracies
Prosecutors: Alleged Terrorist Shouldn't Get News
US Trial Set for Men Accused of Aiding Hezbollah
Iranian Convicted of Using US Nuclear Software
UK Police Make New Arrest After Restaurant Blast
Russia Says Won't Be Pushed From Ukraine Base
Putin Heads to France as Foreign Policy Master
NATO Says Can't Be Police Force for Kosovo
Poland Stalls Bush's 'Lame Duck' Deal on Missile Shield
Belarus Opposition Activists Put on Probation
EU Targets Move to Longer Internet Addresses
Somalia Peace Talks to Re-Start on Saturday
15 Killed, 27 Wounded in Mogadishu Violence
Five Killed in Southwest Somali Region
Somali Islamists Attack Ugandan Troops
Somalia Sends Troops to Free Seized Dutch Ship
Italian Aid Workers Held in Mogadishu
Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Helps Violence Victims
Some Rwanda Rebels Agree to Lay Down Arms
Colombia Warlords' Laptops Not Handled With Care
Gates to Restate US Commitment in Asia
After '05 Uzbek Uprising, Issues Linger for West
Cyclone Survivors Victimized by Myanmar Soldiers
In Other News
UN: Over 500,000 People Uprooted by Conflict This Year
More Action Needed to Combat Civilian Deaths: UN
A Look at Some of World's Remaining Monarchies
Banning Cluster Bombs
Treaty Seeks to Ban Cluster Bombs Within 8 Years
Landmark Cluster Bomb Ban Agreed by 111 Countries
Human Rights Watch: 'Significant Defeat' for US on Cluster Bomb Ban
Brown: Britain Will Scrap Its Cluster Bomb Stockpile
Cluster Bombs at a Glance
Iran's Speaker Warns West Over Nuclear Cooperation
Rice: Iran Must Explain IAEA Nuclear Report
Iran-Syria Sign Defense Pact
Iran to Unveil New Military Projects
US Wants Search for Alleged Syrian Nuclear Sites
US Says Missile-Related Shipment to Syria Stopped
Weak Israeli Premier, US Indifference to Peace Talks Irk Syria
Turkey Sees Scope for Direct Israel-Syria Talks
If Olmert Is Toast, So Is Bush Bid to Broker Peace Deal
Previous Israeli Political Scandals
Protesting Israelis Prevent Food From Entering Gaza
Tutu Investigates Gaza Shelling
Palestinians Live in Horror of Losing Their Homes
Palestinian Cell Service Still on Hold
Palestinian Security Forces Return From US-Paid Training
Lawyers Urge Finkelstein to Contest Israel Expulsion
Hamas Says Two Killed in Israeli Airstrike on Gaza
Lebanese President Reappoints Prime Minister
Report: Deal Imminent Between Israel and Hezbollah
Hezbollah Spy to Be Released Next Week
Reports: Turkish Soldiers, Kurds Clash; Two Dead
US Asks Turkey to Join Intelligence-Sharing Network
Pakistanis Rally to Mark Anniversary of Nuclear Bomb
Pakistan: New Peace Deal With Militants
Britain DM Endorses Talks With Pakistani Taliban
Pakistan's Sharif Wants Musharraf Ousted and Tried
Analysis: Musharraf Can Wait as Pakistan Grapples With Economy
US Congressmen Deny Lobbying for Musharraf
US Senator Says Reassured Over Pakistani Peace Deals
Blast Kills Eight Taliban in Tribal Pakistan: Officials
Two Suicide Blasts in Afghanistan
Stabbed Afghan Woman Journalist Fears for Future
'Fierce One' Ousts King to Become New Power in Nepal
Nepali King Given 15 Days to Leave Palace
Nepalis Celebrate the 'Dawn of the Republic'
Small Blasts as Nepal Prepares to Abolish Monarchy
The Decline and Fall of Nepal's Last King
Chronology: Milestones in Political History of Nepal
Sri Lanka
Military: Sri Lanka Fighting Kills 16 Tamil Rebels
TV Journalist Killed in Sri Lanka
North Korea
US Envoy: Disarming North Korea in 2008 a 'Challenge'
North Korean Nuclear Documents Challenge CIA Assertions
US, North Korea Meet Over Nuclear Declaration
China's Hu Calls for Peace With Taiwan During Historic Meeting
Taiwan Edges Closer to China With One Nation Talk
New Taiwan Leader Reportedly Cautious With China
Taiwan Pushes for Greater Global Role
China Invites Taiwan to More Talks as Ties Warm
China's Hu Eyes Weekend Direct Flights With Taiwan
Beijing Prepares for Any Terrorist Threats to Olympics
Battered China Asks Old Enemy Japan for Military for Help as Flood Threat Rises
The Tiananmen Effect
Chinese National Pleads Guilty to Aiding Spy
Chinese Premier Shows Up on Facebook

Tibet Dissident Writer Under Cyber-Attack


Justin Raimondo
Into the Bosnian Quagmire, Part 3

Charles Peña
Things to Remember on Memorial Day

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The Fight for Memorial Day

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Talking About Nothing

Ivan Eland
Negotiating with 'Terrorists and Radicals' Is a Must

Doug Bandow
Ain't My America

Nebojsa Malic
Tadic's Titanic

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Contradictions

Philip Giraldi
The Fourth Estate Fails Again

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

Praful Bidwai
One Last Push for India-US Nuke Deal

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