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Is War Good For the Economy?: Justin Raimondo
Change We Can Believe In?: Charles Peņa
Don't Miss the Train: William S. Lind
Court Tosses Gitmo Case 6 Yrs Late: A. Worthington
US-Sunni Ties Fear Undercut Talks: Gareth Porter

 Melvin Goodman

Failure of Intelligence

 Juan Cole

The Real State of Iraq

 Glenn Greenwald

Realign for Liberty!

 Chris Hedges

America's War Against Iraqi Civilians

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Updated June 25, 2008 - 10:47 PM EDT

Israel Prodding US to Attack Iran


Bolton: Israel Will Attack Iran Before New US President Sworn In

9 Iraqi Civilians Killed in US Firefights, Airstrike

GAO: Bush Goals in Iraq Not Realized


Pentagon: Iraq Security Gains Still 'Fragile, Reversible, Uneven'


Fear of US-Sunni Ties Undercut Security Talks

  Wednesday: 3 US Soldiers, 26 Iraqis Killed; 37 Iraqis Wounded
  Tuesday: 4 Americans, 1 Italian, 22 Iraqis Killed, 90 Iraqis Wounded

Gaza Truce Shaken by Rockets, Killings


Israel to Vote on Hezbollah Swap Sunday

Audit: No Evidence $6 Billion Given to Pakistan Used for Anti-Terror
The Pentagon's Stealth Corporations  by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
Hitchens Demands an Eye for an Eye  by Patrick Buchanan
Six Years Late, Court Throws Out Guantánamo Case  by Andy Worthington
Lieberman's Revenge
by Michael Brendan Dougherty
Don't Miss the Train  by William S. Lind
The Bolton-Telegraph Scare  by Jim Lobe

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Iraqis Skeptical About Obama, McCain

Pentagon: Iraq Security Gains Still 'Fragile, Reversible, Uneven'

Battle in Court Over Executive Privilege

Top Engineers Shun Military; Concern Grows

Soldiers Told 'Just Say No' to Mental Health Consultation

UK Forces Can't Cope With Iraq and Afghanistan

Pentagon Contractor Was Suspect

State Dept Opens Probe of US Ambassador in Albania

Ten Die, Including Four Americans,
in Sadr City Blast
Today in Iraq

Iraqi PM Discusses With Kurdish Counterpart Oil, Gas Bill

Iraq to Create Yet Another State-Run Oil Company

Iraqi Govt Prepares for Diyala Offensive

Ownership Tussle Over Saddam's Boat
Attacks Continue

Sadr City Blast Reveals New Dangers for US

Rice: Sadr City Attack on Occupying Troops Reminder of 'Dangers Americans Face'

Gunmen Kill Village's Mayor Near Kirkuk

Tuesday: 4 Americans, 1 Italian, 22 Iraqis Killed, 90 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

First Contractor Convicted Under US Military Law in Iraq

US Trains Iraqi Women to Find Female Suicide Bombers

Bush Administration to Leave Iraq Oil Deals Alone

Army Officer Pleads Guilty in Bribe Scheme
The War at Home

Americans Still Gloomy Over Iraq War

Iraqi Refugees Languish in US

Phishing Scam Targets Families of Killed Soldiers

Lawmakers Flay Army Over 21-Year-Old's $298 Million Arms Deal

Blackwater Finds AK-47 Loophole

'War on Terror'

Scalia Cites False Information in Habeas Corpus Dissent

Feingold, Dodd Planning Filibuster of Wiretap Bill

Panel Seeks Testimony From Rumsfeld Aide

Poll: More Than 10 Percent of Americans Think Torture Is Fine in General

Captured at 15: Gitmo Canadian Asks for Second Chance

Bipartisan Group to Speak Out on Detainees


At Least 7 Deaths in One Week for Battalion

Afghanistan Fighting Leaves 32 Dead

Mullen Calls for 10,000 Additional Troops in Afghanistan

Germany Plans to Boost Afghan Troop Limit by 1,000

General: Attacks Up 40 Percent in East Afghanistan

Afghan Warlords Stockpiling Opium Crop

Afghanistan Says 'Foreign Intelligence' Responsible for Karzai Attack

Britons Call for Return of Troops in Afghanistan


Six Killed in Fresh Swat Valley Violence

Pakistan Party Sees Musharraf Behind Sharif Poll Bar

Pakistan Tribe Gather Dead After Taliban Take Town

Pakistani Taliban Said Pulling Out of Captured Town

Bodies Found of 22 Abducted by Pakistani Taliban
South Asia

Sri Lanka Promises Action Over Media Death Threats

Tourists Flock Back to Kashmir


Pentagon Eyes $200 Million Bomb, Missile Sale to South Korea

South Korean Teens: US a Greater Threat Than North Korea


Japanese Warship Visits Chinese Port

Japan Links Terror List Removal to North Korea Abductions


Peacemaker Breaks the Ancient Grip of Albania's Blood Feuds

Walesa Fights Claims That He Was Secret Police Informant


EU Sanctions Illegal, Says Iran

Oil Rises on Iran, Nigeria Supply Worries

Iranian Vehicles Bound for Iraq

US, Israel, Iran All Flatly Deny Attack Rumor

US Admiral: Israel's Iran Exercise May Be a Result of January Straits of Hormuz Incident

Ahmadinejad Proposes Trial for World Powers

Iran Says EU Sanctions Could Hurt Nuclear Diplomacy

Lebanese Leader: Country Nearing Self-Destruction

Guns Fall Silent as Army Deploys in North Lebanon

Helping Lebanon's Torture Victims

Donors Pledge $120 Million to Rebuild Palestinian Refugee Camp


Can Syria Avoid Sanctions With a UN Nuclear Inspection?

White House Urges Syria to Cooperate

Syrian Rights Group Calls for Release of Prisoners of Conscience

Syrian Presence Essential to Peace, Sarkozy Tells Israel's Elder Statesman


Sheldon Adelson's Relentless Quest for Global Influence

Israel: Egypt Agrees Not to Open Gaza Crossing

Countries Commit $240 Million to Strengthen Palestinian Govt

Quartet Gives Support to Berlin Meeting to Help Palestinians

Hamas Prisoners Freed in West Bank, Despite PA Pledge to Israel

Officials: Israeli Kills Self at Sarkozy Ceremony

Middle East

UAE Firm Is First International Port Operator to Be Certified for Security by US

Report: Turkish Soldier Dies in Clash With Rebels


'A Flagrant Violation of Democracy': ANC Tells Mugabe to Delay Election

ANC Rejects Pressure on Zimbabwe

Mob Rule Swells the Crowds at Mugabe Rallies

Genocide 'Possible' in Zimbabwe

US: Mugabe Reelection Bid Will Meet World Rejection

US Envoy: World Cannot Stop Zimbabwe Vote

Mugabe Isolated as Allies Turn Their Backs

Defiant Mugabe Refuses to Bow to World Pressure

Zimbabwe's Descent Into Electoral Terror

Outrage as British Mining Company Announces $400 Million Investment in Zimbabwe

Tsvangirai's Letter of Withdrawal From Zimbabwe Vote


Shock and Condemnation as Somali Peace Activist Is Killed

End Attacks Against Aid Workers, Somali Agencies Urge

Islamists Under Fire After Attack on Ethiopian Military Base in Mogadishu

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia Plans to Hold Military Exercises in Arctic

Stratotanker Dumps Fuel Over Kyrgyzstan

In Other News

Tibet Reopens to Foreign Tourists Wednesday

Ecuador Says May Impose Colombia Trade Sanctions

UN Security Chief Resigns Over Suicide Blast in Algiers


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Remaking the Middle East

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India-Pakistan Peace Survives, Somehow

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The US and China:
Unsettling Similarities

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Israel at Sixty

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