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Rice Goes Deeper Into the Absurd: G. Greenwald
US Role in Georgia Crisis Can't Be Ignored: Zunes
Fallujah Fall Guy: Aaron Glantz
Musharraf Out, Bush Still In: Ray McGovern
Georgia on My Mind: Conn Hallinan

 Robert Higgs

Philip Dru in Power

 Glenn Greenwald

Bloggers Thrash Feds, Times, Post on Anthrax Cover-Up

 Greg Palast

War: Why Your Gas is So Expensive

 Gareth Porter

AP Disseminates Bogus War Propaganda

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Updated August 21, 2008 - 11:26 PM EDT
Iraq Demands Pullout Date, Right to Try GIs
  White House Official: Iraq Deal Wouldn't Require Senate Ratification
  Iraqi FM: Deal With US Would Forbid Attacks on Neighboring Countries
  Iraq Takes Aim at Leaders of US-Tied Sunni Groups
  Thursday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded
What Israel Lost in the Georgia War
  US Won't Sell Refueling Jets to Israel, Fearing Strike on Iran
US Demands Russia Leave Georgia 'Now'
  'Don't Do It', US Told Georgia on Eve of Assault
  Edgy Georgians Now Thinking About Resisting Invasion
  Russia Blocks Georgia's Main Port City
  Russian Forces Show Signs of Retreat in Parts of Georgia
At Least 20 Afghan Civilians Killed in US Air Raid
  Eight Foreign Troops Killed in Afghanistan
  UK Army Chief: We Cannot Beat the Taliban Without Reinforcements
  NATO Denies Friendly Fire Killed French Troops in Afghanistan
Attacks Hit Pakistan as Ruling Parties Squabble
  70 Killed in Pakistan Munitions Factory Bombing
  Pakistan Party Threatens to Quit, Coalition Wavers
UK Court Rules Against Govt in Key Guantanamo Case
Crisis in the Caucasus. What Were They Smoking in the White House?  by Eric Margolis
UK's Terror Laws Left Me and My Family Shattered  by Hicham Yezza
John McCain's Foreign Policy Judgment Is Questionable  by Ted Galen Carpenter and Malou Innocent
And None Dare Call It Treason
by Patrick Buchanan
A New (but Old) Official Enemy
by Jacob G. Hornberger
American Credibility on Trial  by Jo Becker

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Citizens of Abkhazia Strive to Shape Sovereign Nation
Russia and West at Odds Over UN Georgia Resolution
US Forces in Iraq Free Reuters Cameraman After Three Weeks, Give No Reason for His Arrest
Dalai Lama: China Attack on Tibet Crowd May Have Killed 140
Pakistan Parliament Demands Repatriation of Scientist Held in US
Mugabe May Have Abandoned Talks: Tsvangirai
Israeli Military Shuts Down BBC in Hebron
Israeli Minister Warns Against Early Peace
Iraqi General Says Diyala Is Free of Terrorists; US Forces Doubtful
Iraq Occupation
Bush's Evolving Rhetoric on US-Iraq Timetables
Iraq Slow in Hiring Former Insurgents, Petraeus Says
Iraq Council Set to Consider Draft Accord on US Military Role
Sadrists Stage Demonstration to Protest Iraq-US Security Agreement
Today in Iraq
Terror Propaganda Takes Hit in Iraq
Detained Iraq Sunni Leader Son Caught Planting Bombs
Grooming a Female Suicide Bomber
PKK Seen as Obstacle to Kurdistan
In Samarra, a Second Chance
Thursday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded
The War at Home
Soldier to Plead Guilty to Lower Desertion Charge
Man Selling Antiwar Shirts Wins Ruling
'War on Terror'
Torture Claim Credible, Court Finds
UK Loses Prisoner Data in Latest Computer Stumble
MI5 Report Challenges Views on Terrorism in Britain
Congress: Terror Database Upgrade Failing
Collecting More Data on Foreign Travelers
US Coalition: 30 Militants Die in Afghan Battle
Russia Says NATO Needs Its Help on Afghanistan
France Salutes Dead Troops, to Debate Afghan Role
French DM Denies US Fire Killed Troops
Brown Makes Surprise Trip to Afghanistan as Taliban Step Up Attacks
Troop Numbers in Afghanistan on 'Growth Trajectory': British Commander
Still Short of Equipment and Facing a More Confident Enemy British Frustration Grows
Pakistan's Coalition Could Split Over Judges
Minister: Thousands of Foreign Militants Present in Bajaur
Pakistani Minister Rules Out Amnesty for Militants
Spokesman: Pakistan's Foreign Policy Won't Change After Musharraf's Ouster
Some of the Deadliest Terror Attacks in Pakistan
Pakistan PM Seeks Parliamentary Guidance in Terror War
India Army Says Fired at From Pakistan-Ruled Kashmir
Kashmir Rumbles, Rattling Old Rivals
Key Kashmir Bus Service Resumes
Maoists Kill Eight in Eastern India
Nuclear Suppliers Propose Terms for US-India Deal
Philippines Peace Process in Tatters
South Korea Eyes Giving Aid to North Via UN Agency
Beijing Police Grab Foreign and Chinese Activists
Civilians 'Butchered' at Mosque, Market in Somalia
10 More Killed in Mogadishu Market Shelling
Ethiopian FM Blasts Somalia's Leaders
Somali Militant Snubs Djibouti Peace Deal
Fighting Forces Somali Civilians to Flee Camps
Al-Qaeda North African Wing Claims Algeria Bombs
Algerians Fear More Violence After Spate of Bombs
Mugabe Rival Fears Talks Collapse
Nigerian President Sacks Army Chiefs in Shakeup
South Ossetia
South Ossetia Independence Rally Blasts Georgia
Russian Maestro Gergiev Performs in South Ossetia
Russian Tank Column Leaves Georgia
Russia to Keep 500 Troops in Georgia Buffer Zone
Saakashvili Says West Must Make Russia Quit Georgia
Georgia Refugees Make Home in Ex-Russian Army Base
Georgia Trade Unionists Eye Passive Resistance Against Russian Troops
Lavrov: Russia Does Not Plan to Shut Doors to NATO
Russia Military: No Plans to Boost Black Sea Fleet
Russia Prevailed on the Ground, but Not in the Media
Poor Planning Doomed Russian Warplanes
Russian Fighting Machine Is Showing Its Age, Say Military Analysts
US Ossetia Fallout
Russia Pushes for Own Peace Plan in Georgia, US Opposes
Text Message From US Warned Saakashvili Russia Sought Confrontation
US Expects to Help Georgia Rebuild Military
US Getting Aid to Georgia but Not to South Ossetia
Global Ossetia Fallout
Estonia Told Russia Halts NATO Work

Georgian Crisis Brings Attitude Change to a Flush Poland

Ukraine Leaders Divided Over Russian 'Threat'
Serb FM Links Georgia War to Kosovo Independence
US Sanctions Not Hampering Business: Iran Bank Chief
Iran Envoy: Iraqi Govt Gives Mujahedin al-Khalq Six Months to Leave
Iran's Space Agency Says It Will Send Man to Space
Israeli Politics
Israel's Livni: Peace Pressure Could Lead to Violence
Top Israeli Candidate Wants Unity Government
Poll Shows Livni, Netanyahu Tie in Israel Election
Israel Opens Checkpoint for Palestinian Traffic
Palestinians Say Naalin Protestor Beaten by Israeli Troops
West Bank Barrier Ordered Rerouted
Cyprus Lets Activists Sail to Gaza
Gaza Travellers Hit by Passport Shortage
Egypt Warns Hamas of Israeli Strikes
Egyptian Police Seize Explosives Cache Near Border With Gaza
Russian Ambassador: 'We Won't Place New Missiles in Syria'
Syria to Russia: Put Your Missiles on Our Soil
Likud MP: Israel Must Freeze Talks With Syria
Lebanon Dismisses Israeli Warnings Over Hezbollah
Lebanon Accuses Israel of Hurting Its Image
Middle East
Weakened PKK Steps Up Bombings in Show of Defiance
Jordan Protests Against Israel's Jerusalem Dig Plans
Colombia Military Atrocities Alleged
Paraguay's New President Replaces Military Command

Panama Creates Controversial Intelligence Force

Australian PM Condemns Fiji Junta Head, Suggests 'Tough Response' Possible

Justin Raimondo
Bizarro Imperialism

Doug Bandow
The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism

Alan Bock
A Familiar Enemy

Ivan Eland
Crisis in the Caucasus

Nebojsa Malic
Krajina, Not Kosovo

Philip Giraldi
America's Israeli-Occupied Media

Charles Peņa
My Energy Plan Is
Better Than Yours

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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