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How Foreign Policy Affects Gas Prices: Ron Paul
US-Russian Relations in Downward Spiral: Eland
Another Famous Victory for Condi: Gordon Prather
Understanding Missile Defense Issues: Randal Mark
Georgia and the Push for Cold War: David Bromwich

 Robert Higgs

Philip Dru in Power

 Glenn Greenwald

Bloggers Thrash Feds, Times, Post on Anthrax Cover-Up

 Greg Palast

War: Why Your Gas is So Expensive

 Gareth Porter

AP Disseminates Bogus War Propaganda

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Updated August 23, 2008 - 11:49 PM EDT
Iraq Pullout Far From a Done Deal
  Draft Iraq Deal Sets 'Aspirational Goal' of 2011 Pullout
  Iraq Seeks Breakup of US-Funded Sunni Fighters
  Defense Official: Foreign Contractors Stoking Iraqi Violence
  Friday: 1 Marine, 6 Iraqis Killed; 8 Iraqis Wounded
PR Push for Iraq War Preceded Intel Findings
  CIA More Fully Denies Deception About Iraq
Officials: US Airstrikes Kill 78 Afghan Civilians
  Rockets, Guile and the Lessons of History: The Taliban Besiege Kabul
Pakistan's Ruling Coalition on Verge of Collapse
  US Struggling to Find New Pakistan Ally Against Taliban
  Pakistani Military, NATO Both Confirm Artillery Attack in Wana
  Bhutto Widower Proposed for Pakistan President
General: Russians to Remain in Key Port City
  Russia Stages a Substantial Retreat
  Russia Says Georgia Buffer Checkpoints 'Permanent'
  US: Russia Has Not Complied With Georgia Ceasefire
  Russia's First Georgia Move Legitimate: US Envoy
  US Warship Passes Through Bosporus, Russia Suspicious
  Turkey Insists US Did Not Seek Authorization for Warships to Pass
Somali Rebels Seize Key Southern Port, 70 Killed
Civil War in Gaza Isn't in Israel's Interests  by Daniel Levy
Another Famous Victory for Condi
by Gordon Prather
Missile Defense: Understanding the Issues  by Randal Mark
How Foreign Policy Affects Gas Prices  by Rep. Ron Paul
Wrong on Russia
by Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett
Curb Your Enthusiasm  by Robert Dreyfuss

More Viewpoints

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In Reversal, Bush to Accept Iraq Withdrawal Timetable
Militants Ready for Pakistan's War
Talk of Russia-Cuba Ties Seen as Warning to US
Army Vet May Lose Job as a Pilot After Showing Up on Terror Watchlist
Dalai Lama Denies Giving Any Numbers in Tibet Massacre Quote
Fatal Flaws Found in Terrorism Database
Despite Threats, Activist Boats Allowed to Reach Gaza Strip
Iraq Occupation
Iraq Wants US Troops Deal to Expire in Three Years
Iraqi MPs Voice Opposition to Security Deal
Sadrists Denounce Emerging US-Iraq Deal
Troops, Casualties, Costs in Iraq War
US Military Denies Private Guards Killed Iraqi Civilian
US Army Has 'No Information' as Mystery Helicopter Kills Three Civilians in Kirkuk
Today in Iraq
Diyala Raid Was Rogue Operation, Iraqi Government Says
Three Iraqi Policemen Captured for Plans to Assassinate Official
Iraqi Mom Ridicules Cops Over Suicide Bombings
Former 'Death Road' From Baghdad Airport to Get $50m Upgrade
Aide: Iraq's al-Sadr May Stay in Iran for Years
Kurdish Figure: No Satisfactory Solution Yet About Kirkuk
Former Iraq Minister Sentenced to Hang for Killing
Friday: 1 Marine, 6 Iraqis Killed; 8 Iraqis Wounded
US Military
Soldier Gets 15 Months in Prison for Desertion
Boeing Says It Might Exit Tanker Bidding
Two Marines Refuse to Testify in Ex-Comrade's Case
'War on Terror'
Qaeda's Zawahri Appears in New Tape on Internet
US Court Sends Wiretap Case Back to Lower Court
UK Terror Arrests Linked to PM Threat
UK: Thousands of Cyber Attacks Each Day on Key Utilities, Some by Foreign Governments
Syria Denies Accepting Russian Missile Deployment
Chill Falls on Israeli-Russian Ties as Moscow Courts Damascus
Olmert Plans Trip to Russia, Official Says He May Try to Block Syrian Arms Deal
Washington 'Very Concerned' Over Russian Plans to Sell Arms to Syria
Israeli Police Retract Claim of Rocket Fire From Gaza
Israeli Bedouin Accused of Trying to Create al-Qaeda Cell
Lebanese Cabinet Endorses Ties With Syria
Lebanese Warn Israel That Threats Will Push Them Into Hezbollah's Arms
Budget Shortfall Forces UN to Scale Back Lebanon Cluster Bomb Cleanup
Turkish President Opposes Changes in Status Quo in Black Sea
Turkish Troops Kill Two PKK Rebels in Clashes in South
Middle East
Gaddafi's Likely Heir Announces Timeout
Padilla's Egyptian Connection Facing Prison or Trial
Zimbabwe War Veterans Say Tsvangirai Stalling Talks
Bomb Explodes at Zimbabwe Rail Line, Bridges: Police
Zimbabwe Security on Alert After Bombing Attempt
Bodies Litter Streets of Somali City
Witnesses Say Militia Controls Key Somali Port
Somalia, a Country Torn Apart
Nigeria Militants Kidnap Five
Russia Pulls Out, but Seeks a Long-Term Shift
Russian Troops Withdraw From Gori
UN Refugee Chief, Aid Convoy Reach South Ossetia
Abandoned Synagogue Gives Shelter in Ossetian War
Provisions of the Georgia-Russia Truce Agreement
Sen. Graham Calls for NATO Exercises in Eastern Europe to Show Commitment Against Russia
Russia Warns Ukraine Not to Interfere at Navy Base
In Ukraine, a Pocket of Russia Cheers on the Troops
Yushchenko Urges NATO to Quickly Expand Eastward
NATO Begins Black Sea Exercises
Hundreds March in Spain's Basque Region for Independence
NATO Says Over 40 Taliban Killed in Afghan Clashes
NATO Forces in Afghanistan Fire Rockets at Militants Inside Pakistan
Taliban Borrows Tactic From Iraqi Militants
French Leader Proposes Vote on Afghanistan Troops
Poll: 55 Percent of French Want Their Troops Out of Afghanistan
The Desperation Line: Hundreds Overwhelm Aid Mission in Kandahar
Canada Nears 100 Dead in Afghanistan
Pakistan to Hold Presidential Election on September 6
Pakistan's Sharif Agrees Delay on Judge Restoration
A Look at Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan
Pakistan Army Kills 16 Militants in Northwest
Red Cross Says 200,000 Have Fled Violence in Pakistan

Two Pakistani Troops Killed, Two Injured in Grenade Attack

Civilian Killed, Eight Others Injured in Bajaur Operation
Hundreds of Thousands March for Kashmir's Independence
Anti-India Sentiment Grows Amid Kashmir Unrest
Three Indian Soldiers, Four Militants Killed in Battle Along Pakistan Border
Nuclear Group Delays Decision on India Trade Ban
India Maoists Clashes Kill Nine
Indian Army Unit Headed for UK for War Games
Nepal's Maoist PM Names Coalition Cabinet
Maoists Keep Major Ministries in Nepal's New Government
North Korea Wary of Russia's Return
US Envoy Met North Koreans for Nuclear Talks
South Korea's Lee Calls for Stronger Military
South Korea's Lee Calls on Troops to Thwart Threats
Sri Lanka Air Force Bombs Tamil Rebel Base in North
Amnesty: Southern Philippines Officials Arming Civilians for Militias
Weekend Reviews
The Last Republican
J. Gresham Machen on Imperialism, Militarism, and Conscription
How a Jihadist Curtailed a President's Authority
Dark Side Details a War on American Ideals
In the Shadows of the War on Terror
The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism

Justin Raimondo
Bizarro Imperialism

Ivan Eland
Missile Defense May Cause Downward Spiral in US-Russian Relations

Doug Bandow
The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism

Alan Bock
A Familiar Enemy

Nebojsa Malic
Krajina, Not Kosovo

Philip Giraldi
America's Israeli-Occupied Media

Charles Peņa
My Energy Plan Is
Better Than Yours

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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