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Rumsfeld's Legacy

 Andrew Cockburn pt.2

Rumsfeld: War Criminal

 Patrick Cockburn

Iraq Wins Iraq War

 Philip Giraldi

Israeli Spies Get Out of Jail Free

Jewish Organizations Call For End to Gaza Bombings    'Civilians Are Paying the Price in Gaza'    Gaza Becomes a Chessboard for Israeli Leaders    Israeli Court Urges Govt to Allow Handful of Reporters Into Gaza to Cover War    UN: at Least a Quarter of Slain Gazans Are Civilians    Israel Rejects 'Unrealistic' Gaza Truce, Continues Attacks    Iraqi Court Postpones Shoe-Thrower's Trial    Pakistan Concerned by Growing Indian Presence on Border    48 Afghan Police Arrested for Helping Taliban, Others Defect    Pakistan Closes Khyber Pass    As War Ravages Gaza, Silent Barack Works on Golf Game    At Least 384 Killed as Israel Continues 'Phase One' of Gaza Attack    As Pro-War Sentiment Grows, Israeli Arabs Increasingly Seen as 'Traitors'    Israeli Ambassador Blames 'Octopus' Iran for Gaza Fighting    Iraqi Security Deal Means More Police Work for US Soldiers    US Man Pleads Guilty to Acting as Agent for Israel    Hezbollah Watches for Now as Israel Hits Hamas    US Judge Rejects Release of Two Guantanamo Inmates    Aid Group: 400 Dead in Eastern Congo Massacres    US: Roadside Bombs in Afghanistan Double in 2008    Israel's Constant Crisis    Pakistan: India Moves Troops Toward Shared Border    Indian Minister Denies Troop Build-Up    Israel, Hamas Both Mull France-Backed Gaza Truce    Who's Afraid of US-Iran Détente?    Electioneering With Bombs    Israeli Military Declares Online Media 'Another War Zone'    Somalia: The Forgotten Front of the War on Terror    Why Lightning Hasn't Struck Twice    Revenge of the Surge    Israeli Navy Attacks Gaza-Bound Aid Ship    The Tragic Irony of Bombing Ashkelon    Senate, Not President, Has Treaty Authority    George Washington's Warnings and US Policy Toward Israel    
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Updated December 31, 2008 - 11:18 PM EST
Israel Rejects Truce Call, Attacks Gaza
  UN: At Least a Quarter of Slain Gazans are Civilians
  Israel Supreme Court Orders Govt to Let International Media Into Gaza
  Over 400 Killed in 'Phase One' of Gaza Attack
  Olmert Asks Cabinet for More Troops
  As Pro-War Sentiment Grows, Israeli Arabs Seen as 'Traitors'
  Israeli Military Declares Online Media 'Another War Zone'

'Civilians Are Paying the Price in Gaza'

Gaza Becomes a Chessboard for Israeli Leaders
  Israeli Ambassador Blames 'Octopus' Iran for Gaza Fighting
  As War Ravages Gaza, Silent Barack Works on Golf Game
  US Presses Israel on 'Different' Cease-Fire

Jewish Organizations Call For End to Gaza Bombings

Pakistan Closes Khyber Pass
  Pakistan Concerned by Growing Indian Presence on Border
   US Drone Attacks Remain Major Pakistan Concern
Iraqi Court Postpones Shoe-Thrower’s Trial
  Iraqi Security Deal Means More Police Work for US Soldiers

Wednesday: 2 US Soldiers, 12 Iraqis Killed; 59 Iraqis Wounded

Afghan Cops Arrested for Helping Taliban
  US: Roadside Bombs in Afghanistan Double in 2008

Aid Group: 400 Dead in Congo Massacres

George Washington's Warnings and US Policy Toward Israel  by Glenn Greenwald
Somalia: The Forgotten Front of the War on Terror  by Stephen Smith
The Tragic Irony of Bombing Ashkelon  by Robert Fisk
Who's Afraid of US-Iran Détente?
by Muhammad Sahimi
Revenge of the Surge  by Jeff Huber
Electioneering With Bombs
by Jonathan Cook

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Iraq Calls on UN to Stop Raids on Gaza

US Man Pleads Guilty to Acting as Agent for Israel

Netanyahu: Hamas Commits 'Double War Crimes'

Israel Stifles Free Press Covering Gaza

US Judge Rejects Release of Two Guantánamo Inmates

Pakistan Rated Second Deadliest for Press

Iran Jails Iranian-Canadian Blogger

Israeli Front

War May Propel Israeli Election

Gaza Blitzkrieg Follows Israeli Tradition of Pre-Election Muscle-Flexing

Gaza Rockets Strike Far East Into Israel

Israelis Mourn Rocket Victim - and Unite Against Hamas

Israeli Troops Dance as They Await the Order for a Gaza War

Satisfaction in Israel Over Gaza Assault

Israel's Anti-Rocket Defenses Still Taking Shape

No Rest for the Shell-Shocked in Ashkelon Shelters

Likud Holds Pro-War Rally in Tel Aviv

Israeli Science Minister Punished for Failure to Back War

Food and Firepower on Israeli Road to Gaza

Israeli Military Bans Soccer Near Gaza
Today in Iraq

Iraqis Accused of Killing British Soldiers Could Lose Legal Bid

Maliki Expected in Tehran Saturday

Tuesday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 7 Wounded
Occupying Iraq

US Base in Amara Rocketed

Iraqis to Take Charge of Green Zone in 2009

Iraq and UK Agree to Let Troops Stay Until July

Iraq Signs Military Accords With Britain, Australia


Nine Taliban Militants Killed in Southern Afghanistan

Which Countries Have the Most Troops in Afghanistan?


Pakistan Takes on Taliban to Safeguard US Supplies

Pakistan Fights for Control of Bajaur

Pakistan: 725 Killed in 2008 Terror Attacks, but Media Reports Much Higher Number

Indo-Pak Tensions

Pakistani Islamist Admits Mumbai Link

Pakistan Seeks Indian Military Pullback to Defuse Tensions

Pro-India Parties to Take Power in Indian Kashmir

Indian Minister Denies Troop Buildup

US War at Home

Homeland Security Seeks to Condemn Nature Preserve Land

A Closer Look at the Pentagon's 'Minerva Initiative'


Zimbabwean Rights Activist Charges Abuse While in Detention

Attack on Somali Market Amid Political Crisis

In Other News

Secular Party Wins Landslide Victory in Bangladesh

Russian President Signs Constitutional Amendment to Extend Presidential Term

Gaza Under Siege


Israeli Warplanes Slam Hamas Government Compound

TV: Israeli Assault Destroys 1/3 of Hamas Rockets

Gazan Civilians Increasingly at Risk in Assault on Hamas

Gazans Unsure Where to Flee Violence

Israel Bombs Gaza Smuggling Tunnels

Israel Willing to Consider Ways to Boost Gaza Aid Flow

Gazan Doctor: People Dying Due to Lack of Equipment

Gaza City Viewpoint: 'My Cousin Is Still Under the Rubble'

Children Traumatized as Israeli Bombs Rain Down on Gaza

Politics and PR

Israel Uses the 'Perfect Time' to Fight the PR War

Hamas: Israel Will Not Succeed in Toppling Our Government

Crisis in Gaza, Rhetoric Rage On

Israeli Military Post Footage of Gaza Attacks on YouTube

Gaza Assault: World Reaction

Quartet Calls for Immediate Truce Between Israel and Gaza

EU Calls for Permanent Cease-Fire in Gaza Strip

Next EU President Praises Gaza Attacks

Sarkozy May Visit Israel Monday

Blair Visits Middle East Amid Pressure to Broker Cease-Fire

Gulf Leaders Tell Israel to End Gaza 'Massacres'

Kurdistan Expresses Concern Over Gaza Strip

US Says Will Give $85 Million to Help Palestinians

Egypt in the Middle

Mubarak: Israel's 'Bloodstained Hands' Stir Up Anger

Mubarak: Borders With Gaza to Open Only for Humanitarian Aid

Egypt Refuses Full Opening of Gaza Crossing

Egypt Arrests 23 Opposition Members Over Gaza Meeting

Egypt Mocks Iran, Hezbollah on Military Record

Iranian Bluster

Iran General Floats 'Muslim War on Israel'

Iran Sets Up Court to Try Israelis Over Gaza

Iranian Students Raid British Embassy Residence in Gaza Protest

Iran Protesters Warn Egypt Diplomats: Support Gaza or Leave


Hezbollah Watches for Now as Israel Hits Hamas

Hezbollah Chief Stirs Arabs to Turn on Rulers

Second NY Man Pleads Guilty to Airing Hezbollah TV

At Lebanon's Shatila Refugee Camp, a Welter of Opinion

Lebanon to Donate One Million Dollars to Gaza


Justin Raimondo
Israel's Constant Crisis

Charles Peña
Why Lightning Hasn't Struck Twice

Philip Giraldi
Neocons, NYT Demand More War, Torture

Ran HaCohen
Pacifying Gaza

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Meek Oil

Ivan Eland
Lame Duck Bush Administration Continues to Inflame Islamist Terrorism

Doug Bandow
Peace on Earth: Once a Year?

Nebojsa Malic
Beginning of the End

David R. Henderson
Silent Night

Praful Bidwai
New Anti-Terror Laws Draconian Say Activists

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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