Beyond Left & Right?

A special summer symposium issue of The American Conservative magazine is out, and the subject is interesting and timely: thirty contributors, including myself, inquire into the meaning of “left” and “right” today. Is it useful to even talk about “conservatism” and “liberalism” anymore?

Those interested in reading my offline work might want to check it out, and even if I hadn’t written one of the pieces I’d still get myself a copy. It’s a great line up: Andrew Bacevich, Jeremy Beer, Austin Bramwell, Patrick Buchanan, John Derbyshire, Ross Douthat, Rod Dreher, Mary Eberstadt, Nick Gillespie, Paul Gottfried, Jeffrey Hart, Nick von Hoffman, Michael Lind, John Lukacs, Scott McConnell, Heather Mac Donald, Kevin Phillips, James Pinkerton, Lew Rockwell, Claes Ryn, Kirkpatrick Sale, Phyllis Schlafly, Fred Siegel, Taki Theodoracopulos, Philip Weiss, Chilton Williamson, Clyde Wilson, and John Zmirak.

Check out your local news stand or bookstore, and get yourself a copy. The American Conservative is so consistently interesting, no matter what your ideology, that you might want to think about taking out a subscription.