Sen. Carl Levin Calls for Hitting Syria

Democratic Senator Carl Levin, in a Senate Armed Service committee meeting yesterday (2/27/07),

“These weapons (in Iraq) are coming from a state which doesn’t recognize Israel either, just like Iran doesn’t, we’ve got to try to stop weapons coming into Iraq from any source, they’re killing our troops. I agree with the comments about trying to stop them coming in from Iran. I think we have to stop them going to the Sunni insurgents, as well as to the Shia, and I was just wondering, does the military have a plan, if necessary, to go into Syria, to go the source of any weapons coming from Syria.” (emphasis added)

New US Intel Chief J. Michael McConnell answered that there is already an attempt to stop the flow of weapons, and also that most of the weapons being used are already in Iraq.

Levin appeared annoyed, and said that we need to take action “on all fronts.”

Watch the video below or click here.

One thought on “Sen. Carl Levin Calls for Hitting Syria”

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