Joseph Cirincione

Iran, Syria and DPRK’s Nuclear Programs


Joseph Cirincione, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and author of Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons, discusses the true nature of Syria, North Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs, the neoconservatives lies about them, their motives, the Cheney Cabal’s attempted end run around the president, the willingness of the mass media to continually repeat whatever the government says about Iran, the fragility of the UN’s non-proliferation regime and the possibility of a nuclear war against Iran.

MP3 here. (39:31)

Joseph Cirincione is Senior Fellow and Director for Nuclear Policy at CAP and author of the new book, Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons (Columbia University Press, Spring 2007). Prior to joining the Center in May 2006, he served as director for nonproliferation at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace for eight years. He is the co-author of Contain and Engage: A New Strategy for Resolving the Iran Nuclear Crisis (Center for American Progress, March 2007), Deadly Arsenals: Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Threats (Second Edition, 2005), and Universal Compliance: A Strategy for Nuclear Security (March 2005). He teaches at the graduate School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

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  1. It was a very sly move by Israel to hit Syria but not specify what the target was, and thus allowing the zio-nazi-cons to speculate that it was a nuclear site. Usually if a country hits a threatening foreign target they would say what it was in order to justify the strike. But lucky Israel gets a free pass to do anything it likes. Ain’t no new thing.

  2. Even if it’s true that Iran is supplying arms to fighters in Iraq that end up killing American soldiers, it does not justify bombing Iran.

    Maybe if the U.S. weren’t occupying Iraq and setting up permanent bases near the Iranian border they wouldn’t have to worry about their soldiers getting killed by Iranian weapons.

    The U.S. just looks for excuses to go to war with other countries.

  3. I listened to Mr. Joseph Cirincione on C-Span … and quickly came to the conclusion tha HE should be running for


    what a breath of fresh air and an example of clear thinking…..

    He is and his thinking is much more in line with what I have always thot that I want MY America to be…

    It is as if …. Bush and Cheney are saying that the Vission of America is what They ar doing….

    It is Our responsibility to say NO IT IS NOT….

    Before it is to Late\

    Thank you so much for your clear and powerful voice Joseph; Mr. Cirincione

    clayton waddell

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