David Horowitz Bombs on Opening Night

Ultra-hawk blog Blackfive reports on David Horowitz’s dazzling opening of Islamofascism Awareness Week:

What a let down. My buddy Ebo and I attended Horowitz’ opening night of Islamo-Fascism Awareness week and if this is our answer to sharia, then I guess Dirka Dirka Mohammed Jihad it will be.

Both of us were predisposed to agree wth most of what Horowitz was saying, but as is my complaint fairly often, his tone and delivery ruined his chances of doing his cause much good. He spoke in front of what was potentially a very hostile crowd 3/4 or so antagonistic to his viewpoint. He was so uninspiring a speaker they didn’t even really heckle him. I will give credit to the Muslim Student Association and the other groups who were there in opposition, they maintained more decorum than Mr. Horowitz. By the end he was saying “Well I guess you just aren’t able to read” and “I don’t know what to do if you can’t add two and two and get four.” …

We held out ’til the end and the Q&A had Horowitz launching the testy ad hominems I noted and complaining that the questions were too long in comparison to his epic length musings on how dumb his audience was. I heard the College Republicans, who sponsored him, were wicked pissed.

It would have been a total bomb, but Ebo decided we needed a pitcher of Optimator in the Rathskeller and we spent about an hour talking with a couple of groups of folks who came in opposition to Horowitz. It was enagaging, entertaining and so completely superior to the waste of time that was the theater in the theater, that we resolved to attend the Muslim dialogue tomorrow night. I truly enjoyed the discussion with some folks who, although we disagreed on much, came with much more open minds and helpful attitudes than the headliner.

In related news, Horowitz is lying about the number of colleges participating in his Klan-rally-on-Quaaludes. Even Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University has had its name pulled from the list. That’s rock bottom, folks.

  • Patrick

    Robert Spencer of JihadWatch.com is going to be at Dartmouth this week. I am going to try and go to see what kind of crap he is spewing.

    I did a little searching (inspired by this blog) and it does not appear these are going over too well.

    From JihadWatch.com, Spencer talking about his experience at DePaul:

    “The posturing, yelling, and windy self-righteous lecturing during the question period indicated just how thoroughly the DePaul student community, with a few courageous exceptions, has been propagandized.”

    I expect he will get similar treatment at Dartmouth.

  • Jon Williams

    Is it time for Overwrought Zionist Watch Week yet? ;-)

  • DK

    Still waiting for those sit ins that aren’t sit ins, those may be hilarious.

  • Chris S

    I guess Divide and Conquer backfired.

  • Tim R.

    David Horowitz should be commended for what he is trying to do.

    I mean you would have to be deaf, dumb and blind in order to think that Islam and terrorism are not related. The Islamic Fascists themselves tell us that the Quran justifies their murderous actions. Read the Quran for yourself, it is replete with loads of violence, racism and sexism. Start with surha 8:12 or 47:4 amongst many others. Yes, of course, not all muslims are terrorists and there are many wonderful things about the religion as well. But you would have to be a complete fool not too see the link between Islam and terrorism. And to say Islam is a peaceful religion? I am certainly not convinced. So Bravo to Horowitz!

    • HA! Read the Talmud sometime. You want loads of violence, racism, sexism and other crimes against humanity, give it a read. Take it from this goy, it’ll open your eyes to what the real story is.

      • Scott

        You’re both fools. Anyone can copy and paste from other people’s religious books and them claim whatever motivation they wish on the part of its adherents – none of which is meaningful. All these conflicts are about earthly concerns.

        • Carter M

          Yes, Scott, the problems we have here are about earthly concerns, mainly greed. The fact is that all through history, men have resorted to claims of divine inspiration and divine right (kind of hard to refute) as the basis for taking from others what they can’t obtain through voluntary trade. The Quran, Talmud, Bible, etc. were all written by men, men with agendas.

          Since God “promised” us this land, we can butcher any damned heathens who stand in our way, right? It’s “God’s will”.

      • Marion

        Is the Talmud made available for reading by a non-Jewish person?

        I have read that it is not easy to get one’s hands on a complete copy of it if you are non-Jewish..

        This is not the same as the Qur’an which is widely available..

        Why is the Talmud so secretive…?

        If I am wrong in what I have understood, is there any sight on the internet where I can access the entire Talmud writings…?

        • shotsy

          Try GOOGLING it: Talmud writings.

    • RM

      The Quranic verses cited (and many others that people find “violent”) relate to specific battles the prophet Muhammad was fighting. At the time, the “unbelievers” were bent on annihilating the nascent Islamic faith, a historical detail often overlooked 1400 years later.

      I do know a number of Muslims, but none of them are Fascists by any definition. Contrast that with neoconservatives (including some Muslim ones), who are definitely driving this country toward state control of individual enterprise, choice, and thought.

      Many religions, philosphies, prejudices, and just plain silly ideas have been used to justify killing. Islam is indeed one of those. But I would posit that, over the course of history, many more have been killed in the name of nation-states than in the name of religions — and many more have been killed in attempts to eradicate religions than in attempts to promote them. Just look at the last 100 years and add up the numbers.

      • Tim R.

        The verses I cited do not refer to past battles. They are present exhortations to violence.

        And as for the history of your religion, Islam was spread by the sword,violence and blood. Between 622 and 732 the Islamic Fascists of those days spread your religion through war and violence and forced conversions. They took over much of the world, and got as far as Spain and even into France before finally and thankfully, being halted in their tracks by Charles Martel.

        • RM


          “The verses I cited do not refer to past battles. They are present exhortations to violence.” The Quran is God speaking to Muhammad in the 7th century, about what was taking place then. You know that, right?

          “Between 622 and 732 the Islamic Fascists of those days spread your religion through war and violence and forced conversions…. They took over much of the world….” Not sure what you mean by “your religion” but you just need to listen to what you’re saying. To forcibly convert large portions of the world to a new religion in the course of a century is an impossible feat, especially for a small primitive army. You’re misreading history.

          “Yes, Christianity was violent in the past. But Christians have progressed a great deal.” You need to read more of this website.

          “I defy you to read the New Testment and cite for me at least 3 things Jesus said in which he called for violence or which was racist or sexist or homophobic?” Matthew 10:34, Mark 7:10, Luke 12:47. If the verses are taken out of context, as you have done with the Quran.

          Anyhow, thanks for engaging in dialogue here rather than violence. That’s how progress is made.

    • Graeme

      And you would have to be much worse than deaf, dumb and blind to believe that Islam and Fascism are remotely comparable terms, at least in any sense other than the (US-supported) brutal, corrupt, nominally “Muslim” states of North Africa and the Middle East that bin Laden and his ilk so vehemently oppose. Al-Qaeda completely rejects nationalism and traditional states in all their forms, making the idea of it being a “Fascist” organization laughable.

      Religion and statism have been melded before (think Christian Reconstructionism, for instance), and you can cherry-pick ancient religious texts to “prove” anything you want about the followers of said religion (the Bible is probably the most genocidal book ever written), but the idea that any particular religion is inescapably connected to Fascism or terrorism is ridiculous. Many terrorists claim to be religious, but no religion is terrorist.

      “Islam” isn’t inherently violent, or peaceful, or anything at all really; it’s followers however are all of the above (as they are with any religion).

      • Tim R.

        Graeme, let’s not play with semantics here ok?

        Fascism generally means a government that is authoritarian and has total control over almost all aspects of the lives of its people. That is exactly what the radical muslims desire. A world wide Islamic state based on radical Islamic law. Go look at Saudi Arabia. A state headed by an absolute monarch and based on strict Islamic law. If that is not a fascist society, then what is?

        And even so, let’s say your right and “fascism” is the wrong word choice, the point is the same! The point I’m making is and the point Horowitz is making is that the radical Muslims are seeking to destroy western civilization and replace with an Islamic state. The point is there are widespread radical elements of their religion and they are a clear and present danger to this country and indeed to people all over the world.

    • MW

      You could say EXACTLY THE SAME about the Talmud. The deal is that Israel is presently enacting all their gentile-hatred on Palestine. So they’re ahead of the game.

    • R. Nelson

      A ver. The millions of Muslims in Indonesia and India, as well as other areas outside of the Mideast, don’t run around trying to blow up Americans. America hasn’t invaded their countries.

      There are some Muslims in the Mideast who do want to blow up Americans and its allies. Their countries have been invaded/occupied/bombed or have dictators supported by America.

      Is there a pattern here?

    • Jimmy

      I want to thank Antiwar.com for opening my eyes. My fear blinded me. After intensive reading and thinking I freed myself from the likes of David Horowitz.

    • Hypnowheel

      I’m Irish by ancestry, Catholic by upbringing, and my grandather was a reasonably well-known captain in the IRA. You know: the sectarian terrorists of the Irish rebellion back in 1916 (and by the way, I’m proud of my grandfather but I know for a fact he participated in at least one incident of that would be termed a terrorist attack today). By your logic, “you would have to be a complete fool not to see the link between” Catholicism (i.e. ALL Catholics) and terrorism. Because SOME Catholics resorted to terrorism to achieve their political goals, all Catholics are to be tarred with that brush, if we pursue your thinking to its conclusion.

      In other words, your fundamental asserion is incorrect. The link is not between “Islam and terrorism.” The link is between Islamic terrorists and terrorism. Tarring a billion or so peacable muslims, thousands of who (unlike most Americans) actually have to live as the OBJECTS of terror tactics on a daily basis, by using such a broad and simplistic brush is not only inaccurate — it’s borderline racist.

      • Tim R.

        Ok, so Islam is peaceful right? And there are only a a small few “radicals” and we can’t judge the whole religion by that right? Ok so let me ask you this:

        Why do these “peaceful” Muslims follow a book, the Quran, that is replete with dozens upon dozens of the most violent, racist, sexist, homophobic and intolerant things you will ever read?

        Second Questions: If only a small few muslims are radical explain this, why according to the Pew Global Attitudes Research Project, among other studies, show that suicide bombings are considered justified by very large percentages of Muslims? Example, in Pakistan, over 50% of Muslims believe suicide bombings are justifited, at least in some cases. There are very similar numbers for other countries and I invite you to read the study for yourself. Maybe it will open your eyes!

        • Dylan

          Well, isn’t the Old Testament filled with the same junk? People used to think that way. Hopefully we have progressed, at least most of us.

        • nadine

          Hey Tim,

          Please post the specific verses you are referring to. I came to the realization a few years ago that most Quranic verses used as “proof” that Islam advocates violence and terrorism are either taken completely out of context or simply misinterpreted.

          Perhaps 50% of Pakistanis believe suicide bombings are justified because people like you believe the murder of over 1 million Iraqis was for greater good?

        • Tim R.

          You wanted specific verses from the Quran? Sure thing!

          Sura 2:216, 3:56, 3:151, 4:89, 5:33, 8:12, 9:5, 9:30

          This is just a small sample of all the violent and hateful things you can find in the Quran. If you want to see more just read it for yourself!

    • complete fool

      I mean you would have to be deaf, dumb and blind in order to think that the Christian Zionists and terrorism are not related. The Christian Zionists themselves tell us that the Bible justifies their murderous actions. Read the Bible for yourself, it is replete with loads of violence, racism and sexism. Yes, of course, not all Christian are terrorists and there are many wonderful things about the religion as well. But you would have to be a complete fool not too see the link between Christian Zionists and terrorism. And to say Christians are peaceful religionists? I am certainly not convinced.

      • Tim R.

        Just what Christian violence do you refer to? I defy you to read the New Testment and cite for me at least 3 things Jesus said in which he called for violence or which was racist or sexist or homophobic?

        Now read the Quran, there are HUNDREDS of such passages!

        The evangelical Christians you refer to, what violence are they guilty of? Holding protests outside of abortion clinics? Isn’t that protected by the Constitution? Trying to elect like-minded individuals so that like-minded judges get appointed to the courts? What is nefarious about that? That is what democracy is all about buddy!

        The Pope makes a comment, quoting from an ancient text, that perhaps, just perhaps, Islam is not peaceful and these lunatics take to the streets and burn churhes and kill people. A cartoonist is brutally murdered because the Muslims don’t like how the drawing depicts their alleged prophet.

        And yet you would actually say Christianity is just as violent? Yes, Christianity was violent in the past. But Christians have progressed a great deal. Muslims still want to live in the 7th century.

    • I don’t think Tim realizes that he is verbatim quoting the Qur’an when it comes to people who don’t believe being “deaf, dumb, and blind.” (2:171) Horowitz & his supporters are the mirror image of the imagined people they are enemies to.

  • Jesse V

    Religion is for weak-minded people.

    That includes the Islamofascists in Iran, the Judeospartacists in Israel, and the Christonihilists (“is Armageddon here yet?”) in the good old USA.

    As a resident of the USA, I’m personally most concerned with the Christonihilists, since they are the nearest by (bears in Montana bother me less than the raccoon in my backyard).

    • MW

      Horowitz is a Judeofascist.

  • Fil Munas

    Horowitz is a bigot.

  • amayasatt@aol.com

    divide and conquer always works.
    look palestine don’t forget iraq.

    • Marion

      Yes divide and conquer creates long lasting costly conflicts amayasatt…but I am sure that the weapons industry and smugglers make a profit…

  • amayasatt@aol.com

    why some emails are shoen and nothers are not
    while annuncing e-amial never shown publicly?
    jusst curious

  • marcela

    apologize for erratic second click.
    a confusion.

  • The Blackfive blog really has me enjoying Islamofascism Awareness Week. If the result is going to be ridicule of Horowitz and hardline supporters sitting down with Muslims for “dialog” — well, it’s hard to beat schadenfreude and progress. Heh, indeed.

    • Marycatherine Barton

      My sentiments exactly, svensker.

  • jojo

    Watch the HorseShiwtz on video

  • This just in, via Josh Marshall — Horowitz was invited to an on-line discussion by IslamonLine. Check it out — the results are hilarious.


  • lester


  • Vic

    Horowitz is a traitor who is loyal to ONE country…and that aint the US. He needs to be arrested and deported.

  • lester



  • [Horowitz’s] tone and delivery ruined his chances of doing his cause much good. He spoke in front of what was potentially a very hostile crowd 3/4 or so antagonistic to his viewpoint. He was so uninspiring a speaker they didn’t even really heckle him. I will give credit to the Muslim Student Association and the other groups who were there in opposition, they maintained more decorum than Mr. Horowitz. By the end he was saying “Well I guess you just aren’t able to read” and “I don’t know what to do if you can’t add two and two and get four.”

    Unless the audience had never heard of Horowitz and knew nothing of his notorious reputation, it’s hard to imagine any other outcome to this meeting than that described above. (I can only assume that the MSA invited Horowitz because they anticipated his behavior in advance and had carefully calculated its publicity value.) The only real shocker here is that even Horowitz’s fellow chickenhawk neocon warmongers are finally repelled by his behavior, or at the very least have come to realize it as counterproductive to their cause. Let us hope that more of the same ensues at his future appearances.

  • To the person who wondered if the Talmud is easily available:

    Are you really so dense? You say you “heard” Jews are secretive about the Talmud. Really? I did a search “Talmud online” and this if the first hit:


    Looks pretty exhaustive to me. Have fun.

    • Oebe NL

      It would be good for people to be really interested in the texts themselves and their origins, the philosophy, the environment, the entire history and all the factors that shaped the prevailing mythology of Yahwism out of which slowly emerged the currently known forms of monotheism. Like before certain Gods gained importance and then took over the powers – and the epiteths/ names – of other beaten Gods. Hence in ancient texts a big deal is often made about the number of names a God has. With Marduk’s rise to power his number of names rose from 10 to 50 at some point in Enuma Elish. Asar had 148 or so. The “weird” christian idea of “the” trinity (shaped in present form in almost 2 centuries of heated debate in early Church history) has precursors, many of them. For example the Sumerian pantheon has Shamash, Sin and Ishtar (=Inanna) or Anu, Enlil and Enki, the Egyptian threesome Aset, Asar, Heru (in Greek form: Isis, Osiris and Horus) and other sets are to be found in Middle-Eastern ancient mythology, but also recognizable in many (perhaps uninfluenced) mythologies around the world.

      The Jewish, Christian and Islamic texts all build upon the same traditions, philosophies and mythologies shaped and reshaped from the old Egypt, Sumerian, Babylonian, Hittite, Persian, Assyrian texts and traditions etc.

      Christianity was spread in Europe around the same time as Islam in the Middle-East and north-Africa. Both were spread with terrible violence and were used as tools to create political unity in vast empires.

      I see also much is being made of the battle at Poitiers of Charles Martel (I saw a book by some neocon “historian” which may explain the sudden interest in this particular episode), yet there is nothing to be found about any such battle at all in the Moor sources and Al-Walid ibn Abd al-Malik didn’t even want Europe out of fear that it would strategically weaken the entire empire. Later Martel’s grandson Charlemagne would befriend Harun al Raschid, the fifth Abbasid caliph and form a political front with him against the emir of Cordoba. Charlemagne wasn’t exactly a hero of religious freedom, converted people to christianity by sword, torture and your occasional demonstrative beheadings. As an illiterate and not too much subjected to religious zeal himself, however he very well knew how to use religion as an instrument to create the necessary political unity in his empire, as many before him and after him.

      Precisely this aim: political (and cultural) unity was the motivation for the (mostly) invented history in the aggregation (copies of copies) of Yahwist texts of the different groups, later to form a distinct group of “Israelites,” historically merely a footnote in the utterly complex history of the peoples of (trade hub) Palestine.

      I don’t think the alledged founder of christianity (which didn’t start as a single group or doctrine anyway) “Jesus Christ” has been a historical person or interacted in any way with real existing persons on Earth, that might seem clear enough for many, as goes for “Abraham,””Moses,” “David” and a number of those biblical figures, but I’m gravitating to the position that the same goes for the historicity of “Mohammed” too.

      Well anyway, the only the thing I know absolutely for certain, beyond any shadow of doubt is that this discussion will outlast my existence. And who knows, maybe that would be the most advisable position to take in these matters.

  • Horowitz, Podhoretz et al are doing their part to drum up support for an attack on Iran. If they can convince joe six pack they are “all terrorists, islamo-facists”, they think they can sneak this next war into the final months of BushCo.

    They’re all cowards who don’t mind someone else’s child dying to further their “narrow” interests. Once the bombs start dropping on Iran, they will be laying very low, so watch out when Poddy Mouth and Future-Past-Present neo-commie Howowitz “disapear” from public appearances and get into their bunkers to watch the fun on their big screens.

  • Tim R.

    For those who want to see if David Horowitz is telling the truth or not, check out the Pew Global Attitudes Research Study, it was co-chaired by from Clinton Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

    Go and see for yourself.

  • Stogo

    Tim R,

    I don’t think you’ve read your bible very well. It replete with violence to the other. staring from Genesis to Revelations.
    By the way aren’t you the same ‘flat-earther’ who hovers at ICH?
    My take is you’re either a paid provocateur or a very silly and ignorant of what you claim. Go back and read the so called bible.

  • Stogo

    Tim R,

    I don’t think you’ve read your bible very well. It replete with violence to the ‘other’. Starting from Genesis to Revelations.
    By the way aren’t you the same ‘flat-earther’ who hovers at ICH?
    My take is you’re either a paid provocateur or a very silly and ignorant of what you claim. Go back and read the so called bible.

    • Tim R.

      To Stogo: Yes, the old testament of the bible has some very violent passages. Your right about that. I don’t believe in those passages. I don’t take any book or anything else at face value. The God I believe in is loving and kind and anything that contradicts that I don’t believe in.

      The New Testament is full of peace and non-violence. Jesus taught us to love our enemies and pray for them. The prophet of the Muslims taught them to cut off the heads and finger tips of their enemies. As a matter of fact the Quran loves to talk about cutting off various body parts.

      Now I know the arguement, Jews and Christians have done awful things too. Yes, your right about that. But guess what? Jews and Christians are not running around cutting peoples heads off because they want to convert to another religion or stoning people to death because they are gay. The Islamo Faschists are! Jews have progressed a great deal since the times of the old testament. Christians have progressed a great deal since the pogroms and the Spanish Inquisition. However, not so with the Muslims! They wish to live in the 7th Century and interpret their book literally as a justification to spill innocent blood and spread their warped and twisted faith.

  • MR

    “Welcome to Islamo-Facism Week!”

    Crickets churping…

  • Daniel Hulker

    I have met Mr. Horowitz after a speech he gave at my university. I can say that the behavior described is EXACTLY what happened when he gave a speech here. He was speaking about slavery reparations and much of the audience was inclined to agree with him but his attacks on the few people who disagreed overwhelmed the content of his speech. His tone was sneering and it was clear he had no patience to respond to those who disagreed with any civility. He struck me as someone who is angry at those who disagree with him in a manner most people reserve for personal enemies and spare those whose political outlook is different.

  • George Kurian , India

    Dear Tim R,
    I am an Indian and a committed Christian. I worked all my life as a doctor at a Christian Mission hospital and a Medical School in India. However, I am not one of those Christians who believe that Jesus will return once the State of Israel is established. Israel practices the most evil policies and is supported by America. These are the policies that make Muslims angry. Why they makes me angry!! How would you like to have your house occupied by powerful people because the Bible or their god told them so. That is what Israel is all about! Thereafter the Israeli Government has sytematically practised apartheid. your president george Bush evoked his god to go and bomb Iraq. Now his god is probably telling him to go and bomb Iran. All this is made easy by taking the Bible as infallible. Jesus said “those who live by the sword will die by it”. I am afraid that is for nations as for individuals and the USA will have to face the consequences of its actions.
    I live in harmony with my Hindu and Muslim neighbours and so do most peolple in India. There are Jews prefering to stay on in Iran rather than leave for Israel.
    The Muslims are angered by the injustice perpetrated by America. A proportion of them have used the Koran to wage war against America.
    Tim, enlighten yourself by visiting my country or Indonesia or Malaysia. Saudi Arabia is being supported by your government. So do not quote Saudi Arabia as an example.
    George Kurian

    • Tim R.

      Dear George Kurian,

      Your point about Saudi Arabia is a valid one. It is a total disgrace that my government supports that disgusting regime. I am ashamed of it. Almost all the hijackers on 9/11/01 were Saudi. Not only President Bush, but Clinton and all the ones who came before him have called the Saudis our “friends” for the sake of oil and it is a national disgrace. If I had my way, we would cut off all diplomatic relations and economic ties with them.

      Your point about Israel I disagree with. Israel was founded on May 14th 1948 after the United Nations agreed to a two state plan, one arab one jewish. The Jews accepted the deal. The Arabs did not, and the very next day, May 15th 1948, all the Arabs in the area attacked Israel. They have not stopped ever since.

      As to the alleged “occupation” it is an historical fact the the entire area known as the “west bank” was controled by Jordan until June of 1967. At that time Jordan attacked Israel and Israel siezed control of the land while in the course of DEFENDING herself. The same goes for the Gaza Strip which was controled by Eygpt. Why should a nation, any nation, that has been attacked time and time again since its birth, have to give back land it took while in the course of defending itself? Please explain that one to me.

      Also, even if the Palestinians have been mistreated, and I will cede the point that they have, that is no excuse for the wanton violence of Muslims all over the world. What about the people of Tibet? They have been oppressed by the Chinese government for many years but are they killing people, hijacking planes and calling for “holy war?” The Dali Lama, a great man, is working for his people but in a peaceful way. Sadly, many Muslims do not want peace for the believe in war.

      In closing, I am happy that you and your Muslim brothers live peacefully in southern India and I wish that could be the case all over the world. I really hope the modern and moderate Muslims will stand up for peace. But I submit to you that the real issue is not about occupation but religion. The Muslim radicals believe in violence based on religion and their religion is at the heart of it all. Islam, as it is currently practiced by most Muslims, is not a peaceful relgion.

      • Caged

        One day I was sitting at home minding my own business when the government showed up and told me ownership of half of my house has now passed to a complete stranger. It made me very angry, and I punched the politician on my doorstep. A dozen bodyguards ran in, assaulted me with tasers and nightsticks, and locked me in a cage where I now type this email from. Whenever the new owner of my house walks by I try to reach out to kick or punch him, but his guards often beat me back into submission.

        Whenever someone asks why I am locked in this cage, the owner replies I am very violent and he needs to be protected from me.

        Tim, do you think I have been treated fairly? I think you do. In fact, you may very well wish you were one of those guards.

  • BN

    Tim, i guess you can’t stop drinking the kool-aid. Israel has been a repeat offender from day one stealing arab’s lands and what not.
    “Wanton violence of Muslims…” Don’t make me laugh. The most violent Nation on earth now is the US ,plain and simple. Muslims feel under attack and the US is propping hated dictator in their midst calling them “allies” .
    Let’s get real !

  • Muslims Against Sharia congratulate David Horowitz FREEDOM CENTER and Mike Adams, Tammy Bruce, Phyllis Chesler, Ann Coulter, Nonie Darwish, Greg Davis, Stephen Gale, David Horowitz, Joe Kaufman, Michael Ledeen, Michael Medved, Alan Nathan, Cyrus Nowrasteh, Daphne Patai, Daniel Pipes, Dennis Prager, Luana Saghieh, Rick Santorum, Jonathan Schanzer, Christina Sommers, Robert Spencer, Brian Sussman, Ed Turzanski, Ibn Warraq and other speakers on the success of the Islamofascism Awareness Week.

    Islamofascism (or Islamism) is the main threat facing modern civilization and ignorance about this threat is astounding. We hope that this event becomes regular and reaches every campus.

    A great many Westerners do not see the clear distinction between Islam and Islamism (Islamofascism). They need to understand that the difference between Islam and Islamism (Islamofascism) is the same as the difference between Christianity and Christian Identity Movement (White Supremacy Movement).

    Original post

  • Tim R.

    I had the privilege of attending Mr. Horowitz’s speech this afternoon at Colombia University and I have to say he came off very well. He was reasonable, scholorly, and spoke about the need to distinguish between moderate muslims, who are also suffering from the radicals, and the Islamo Fascist radicals. Of course there were tons of protesters ranting and raving outside that he is a racist and he needed bodyguards because its seems as though the left wing in this country or at least the radical left wing only believes in free speech if it is the kind of speech they agree with.

    By the way, why is it racist to point out, as Horowitz does, that the OVERWHELMING majority of terrorist attacks against this country in the last 30 years have been committed by Muslims and some Muslims use the Quran as justification for their malevolent acts? Its not racist, its realist!

  • sharia law can’t be that bad if that guy is against it. dennis prager ann coulter. what a laundry list of what’s wrong with america.

    tim r- no one cares

    • Tim R.

      Sharia law is not that bad? That’s funny, I wonder how many liberals have moved to Saudi Arabia or Iran? Not many I’m guessing!

  • lester

    I wouldn’t know I’m a conservative.