31 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: Hooray for California Fires!”

  1. Come on. The prog dems fall for this crap but you people should be smarter.

    Beck, Coulter, Malkin, all of them, think of it all as professional wrestling.

    Beck’s a third rate WWF smackdown villain designed to keep the dumb hillbillies (that’s us) coming to the arena and spending our hard earned working at Walmart bucks for tickets.


    1. Have to agree with Polish American. Its enough to know that Glenn Beck exists without ennobling him with recognition of one kind or another. Ask yourself, do you really care what Glenn Beck says or does? I don’t. And if you don’t, why the reaction?

      John Lowell

      1. It’s not a reaction to Glenn Beck, per se, it’s a reaction to the people he represents.. Unenlightened, uneducated people who believe in the politics of hate.

  2. Beck is a symptom of everything that has gone wrong with America. That his bile passes as anything remotely to be considered rational discourse is rather disturbing to someone on the outside looking in.

    Yes he is a showman, and yes he does things for attention – including making comments like the one noted, but that these actions are considered normal entertainment – well, that just suggests something is rotten at the core.

    There are not many Western nations where such idiocy would be condoned, least of all celebrated by like-minded shallow thinkers.

  3. Kinda strange considering Orange County and San Diego County are fairly conservative areas. I could see him making these remarks if it were San Francisco but San Fran is a long ways from SoCal.

    1. I think you’re right. Last time, I flew into Orange County, it was to John Wayne Airport.

  4. Kinda strange considering Orange County and San Diego County are fairly conservative areas. I could see him making these remarks if it were San Francisco but San Fran is a long ways from SoCal.

    He was probably referring to Malibu and its politics don’t particularly matter if you keep in mind who Beck’s target audience is:

    Fat 40 something losers who never get laid and make 30,000 bucks a year.

    So it’s naturally they’d think “beautiful people” who live in huge houses on the coast, wear Armani and drive expensive cars “hate America”.

    The problem is these people just don’t have the balls to go the whole nine yards and send all of Malibu into the fields to pick rice the way Mao would have done during the Cultural Revolution.

    So they settle for what little comfort God can give them in the form of wildfires.

    OF COURSE, if a gang of brown skinned Muslims kidnapped one of these rich “libs” in Cali and held him/her hostage, Glenn Beck’s audience would be up in arms howling for revenge.

    And at this point, I think I’ve already spend too much of my life thinking about Glenn Beck.

  5. Just speaking the name Glenn Beck requires more time than the man is worth…The grocery stores in America are full of heads of cabbage with more brains than his…enough already. See I’ve thought about him too long.

  6. I saw 10 minutes of one Glen Beck program about a year ago. Is this what Howdy Doody aspired to when he grew up? The jumping up and down motions of a marionette were similar, the dialogue was intended to be as patriotic as Howdy’s; close but no cigar. But, when you sell your “talent?” (ie, soul)to the highest bidder, In any society, this is called prostitution. Money is not the root of all evil; the correct Biblical quote is: “The LOVE of Money is the Root of All Evil”. Glen Beck has found a lucrative niche! In those 10 minutes, I found the epitome of idiocy and mediocracy. He probably was more sensible when he was high.

  7. I think Blackwater started the fire having identified Potrero Ca. as a pocket of resistence. Beck is catapulting the propaganda. Expect more of the same over the course of the wildfire…

  8. I actually used to like Beck.

    But that was when I was a Republican (which technically I still am, but which I only keep up so I can cast a primary vote for Ron Paul).

    But that was when the Republican Party was a conservative party

    But that was when conservatism was a traditionalist, anti-liberal movement; before it became an anti-Islam, Likudist Zionist, Trotskyite revolutionary pro-imperial movement.

    When Beck, and the rest of the Republican establishment, made the transition from the former (which they may or may not have ever actually believed) to the latter, I got off the bus.

  9. Beck has kissed so much Zionist rear-end, he doesn’t know which end is up. His “show” is a hysterical shout-fest rant; too badhe wasn’t alot closer to the fires.

  10. Didn’t Beck have an “incident” w/ MaCaulley Culkin (sp?) at a non-hetero bar in 1999?

  11. Hi reflects and represents what the majority of people living in former Shining City on the Hill think and feel!
    Numbers do not lie. It is sad to see destruction of America.

  12. Beck gives some good information on some issues. But his ideas about defending the official story on 9/11 break his credibility. Now he makes a statement like this.

    Beck makes fun of anti-war protesters, says the greatest generation would not have stood for it.

    Soon he will be threatening other people’s children and bragging about it like Limbaugh.

    Where does he get off? He is just another one of the winged monkeys at PNAC.

  13. I listened to about 10 minutes of Neil Borz this morning and he seeded the idea that the fires were started by Muslims and then changed it to Islamic Extremists. After we bomb Iran we can then blame global warming on the Muzzlims because they made us bomb them and they sell a lot of oil.

    I immigrated to the US about 20 years ago, legally I might add. I am a law abiding US citizen that has never even been issued a parking ticket. After 9/11 the FBI called me to find out where I was (I had moved on Sept 1). My next door neighbor that I had shared many functions and meals with reported me to the FBI claiming he has not seen me after 9/11. I had been in the States 14 years then and for the first time I did not feel that I belonged here – I was rattled. Some people on the road hurled insults at me and my kids during that hellish 9/11 week and I stopped driving them around.

    I do hope this never happens but if another major terror act happens in the USA, I will go back to where I came from.

  14. James, I am interested that Portreo is involved in the fire. They resisted getting Blackwater to start a branch there to deal with illegals coming over the border – or so they said that was what they wanted to do. In reality, they wanted money. But the town worthies resisted.

    Okay, some of the Calif. wildfires are indeed of suspicious origin. I started to wonder about them when I saw a very smart and well-prepared Sen. Dianne Feinstein speaking today in the Senate about the causes of such fires, and her opinion that zoning should be used to make it harder to build developments in some high risk areas. But she said something and then kind of stopped herself (was it irrelevant?)

    It was that the fires basically start around the Mexican border. Now clearly that is the extent to which her writ runs, and she is not speaking on Mexico,
    but I wondered why it was so.

    Why isn’t Baja also engulfed in flames? Part of the area just south of the border does not get sea breezes from the Sea of Cortez. It too is west of the mountain ranges and should presumably be getting Santana’s. (Is it Santa Ana or Santana – in childhood, we said Santana – that was before the musical group with its Mexican founder struck it big). See, I think Santana is a condition which affects Baja too.

    And they are developing Baja big time too.

    So why no fires there, huh?

  15. Glen Beck is N.W.O.scum his show is all about pushing the straw-man lies for the thugs that are killing our kids in Iraq
    for power and money.

    P.S. The war on terror is a huge frad on the american people
    and Glen Beck is a small part of it…….

    1. Nice try. You look at the last 500 years. Name me one thing that has come out of the muslim world in the last 500 years? One thing that actually advanced civilization, medicine, science or civil liberties?

      All of this stuff is a direct result of the protestant revolution, which lead to the renaissance (Isaac Newton wrote more about Christianity than science) which lead to the break off of Christians going to America, and was a cornerstone for what is, compared the history of the world, a radically different country. Those same principles propelled America to become the most powerful country in the world and led to great ideas–human rights, due process, government that was restricted, abolishing traditional classes in society (no royalty). A place where anyone could become what they wanted with hard work and some luck.

      You think that America is some awful country. Meanwhile, other countries still lack basic civil liberties, ruled by awful governemts, no due process, internet content control and the list goes on. They aren’t thugs killing out kids in Iraq. There are soliders dying in their line of duty. I was also there, and I no one twisted my arm to join, and no one twisted the arm of the Infantry men who RE-ENLIST to deploy 3 or 4 times at a level thats unprecedented.

      Your tally of deaths in Iraq is so abusrd. Death happens in conflict. You are basically using their deaths to push your agenda. And, marginalizing their free will and their choice to join (during a time of war) and re-enlist. People dying or being wounded in conflict is not how you measure the value or progress (or lack if you will) of the conflict.

      The reason you think Glenn Beck is some hate monger is because you lack fundemental understanding of the world in which you live, and you’ve been lead to believe that somehow its all the Christians and Republicans who are out to get everyone.

      And to all of you idiots out there who think Islam is not bad–Islam tolerates no one. Its the most intoleratnt religion possible. Thats why you don’t see Christian churches, Jewish temples or Buddist temples in Saudi Arabia, and why they punsish homoesexuality by death, and why women have no rights. They also do not assimilate into the cultures the move into, instead, they expect that culture to accomadate them and their backwards way of living. Again, name me anything that stupid religion has given the world in the last 500 years. And we can’t say anything about it, you can’t make fun of it without riots ensuing. And they are reproducing at a high rate.

      Meanwhile you waste all of your thought process and time thinking that people who believe that American individuals know how best to use their money, military should be strong, and appeasement and setting awful precedents (ie media leveraged so Americans start disliking something, causing favorable action for them like U.S pulling out just to pull out) is a some noble cause. The real enemy of the lifestyle and freedom you enjoy is right in front of you, and you are even on their side! The idea that America is bad, that wealth is bad, that corporations are bad, that anything America does is bad and some greedy massive plot.

      Instead of saying, hey, American has indroduced and made popular a lot of REALLY great ideas the world has benefited from. American has beat down enemies in wars, and spent their own money to rebuild (germany, japan etc) America has lost more soldiers fighting for other people than any other country in the world, you say…boo America?

      And what does it get? Your scorn, your arrogant egoist way of thinking. The idea that you are enlightened somehow. So you criticize and sneer and the people invetiatbly join the bandwagon of hate and pointing fingers. Mean while, you are so careful to be respectful of Islam which really does hate America.

      This whole page is literated with idiotic commnet.s Josef…what possible relevance to anything does whether or not Glenn Becks kids enlisting to go to war have to do with with his view or opinions? And because you don’t like his view, he is a piece of crap and shouldn’t be on the air? They should only have one opinion, and the rest is invalid? And you call him a neocon warmonger, but if things were your way, all conservative talk and thinkers would never be allowed on radio or tv, right?

      And to you Peg. Politics of hate? What hate? Oh yes I forgot, you are PC, you must never say anything that migtt offend someone, even if its true. Or make a joke. That would be intoleratant, which translate to hate right? You call listeners of Glenn Beck uneducated, yet your statement betrays a serious problem. You assume that your opinion is inately more enlightened or open minded, and the opposing view is not. Therefore, you have already made it clear that you think the opposing view is not worth your time, which makes you the truely uneducated, unenlightened human being.

  16. I can believe why CNN hired this piece of crap Beck a fanatical neocon warmonger.
    I wonder if his kids would volunteer to go for war in Iraq or Iran?

  17. What Beck said is outrageous and deplorable. However, it is no worse than what a lot of the far left wing liberals say about the President and conservatives in general. When Cheney was in Afghanistan and a bomb went off outside the base where he was visiting, left wingers made jokes that it was a “waste of a bomb” and things like that. Left wing radicals make jokes about the death of the President and of conservatives all the time. I think to make a joke like that, whether it is targeted toward a liberal, a conservative, or any human being is worthy of condemnation.

  18. The Chinese Communists just got burned big time.

    Every time the Fed lowers interest rates it inflates the dollar. This is new.

    Bush’s ten percenters are the ones hardest hit.

    It is hard for the National Guard in Iraq to fight forest fires in California.

    The terminator threatens evil arsonists as a diversion.

    If state and local governments create a tinderbox should they then execute kids playing with matches by lethal injection?

    Or electrocute their parents?

    If they have parents.

    The sun is setting on Walmart.

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