Antiwar GOP Congressman Loses Maryland Primary

In the Maryland primary yesterday, Republican Congressman Wayne Gilchrest was defeated by a pro-war challenger.

Gilchrest voted for the Iraq War in 2003, but later said he regretted the decision. Gilchrest later criticized Bush’s handling of the war and became one of two Republicans (with Ron Paul) to vote last year for a withdrawal timeline.

The campaign against Gilchrest started just a few months after he took office for his ninth term and his challengers were heavily funded by pro-war establishment GOP leaders.

25 thoughts on “Antiwar GOP Congressman Loses Maryland Primary”

  1. It is quite apparent that the GOP is a viscious party of red state fascism, one wonders when they will start wearing brown Neo-Con shirts. The rejection repulsiveeffort to destroy Ron Paul shows they are beyond redemption.

    I will vote third party on the assumption that the Democrats will sweep the election, but hell are they any better?

    Ron Paul pointed out that America is increasingly un-American and I say the welfare-warfare plutocracy has become the enemey of free and peaceful people everywhere on the planet.

    Are we reduced to actually cheering for the economic colapse of the US to stop the madness and wake we the people up.

    Will even that do it? Are we doomed to the Brave New World Order?

    1. Don Yarish asks:

      Are we reduced to actually cheering

      for the economic collapse of the US

      to stop the madness and wake we the

      people up.

      Sadly, yes. The American experiment is over. When things get this bad, when the American people get so caught up in the propaganda and so disconnected from reality, nothing remains but economic collapse and military defeat.

      Now that the mythical premises of propaganda are embedded, cognitive dissonance prevents any return to reality, which appears "fringe", "radical", "extremist", or un-American.

      The corporations will serve the political class and vice versa until "the Nation" is so impoverished that there is no more money for bullets and bombs. Then, from amidst the rubble, as they always have, "the People" will start over.

      1. The war power structure in America understands that the war with Islam is doing great damage to the American economy.They are betting that they can hold the economic structure of the west together long enough to gain complete control of most of the vast oil fields in the Middle East and use the oil money to repair or even rebuild the American and western economies.Unfortunately,for the war power structure,the Islamists also realize that this is the western goal.Consequently,Islam has been undergoing a strategic alteration of their response to the west.This is why you see so many fronts opening up in the Islamic lands.The Pakistani Tribal lands may be hot for a while and then another front will heat up,in Somalia,Nigeria,Iraq or Lebanon.The fighting shifts around and the Islamic goal is to keep the West fighting in Islamic lands for a long,long time.It’s basically a war(or wars)of attrition,which,of course,is the best kind of war for the side with the largest population and the most favorable demographics.An aging society of 300 million(the U.S.)against a population in excess of one billion,with about half under the age of 25 well….the longer that the wars go on the better off is the Islamic strategic position.

  2. Gee, I’m just guessing here, but did the pro-Israel lobby just maybe have something to do with this?

  3. Further evidence of the deep entrenchment of the military-industrial-Congressional complex. It is the cancer that will take this country down.

    Last year I wanted to emigrate to Australia before the nukes begin to fly, but I learned I missed the cutoff age of under 45. What’s the point of staying here and fighting the power when only a tiny minority would join me? The Ron Paul Revolution (to which I donated money as a last, small hope) is too little too late. The American people are sheep with the wool pulled over their eyes.

    1. Don’t bother coming here to Australia to escape the Empire; we follow the AmeriKKKan Empire’s every step. Although our recent change of govt is a slight improvement, we are still in the US/Israel/Marshall Islands (!) block. Look at East Timor at the moment. Australia is over-reacting and playing global cop there. Those Timorese must feel like Iraqis with foreign soldiers on the streets. Maybe try New Zealand for some much-needed PEACE.

      ps. I respect and admire the US for its great Constitution and theoretical liberty/personal freedoms but am saddened by the hate felt all over the world toward it.

      1. Thank you, Rex, for the tip on New Zealand. I was aware that Australia sent troops to Iraq, but I was thinking about nuclear fallout.

        1. To: R Nelson

          “on the Beach” was a fictional work by Shute. Star Wars was also a work of fiction, didn’t believe that either!

  4. You would think that the Republican Party would have learned their lesson in 2006. Will they learn their lesson when Obama whips their butt?

  5. The American people are not sheep. They are pro-war. That is why they voted this fellow out. They think they can win ,and winning is everything. Haven’t you heard? Think steroids. Winning is the only thing Americans cherish, at any cost. You can pretend Americans are children fooled by their government. It is not so. The leaders are extremist war mongers because they know the people are extremist war-mongers.

    1. Yes. Unfortunately there is much truth in what McCain said about Americans being willing to accept a long occupation if there are few casualties. However, we mustn’t lose sight that this was a Republican primary.

  6. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…. That pretty well covers the Dems and the GOP. There was pretty much somebody for everybody in the initial presidential candidate offerings. That America has settled for Clinton, Obama, or McCain out of the bunch would make even Norman Vincent Peale grim.

  7. What about immigrating to Galway, Ireland, or even Belfast, what with Ahern negotiating government to be situated there?

  8. Why didn’t point out that he was running, instead of being 100% Ron Paul all the time? Actually, why didn’t Paul campaign for him too?

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