Bush Earned Impeachment 5 Years Ago Today

In a memo sent to Congress five years ago today, Bush decreed that he was attacking Iraq “to take the necessary actions against international terrorists and terrorist organizations, including those nations, organizations, or persons who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001.”

The Bush administration linked Saddam to 9/11 to justify commencing a war that has left hundreds of thousands of people dead.

Launching an unprovked aggressive war was recognized as a war crime at the Nuremberg tribunals in 1946, which declared that to “initiate a war of aggression… is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

The Bush administration has had five years to offer up evidence to support the Saddam/9/11 tie. They have offered nothing.

It is an outrage that Bush has faced no legal or constitutional peril for his lethal fraud.

20 thoughts on “Bush Earned Impeachment 5 Years Ago Today”

  1. Nothing will come of this unfortunately — Dems won’t impeach and justice department is now Bush’s political muscle.

    I agree it is an outrage.

    In my mind, the most important question is “How do we prevent this from happening again?”

  2. Dems can’t impeach because they were in bed with Bush via the vote authorizing the use of force. They would be implicating themselves.
    It is up to the international community to hold the U.S.A. responsible for its crime(s). The necessary self-policing will never occur. American people are too arrogant and proud to admit their country is no better than Hitlers Germany. Both lauched unprovoked wars of aggression. Hitler paid for his mistake, will the U.S. pay as well?

  3. The United States government is clearly the greatest terrorist organization on the planet. It is a threat to freedom loving, liberty seeking people everywhere.

  4. The Bush regime is packed with treasonous scum and so, why hasn’t Congress acted on their Constitutional mandate? America’s Constitution? You know, that funny little document that created this once great nation? Oh right, America’s Constitution is no longer germane or trendy or relevant. Yeah, that’s about how things seem at present. The United States Congress is more heinous in their treason than even Bush. Congress tolerates the Bush treason and therefore, as the “chickens” come home to roost, ‘we the people’ are doomed to the consequences of cowardly acts of treason that would leave our founding fathers spinning in their bloody graves. Like Ben stated and succinctly, “we’ve given you a republic IF you can keep it.”

  5. At this point impeachment isn’t enough but would be a good start. At the very least it would stop them from being able to pardon all the other war criminals. However, I don’t think it would even come close to passing. It would most likely end with another multi-million dollar bill for the tax payers and another Clinton style mess.

    I honestly don’t think any of the war criminals in this country will ever face punishment. Unless of course we are taken over or we take back our country. Foreign intervention will never happen with the current amount of nukes we have. The nut jobs in office would rather go down in flames with the rest of the world than capitulate.

    The world will not stop the US. Only we the people can. It starts first with awakening. People need to wake up and smell the stench that is our government and elite. They don’t care about us, only themselves.

    Furthermore, when I talk about war criminals I am NOT limiting this to the current administration. All of these murderers from Bush Sr. to Clinton, and all the rest should be put on trial for war crimes. It will not happen untill we take our country back.

    It just might happen. With the current finacial mess, impending war with Iran, etc. People could see the facts as they are. I think it would also take the military and pentagon rebeling along with the people. This would not be the first time in history when the elite have overstepped, grown complacent and lost control.

    The internet is the best chance we have. However, watch for more and more elite control over the net. The media is owned and controlled by the elite, but the net is still free. For how much longer? Who knows? We may end up passing notes and printing clandestine pamphlates like the Russian patriots did. But for now we have the net and we should use it while we can. Get the message out and help wake up the sheeple, our day is yet to come.


  6. He needs to be sent to the Haag for trial along with Cheney, Podhoretz, Perle and the Kristals.Many Germans were hung for less at Nurenberg.

  7. For those who believe Bush should be impeached for the Iraq war, do you also believe that every Congressman and Senator who voted for that war should also be impeached? Remember, under Article One of our Constitution, only Congress had the power to authorize Bush’s war in Iraq. Bush could not have done a darn thing but for the 2002 authorization of Congress.

    1. Yes absolutely. I blame congress as much if not more. They are the ones who threw out the constitution. In no way did they have legal authority to cede their duty to the president.

  8. To Tim R. Yes, every congressman and senator who voted for
    the war should be impeached and put on trial also. And if they are now out of office, they should be tracked down. Their voice of aggression put our country in jeoporady and caused the death of 1M plus innocient Iraqis, 4000 of our troops, 28,000 injured and 298,000 mentally distrubed military because of what they did to innocent people. Impeach? Yes, and then put on trial.

  9. One more point…the action taken by Congress and the president has caused the displacement of 4Million Iraqis. 2M left the country and 2M unable to leave have no homes. Disgusting and disgraceful.

  10. Did congress authorise the war without a declaration of war?!
    Any one who planned it,any one voted for it,any one who supported it,and any one who cheered it should be held accountable.The Iraqi people were held responsible for Sadam invasion of Kuwait for over a decade.

  11. Yes congress should be held accountable also.

    We need to prevent this from ever happening again.

  12. None of this has anything to do with Bush being a terrible person, of course Bush is a terrible person…and if someone wants to obsess about him as a passtime that’s their bussiness. The present situation is the inevitable outcome of the social dynamics of the political class in Washington. The solidarity of that class and its common interests have effectively abrogated the separation of powers written into the Constitution. In 1787 it was assumed that federal politicans would be like UN ambassadors today (more so, because of greater transportation barriers), that is, they would live in, and gain their livelyhood from, their respective states except to meet perrenially to adjudicate issues where the interest of their respective sections were at logerheads. Today the “community” is Washington itself. This doesn’t mean that they are having lunch with each other on a daily basis…but often enough that the communal values of the political class define their reality. Oh yes, and there are two dense clusters of relationships within that class, called the Democrats and the Republicans. Their petty rivalries don’t make for democracy any more than the Green and Blue factions did in Constantinople. The social solidarity cuts across distinctions like executive, legislative and judicial, not to mention archaic sectional differences. Or to put it in a nutshell…how can you araign someone for “high crimes and misdemeanors” when you have them on your social schedule next week?

  13. Certainly Bush should be impeached or held to account as a war criminal but please don’t forget to impeach or indict William Jefferson Clinton along with him.
    There is much soul searching, and rightly, about the illegal attack on Iraq but the fact that Clinton illegally attacked and then bombed a defenceless civilian population for 78 days and nights destroying the infrastructure of a sovereign state without any vote in Congress or declaration of war all on what is now known to be the staged and phony ‘massacre’ at Racak and mythical ‘ethnic cleansing’.
    Had the world not chosen to believe the same lies about the Serbs – read non existent mass graves for non existent WMD – Iraq would probably never have happened. Had the American people through their political representatives refused to violate international law by attacking and murdering the Serb poeople, the meltdown caused by the Iraq war may have remained a nightmare. What goes round comes back to haunt. Many of us find it hard to expend much more than crocodile tears over the US’s bankruptsy.
    The fact that war criminal Bush has just added illegal insult to injury by recognising the criminal narco/state of Kosovo as ‘independent’ in violation of international law and resolution 1244 of the UN just makes things worse and could, after the brutal attack on the Serbs in the last day or two in Northern Kosovo – still their own state in the eyes of the UN – lead to confrontation with Russia.
    Bearing in mind that one of the worst of all those involved in the war crimes against the Serbiam people is Richard Holbrooke (I understand this is not his previous Jewish name – someone might be able to clarify this point)- is tipped as the next Democratic Secretary of State – the sooner he is before the The Hague tribunal the better.
    Until this evil bunch at the top of both parties in the US political pyramid is cleaned out the USA will continue to be a menace to the peace and security of the entire planet.

  14. Speaker of the house is a mule to this American tax funded war .
    congress in itself has ignored the Constitution of the United
    States . AMERICA why fear the terrorist , when each and every
    AMERICAN citizen has funded this WAR , in trade for our privacy
    sons and daughters which have all been lost in this terrorist
    funded war by the and for the AMERICAN people . OPEN YOUR EYES
    GOVERNMENT ………..

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