Obama Gets PC

Patriotically correct, that is, the most common and most oppressive form of political correctness in our post-9/11 world. From this morning’s speech:

But the remarks [by Rev. Jeremiah Wright] that have caused this recent firestorm weren’t simply controversial. They weren’t simply a religious leader’s effort to speak out against perceived injustice. Instead, they expressed a profoundly distorted view of this country – a view that sees white racism as endemic, and that elevates what is wrong with America above all that we know is right with America; a view that sees the conflicts in the Middle East as rooted primarily in the actions of stalwart allies like Israel, instead of emanating from the perverse and hateful ideologies of radical Islam.

Pure PC piffle. As for the rest of the speech, eh, not so bad. As Jesse Walker noted,

If you don’t have a friend — a real friend, someone who means something to you and sometimes influences your decisions — who occasionally expresses a nutty opinion (“The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color”) or an impolitic truth (“a country and a culture controlled by rich white people”), then you really, really need to get out more.

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  1. If we are going to campaign for an American president we have to go “PC” on Israel and other pieces of American imperialism.

    The alternative is to work outside electoral politics.

    1. If we are going to campaign…

      I’m not campaigning for anyone, so I don’t have to “go PC” on anything.

    2. Being “PC” is a real danger you are correct. But the danger is not “patriotic correctness” but “political correctness.”
      Political correctness has a chilling effect on the freedom of thought and the freedom of speech. It says that certain topics are off limits. It says that I have to call illegal immigrants “undocumented.” It says that Dr. James Watson, a nobel prize winner, must be immediatly fired from a job he held for 30 years simply because he wondered out loud whether different races might have different levels of intelligence. It says that I can’t dare to even consider a link between Islam and violence. It says that I can’t even be free to tell certain jokes because they might offend some group. It says that I can’t even suggest the possibility that a child might be better off in a home with a mother and a father, rather than two fathers or two mothers.

      You worry about the Military Commissions Act and the Patriot Act? I declare that the greatest threat to our freedom is this obsession with political correctness. Any time some one or some group delcares that ANY topic or question is off limits, we are on a very dangerous road.

      1. And another thing: I would add that anyone who wants to lambaste Israel and excoriate Zionists, should be free to do so without fear of being called racist or anti semetic. I might not agree with your position but you sure as hell have a right to speak your mind. And I for one am sick and tired of political correctness of ANY kind.

        1. OK so let’s begin here. Wight’s remarks are mostly , well, accurate. The real reason this is a problem to Obama is your friends at the Lobby. The Lobby is worried about the power of Obama’s persona that might upset the balance of powers that allows them to have a stranglehold on Americas foreign policy in the middle east. This was an attempt at showing Obama who’s still boss in Washington and Obama apparently learned his lesson and bent over backwards to appease the lobby of the “stalwart” ally. Pinning too much hope on Obama was a mistake Justin? Behold the power of the lobby people and don’t act surprised When this empire comes crashing down hard and fast. It’s being run by the foreign interests.

        2. You are so right about the Lobby and their power and influence. We are not far away from saying the pledge of allegiance to Israel

      2. Tim said,”…It says that I can’t dare to even consider a link between Islam and violence..”.

        May he is not watching American television such as Fox,CNN,CBN,or have not been listenning to radio talk shows such Rush,Sean Hannity,the Savage Nation, the Laura Ingraham show ,or the many others of their clones.

  2. Honestly, I began watching the offending video of the pastor expecting to be offended, and when it was over, I went, “that’s it?” There’s nothing at all wrong with what he said. And there’s no reason for Obama to remove himself from it.

    1. I have also hear the so called offending incorrect remarks by this “reverend” and I find NOTHING in them that sounds unreasonable. In fact he sounds a lot like Ron Paul in foreign policy matters. I just goes to show how limited freedom of expression is in the US. You either conform to the accepted mythology or be branded a kook and hounded and denounced by all the “informed.”

      Insane McCane is more of a radical kook then preacher Wright.

      If Obama does not and did not cow tow to the PC line demanded by the “special people” we would never have heard the name Barack Obama.

  3. Anyone who is against nuclear war, can’t be all bad.How come McCain doesn’t have to answer for lunatic support like Rev. Hagee.I am not offended as well,its called freedom of speech and is about 75% right.

  4. I heard what he said and I wasn’t all too offended. America is the top killer, we have bombed the most innocent people in the world. But I don’t believe we deserved to be struck back, two evils doesn’t make a good.

    The country, well, yes, yes it is run by rich white people. Bush? Clinton? Bush? Reagan? I suppose Carter wasn’t all that rich.

    ! Aha! I found something I totally disagree with him on. The government made HIV to kill the coloreds! Well, that is false. I’m not too offended by it though. Just seems a bit conspiratorial is all.

    1. Are you sure it is false?
      Did AIDS come form Africa? Was there US government sponsored research done there?

      Have you heard of the government experiments infecting black people with Syphilis between 1932 and 1972?

      “The United States government did something that was wrong—deeply, profoundly, morally wrong. It was an outrage to our commitment to integrity and equality for all our citizens… clearly racist.” —President Clinton’s apology for the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment to the eight remaining survivors, May 16, 1997

      1. Sirww:

        Black people were not “infected” under the syllabus experiments. No credible historian has ever argued that. What did happen is that a large group of black persons were not treated under the experiment so as to test the effectiveness of available vaccines. Now….this was unethical (because the patients thought they were getting treated) but was not the same thing as infecting somone on purpose.

  5. “…a view that sees the conflicts in the Middle East as rooted primarily in the actions of stalwart allies like Israel, instead of emanating from the perverse and hateful ideologies of radical Islam.”

    This line, of course, is what most “important” people (read: the Israel Firsters) were waiting to hear from Obama. The statements by Rev. Wright about white-black relations are utterly beside the point and require little attention.

    That Israel can be described as a “stalwart ally” should cause rounds of guffaws, but instead it is accepted as a proper expression of political correctness. If anything, the US is the “stalwart ally” of Israel. What precisely has Israel done (at any risk to itself) to help the US? The US, in contrast, has arguably developed an entire foreign policy aimed at protecting Israel with little or no direct benefit to American interests but at a terrible cost of US blood and treasure. The US now finds itself on the precipice of a depression, in no small part because of the ill-advised, and costly war policies espoused (or rather, fraudulently foisted on us) by the Likudniks in Israel and the US.

    I was getting ready to vote for Obama (assuming Paul keeps to his word and does not run a third-party campaign), but will now vote for Nader.

    The Palestinian-Israeli situation WAS the major event that shaped Bin Laden’s worldview as a child, which has been documented in various well-researched books. Bin Laden made it clear in his writings and pronouncements that US support for Israel was one of the three reasons he perceived the US as an enemy of Islam prior to 9/11. (others in Al-Quaeda, including Ayman Zawahiri preferred to focus on the corrupt regimes in Eqypt and Saudi Arabia, but Bin Laden had special animosity towards the US, mainly because of its support for Israel).

    For how long will our fellow countrymen remain blind to these realities and continue to censor or castigate the messengers who seek to express them?

    1. Exactly so, redman. Bin Laden, in speeches that I remember, always addressed the Israeli oppression of Palestine lastly and with special emphasis as though this was the ultimate outrage.
      Americans are catching on – libertarians and principled progressives are now openly talking about the price America pays for Zionism. I am thankful for Anti-War.Com.

      1. Redman/Vajs: As am I. Our foreign policy might as well be Israel’s. Our wars are Israel’s wars. It’s about time more and more Americans are waking up and realizing the truth. Directing more people to books like, “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” , by Mearsheimer and Walt and “Marching Toward Hell: America and Islam After Iraq”, by Michael Scheuer, is a great start.

  6. I can’t believe anyone would defend “Reverend” Wright! This man gave an award to Luis Farakahn, a man that has called Judaism a “gutter religion” and has said that the white man “is a potential human being, who did not evole yet.” He has also called the Pope a “no good cracker” and Jews “bloodsuckers. Wright and Farakahn travelled to Libya and met with Col. Moammar Gadafi. Just in case you forgot, Libya was responsible for Pan Am 103, a bombing that killed 250 innocent people.

    Rev. Wright is supposed to be a Christian? What about love? What about loving your neighbor as yourself? What about loving even your enemies? Is that not what Jesus taught? He screams and yells with hatred and venom. Says that white people want to see blacks infected with AIDS and on drugs and other such rubbish. He says not to say God bless America, but to say God damn America. Well, I say, God damn HIM! And I say God HELP us if Obama gets elected.

    And you know what else? Don’t tell me Obama did not know about this. Nonsense! Obamba is a Harvard graduate and a very smart fellow, he has attended that Church for 20 years, Wright performed his marriage and baptized his children. He knew exactly who Wright was. That’s why his people made sure not to let Wright speak on the day Obama announced he was running.

    My grandmother always says, “show me who your friends are and I will show you who you are.” I never liked Obamba to bein with but now I have lost all respect for him. I pray that Hillary whips him in the upcoming elections. How can any decent person possibly vote for Obama after this has come out?!

    If Hillary Clinton attended a white church and her pastor was best friends with a racist like David Duke, would you be making the same lame excuses? If Hillary’s pastor associated herself with the KKK and with people that said “blacks were niggers” and not “fully evolved” would you make excuses for that? I doubt it. So stop making excuses for Wright and Obama!

    1. In 1984, Wright travelled to Libya and Syria with Rev. Jesse Jackson and Minister Louis Farrakhan in a peace mission which resulted in the freeing of United States Navy pilot, Lt. Robert Goodman who was shot down over Lebanon.[16] [17] Wright was quoted as saying that “When [Obama’s] enemies find out that in 1984 I went to Tripoli to visit Colonel Gadaffi with Farrakhan, a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell.” He added that his trip implied no endorsement of either Louis Farrakhan’s views or Qaddafi’s.[14][18]


    2. So Tim, when are we going to here about McCain’s affiliation with John Hagee? Jeremiah Wright is many things, but he isn’t an armaggedonite who wants a theocracy in America. Does this not “tell us who McCain is”?

      1. Ah, salem s has helpfully listed Pat Robertson’s antics below, and yet the man is one of the GOP’s political assets. What gives?

        1. One final note: valuing “love” doesn’t imply that one should automatically turn a blind eye toward the abuses of one particular country. I don’t see a great deal of “love” coming from you, either, and with far less excuse.

      2. John Hagee is also a man full of much hatred and arrogance. He is a religious fanatic, no question about it. However, last time I checked he was not Senator McCain’s pastor, he did not baptize Sen. McCain’s children, and he did not perform Sen. McCaian’s marriage ceremony. And Senator McCain has not been a member of his church for 20 years. In short, there is no way in the world you can say that McCain is as close to Hagee as Obamba is as close to Wright.

        1. And Wright doesn’t preach religious intolerance and apocalypse. The two parties are not coequal.

  7. …The imposition of “Political Correctness” is Political Oppression.

  8. Rev. Wright is so-o-o right on the horrors of racism in the
    U.S. a country run by rich, racist white men. And now Obama has
    to distance himself to become politically correct enough to get
    elected. Hillary and McCain are totally Israeli apartheid occupied territory, so Obama has to catch up with them by condemning radical Islam to prove that he’s truly Israeli and not Muslim as the Israelis are accusing him of. How can he,
    the professed uniter to be of all races, praise radical Zionism and condemn radical Islam? How can he show hurt for racism in America and not show hurt for the terrible suffering and
    injustice being laid on the Palestinians by Israel and the
    U.S. under the guise of democracy? And the terrible racism that’s being laid on many folks of Middle East descent in
    this country and around the world? Where’s his deep concern?
    The only candidate that truly knows what is to be done about our sinking economy, the wars, the disappearing middle class, immigration, government corruption etc., who has walked the
    talk his whole life long in making this country better for
    all people living here is Ralph Nader. He can’t and won’t be bought out by anyone. He speaks and does the truth. He gets my vote.

  9. from one side is the stolen Palestinian land by Israel all along 60 years and by other side is a peace plan proposed by the rabs countries 4 years ago which Israel didn’t even consider but in the end “the conflicts in the Middle East as rooted primarily in the actions of stalwart allies like Israel, instead of emanating from the perverse and hateful ideologies of radical Islam.”

  10. It is a sad thing when Rev. Wright, who champions the blacks, should himself be the cause of Obama’s possible loss of the nomination.

    Few will forgive Wright for damning America. We can understand frustration for wrongs committed, but to damn this great country will not help Obama in any way.


  11. So much for “change”. I had been “rooting” for Obama against Clinton, thinking he might bring with him a balanced Middle Eastern policy. Clearly that’s a pipe dream. Raimondo would do well to take off the rose colored glasses. Looks like Nader is the only candidate with foreign policy view to match those of this site. AIPAC is Obama’s mama.

    1. You (and Eugene Costa) have been constantly criticizing Ron Paul for weeks now for not running as an independent, but somehow digging for reasons to support Obama. A little naive I might say. At least Paul doesn’t have his nose buried up the lobby’s ass.

      I know Raimondo was desperately looking something antiwar in Obama to cling to. But the fact remains, the only thing that is going to end our imperialism is our financial collapse which will come sooner or later.

      I have seen interviews and speeches with Ron Paul in which he talks about preparing for rebuilding after the collapse. That is probably why he didn’t waste his time running as an independent or going after the whole impeach Bush thing. If he can only get a few percent of his own party, and even fewer crossover votes from the left, he realized that the only thing that will awaken the American population from it’s mental hibernation is a devastating kick in the head.

      Watch how popular his ideas become when this happens.

      1. Well, naive, I suppose, if you were to rush to judgement before someone has fully revealed themselves, Dano. While we'd had hints of these sentiments from Obama, his support of the Lebanon aggression, for example, nothing quite this fundamental had been broached before. And you might refer to some earlier threads in which I'd expressed cautions about him, Scott McConnell's having reported in the American Conservative a while back his having a kind of hypersensitivity to mild Lobby pressure, for one. But as to my alleged "digging for reasons to support" him, the most I'll confess to is a certain unarticulated preference for him over Hitlery Clinton, whom I utterly despise. In any case, I'm Catholic, and could never vote for Obama, his support for the butchery of and scientific experimentation upon very, very small children being what it is. So when you can manage an apology for this accusation, I'll be most energetic with the forgiveness. :-)

        Now, as to your speculations about Paul and the impending financial collapse, I think it quite doubtful that, should it occurs, anyone in the midst of such a disaster might point to a speech of Paul's as having played a particularly noteworthy prophetic role. Warnings not entire unlike his have been coming from a vast array of commentators for neigh on decades. Paul's vapid personal style alone would have rendered the speeches unmemorable in any case. But you're right in saying that likely it'll take a cataclysm of this dimension to bring about change. I just wouldn't look for reports of Paul appearing miraculously to groups of small children or of cruciform cloud formations resembling Paul. We've had quite enough of that.

  12. He was not damning America he was damning the stupid foreign policy of the people in power in America.. a while back the poicy was rich and white centric as well as being racist and recently it has been israel first centric. Wright was just pointing that out.

    If anything he was saying that America is better than that and needs to jettison the stupid policy so America can live up to the ideals we were always taught in the government run schools.

    it ain’t sad at all, the only sad thing is the response from Obama as he destroys any credibility that he had in dealing with the situation in the middle east.

    1. On January 14, 1991, on The 700 Club, Pat Robertson attacked a number of Protestant denominations when he declared: “You say you’re supposed to be nice to the Episcopalians and the Presbyterians and the Methodists and this, that, and the other thing. Nonsense. I don’t have to be nice to the spirit of the Antichrist.”[2] He has never recanted this statement, though he has supported the election of certain Episcopalians.

      Falwell stated[8] that the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were caused by “pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays, lesbians, the American Civil Liberties Union and the People For the American Way.”

      On his The 700 Club television program, Pat Robertson has sharply criticized elements of the United States government and “special interest” groups that don’t share his views. In interviews with the author of a book critical of the United States Department of State, Robertson made suggestions that the explosion of a nuclear weapon at State Department Headquarters would be good for the country, and repeated those comments on the air. “What we need is for somebody to place a small nuke at Foggy Bottom,”[16] Robertson said during his television program, referring to the location of the State Department headquarters

      1. Salem S,

        Yes, you can say that based on what they have said, Falwell, Robertson, Hagee, and people of their ilk are crazy, hateful, fanatical etc. I am not going to defend their stupidity. But you know what? None of them are on McCains staff and McCain has not attended their Church for 20 years. Obama has attended Wright’s church for 20 YEARS! He baptized his kids and performed his marriage. If Hillary was attending the church of a white racist and hate monger I don’t think people would be making these lame excuses.

        1. Tim,

          I did not say anything about McCain,or Hillary,I simply put these pieces of information for prospective only.Somehow what Falwell,Robertson,Hagee said to you is simply due to their stupidity,”I am not going to defend their stupidity”,but not to their evil intent!By way which one you rooting for Hillary or McCain?This links for any one interested to find more about Pastor Hagee.



        2. Ok, Salem S, good point. I agree that some of what Hagee, Robertson, Falwell, etc have to say is not just stupid, it is evil. But I just wish black people and certain white liberals and “progressives” would stop making excuses for Rev. Wright and Obama’s close association with him.

        3. Rev. Wright, unlike Hagee, is right 90% of the time on political matters (if his video is any indication), and doesn’t dehumanize entire categories of people.

    2. Well said, Sam! “Damning” the criminal stupidity of the ruling class and the foreign policy it is responsible for is NOT the same thing as damning [I]America[/I]. The ridiculous conflation of these two things is the neocon flag-wavers’ favorite tactic for stifling meaningful debate.

  13. To pin one’s hopes on change coming from anyone in the White House demonstrates a lack of understanding of how DC functions. It could happen but it’s very unlikely. The forces of status quo in Washington guarantees that no real candidates of change gets into the primaries (Nader) and those who manage to squeeze in are smeared to oblivion (Paul). And the few that can build a populist movement behind them are smeared into submission (Obama). And if ,Ares forbids, they somehow managed to win the presidency, the two wings of the status quo forces (Dems and Republicans) would gang up on the president making him The joke in chief.

    God Bless America, na na na na, God **** America!

  14. background is a real issue.
    It reminds me to the scoring system of the SAT. There’s quite obviously a disadvantage for Ghetto background kids to score how, no matter how hard they work. Why ? well because the SAT system of scoring gives an advantage to regular anglo background / middleclass people, not cause it’s a racist scoring system but it’s a result of a certain culture.

    Now blacks going to afro culture churches have automatically a disadvantage as we see in this case. Now Obama should thank god that he ain’t a muslim!!!!!! ha ha. There was no way he could talk himself out of that. A fully bearded muslim has a tough time to pass the US Boarderguard . he he. unreal.


  15. Go find some Obama supporters and watch them play apologist for Wright, claiming that “well, it’s true”, and then praising his honesty and integrity.

    Then ask them why Obama basically contradicted what they so casually brush off as True from Wright (i.e. Israel).

    “you gotta do what you gotta do”.

  16. A thorough review of the cancer research medical journals will reveal why immunosuppressive viruses like HIV were invented by cancer vaccine researchers. The earliest journal article I found in the med school library stacks describing such viruses involved a mouse AIDS virus that was tested in the early 1960s. It did in mice exactly what HIV was designed to do in humans–selectively suppress the immune system for cancer transplant research. Here’s a summary of my research describing why I believe AIDS is a biological warfare agent developed and tested under the pretext of an international cancer experiment, based on numerous animal and human experimental precedents:

    The AIDS Epidemic at 25:
    The Hidden Benefits and Design Behind the Devastation

    Here’s how I propose they did it:
    How To Make An AIDS Virus

    Here’s why:
    Why AIDS Was Invented

  17. Tim,
    First of all I did not say anything about Hillary or McCain.The information you posted is simply for prospective,you should not formlate a conclusion out of thin air.But I find very intersting that you attribute the actions and sayings of people like Hagee.Robertson,and Falwell to simply their stupidity.This the first time I learned these people who have huge numbers of followers and admirers are stupid,people who recieve the attention of prsidents ,sentors,and congressmen!

    In regards to Hagee and McCain, these might shed some light!



    1. My God, what is our country coming to? Let’s get this clear: Obamba is VERY close to Rev. Wright, very close. The title of his book, “The Audacity of Hope” was taken from one of Wright’s sermons. He was a member of Wright’s Church for 20 years. Wright is a mean-spirited racist who hates America as much as he hates white people and Jews.

      You all heard it on TV. What did Wright say? He said that instead of saying God Bless America we should say “God Damn America.” How on earth can anyone even consider voting for Obama after all this has come out? I mean we are not talking about a city council here, this man wants to be the President of the United States! Will Rev. Wright give the innvocation on Obama’s inauguration day? Will the so called Minister Farakhan be invited to the first prayer breakfast? I am still a registered Democrat but if Obama gets the nomination I will resign and renounce my affiliation with the Democratic party.

  18. Obama’s Pastor says “God damn America?” Well, that makes me God damn angry! We are so awful aren’t we Rev. Wright? Yet people keep coming here. So many people keep coming, we can’t build fences fast enough to keep them out. So we must be doing something right. I’m sick and tired of people who really hate my country. I don’t see Rev. Wright moving anywhere else. He is still here running his big mouth off.

    People like Rev. Wright don’t know how great they have it here. When I was a kid my great-grandmother told me stories of what it was like for Jews in Russia under the Czar. She told me how the soldiers came through the town and terrorized everyone, breaking into houses, raping young girls, stealing property and in some cases killing people. My great-grandmother kissed the ground that she walked on in America and if she ever met Rev. Wright I do think she would spit in his face. And yes, Rev. she faced plenty of discrimination when she got here. If she tried to rent an apartment in certain parts of town she would be told that “High class Hebrews” need not apply. She did not have it easy in those days as a new Jewish immigrant. But she still loved this country with all her heart. People like Rev. Wright are a disgrace. And yes, I say that Obama is very much guilty by association.

    1. “God damn America”? That’s it? That’s the only evidence of “hate speech” you can produce? Given America’s numerous atrocities both abroad and at home, and the fact that it is directed at a political entity rather than a people, I fail to see how it qualifies as “hate speech”.

      My great-grandmother kissed the ground that she walked on in America and if she ever met Rev. Wright I do think she would spit in his face.

      I think the Iraqis and others on the receiving end of American military might “liberated” by the US would be of a rather different opinion.

    2. The “god damn America” referred to damning certain evil actions by the American government and basically saying that god would damn those who supported those actions.

      That’s a perfectly acceptable response to wrongdoing. It’s like saying, “Putting Jews in concentration camps? God damn Germany.”

      1. No, its like a Jew who, of his own free will, continues to live in Germany to this day but has the nerve to say “God Damn Germany” for their past sins. If he hates Germany so much let him move the hell out. And if Wright hates America so much let him move too!

        1. Not past sins. Present ones, in Wright’s case.

          And if Wright hates America so much let him move too!

          This runs counter to the premise of democracy, civic engagement, and free speech in general, which exist to identify and ameliorate flaws in the prevailing order. Yet again, your hatred of basic liberty cannot help but assert itself.

  19. Yeah, Matt, I caught that too when I listened to his speech. Obama’s kowtowing to the Israel lobby is the one thing that really bothers me about him. Anything else is no worse than a minor bother. However, I give him credit for being a gifted speaker and for otherwise making a very good speech.

    What does it say about our country that no candidate can have any hope of election without kissing the lobby’s asses? It certainly doesn’t say we are free.

    I doubt there will be an election in November anyway. Why should I care? What we really need is a revolution and a fresh start.

      1. The Israel Lobby is a cancer and the enemy of the American, Palestinian and Israeli peoples.

  20. …Like Baraka Obama or not; and for the record—I don’t. His guilt by association with Wright may well prove to be his undoing. Given an ardent Feminist-Leftist’s recent appraisal of Hillary as “…a Monster.” I can’t see the subordinate Clintonistas letting go of this Reverend Wright business…Before all’s said and done, they’ll be like dogs who’ve smelled blood.

  21. God Bless Rev. Jeremiah Wright!

    Obama is just another power hungry , masculine and black clone of Hillary.

    God Bless McCain, he may acclerate the end of Evil Empire and Alliance of Evil.

  22. “Rev” Wright is just silly. Of course he hopes AIDS was created by the government considering where it really came from.

    Obama is a coddled, media-created communist who needs to stick to writing children’s books.

  23. I am an Indian and a Christian. I do not know what else Rev Wright said or did not say, but he hit the nail on the head when he said that 9/11 (as you Americans call it) was the result of ” the chickens coming home to roost”. The US has been gobbling up Arabian oil and not paying a fair price for it. You have trespassed on the sacred sites of the Muslims. You did not support the Palestinians but aided Israel when it grabbed 78% of Palestinian land under the guise of making their own lives secure. You have been fighting overt and covert wars in order to remain the most powerful nation in the world.Don’t you know that only to God belongs the “power and the glory”. Jesus said that “he who lives by the sword will die by the sword”.

    1. George,

      How are we not paying a fair price for their oil? I just filled up my tank today and it is now up to 3.49 a gallon and going even higher! The Sauid Royal family is so filthy rich that they live in grand, resplendent palaces that would even make King Louis the XIV envious.

      And how have we invaded their sacred places? Where? Mecca? Medina? How many American troops are in Mecca or Medina? We are in Saudi Arabia because their governemnt wants us there. When our soldiers are in their filthy country they can’t even wear a cross or a star of david. During the first Gulf War President George H.W. Bush had to celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving on a ship off the coast so as not to offend these people. And somehow we are the bad guys? Please explain.

      And last but not least. You quoted Jesus. Didn’t Jesus also say “I am the way, the truth, and the life?” Do you think these radical Jihadist Muslims are following in the way of Jesus? Do you think he would approve of how they treat women, gays, or religious minorities?

      1. Tim,
        Here some questions and points to ponder.

        What was the price of oil before the war on Iraq ?compare that to price nowdays.

        How much is the Dollar worth nowdays?about worthless.

        1 Euro is about $1.56.

        Oil is pegged to dollar,goods are traded in Euros.Suadia Arabia refuses to switch to the Euro when in fixing the price of oil in order to placate the U.S.

        In reality,Suadia Arabia losing money,while the cost of things keep going up.

        The notion that suadia Arabia invited you in is another fib that Bush Sr sold the American public who bought.The Suadis were very much reluctant to let American forces in,but the arm twisting,intmedations and threat coupled with fake “top-secret satellite images” of Iraqi troops amassed on the Suadi border supplied of course by the U.S.teh Suadi king give in and allowed the U.S. forces in promising his people that they leave when kawait is librated!The Majority of Suadis did not want them in.


        to the Suadis the whole land is sacred ,as the Holy land.

        Finally, Are some Christians and Jews following in the ways of Jesus when it comes women,gays,or religious minorities?

        I found that many of those attack Muslims in regards to these ‘red herring issues’ were themselves the most biggoted!

  24. …There can be no Empire without the exercise of Tyranny. Matters can only now degenerate.

  25.   Wirght is correct on his views? He believes in income redistribution as he does in fact advocate a hybrid form of fascist/socialist/communist government. It is a form of black liberation/nationalism not unlike his mentor James Cone who also believes that God is a poor black man who either was created for them or should be killed by them.  This is hardly a libertarian in my oppinion and I could really care less about Hagee as a Catholic as Mccain is not intimately connected to him as his close personal advisor on matters of faith and morals. Hagee to me is an evil and vile human being but he is not the equal due to his distance from Mccain.   Another thing is that Mr. Wright is essentially wrong about most of what he thinks. Contrary to his claims, most millionaires are self made from scratch, there is no discrimination in pay between races when controlling for age, education, experience, and IQ, and the Tuskegee experiment actually was far from a conspiracy to debase blacks but it was widely known and accepted by the local black physicians and governmental medical community. His views on AIDS as a governmental conspiracy again are laughable to say the least.  This is coming from an anarchist capitalist. It’s disgusting to me that in today’s day we have people who are otherwise opposed to violence and property theft to advocate this recriminative form of addressing past sins.   Imagine taking your children to either Hagee’s or Wright’s church! It’s frightening to me to say the least.

    1. Imagine taking your children to a Aipac conference. Why support racist apartheid like Clinton or Obama? Wright was right on Pearl Harbor, 911 and Israel. Obama will be voted for by Democrats holding their nose just like McCain will be. Obama’s ties to Soros, the clown that pretends he’s not a Neocon, are as ugly as McCain’s ties to more war for Israel.

      1. Tell me, is Rev. Wright correct when he associates with, goes on trips with, and gives awards to Minister Luis Farakhan? A man that has said, among other things:
        “The Pope is a no good cracker”
        “Judaism is a gutter religion”
        “The white man is a potential human being that has not evolved yet.”

        If Hillary Cliton or John McCain or George Bush were hanging out with someone that said such things about black people I don’t think you would be making these pathetic, lame excuses.

        1. No, he is much too smart for that. And I don’t even know if he is a racist. But there is an old saying ” show me who your friends are and I will show you who you are.” There is certainly enough to be very suspicious of him.

        2. Not necessarily. I’ve associated with people representing a mosaic of ideologies and religions over the course of my life, yet one could hardly infer from this that I represented an amalgamation of them. If we’re going to play the game of guilt by association, however, the words of McCain’s declared “spiritual guide”, Rod Parsley, might be of interest to you.

  26. In speaking of guilt by association lets go a few steps higher here:

    John McCain’s father helped cover up the USS Liberty attack by Israel in 1967 and Junior knows all about it. Here is what one of the survivors had to say:


    I suspect that the Admiral “made his bones” by doing this, which is why the Establishment would love to get “one of their own children” into the White House.

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