Blood Flowing in Post-Surge Baghdad

Two major bomb blasts ripped through Baghdad Sunday, killing an estimated 130 147 men, women and children and wounded some 520 721, according to reports.

Twin car bombs targeted two government buildings in downtown Baghdad Sunday, wrecking pillars of the state’s authority and cutting like a scythe through snarled traffic during the morning rush hour. The government said at least 132 people were killed and 520 wounded in one of the worst attacks in Baghdad.

The first bomb struck an intersection near the Justice Ministry and the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works at around 10:15 a.m. on the first day of the Iraqi work week, when streets are always more crowded. Less than a minute later, a second blast targeted the Baghdad provincial headquarters, draped in a sign heralding its renovation. (snip)

Bodies were hurled into the air,” said Mohammed Fadhil, a 19-year-old bystander. “I saw women and children cut in half.” He looked down at a curb smeared with blood. “What’s the sin that those people commited? They are so innocent.”

Ali Hassan, an employee at the provincial headquarters, said the building was filled with women with their children seeking compensation for past terrorist actions.

“Now they’ve become the victims again,” he said.

American lawmakers and bloviating think tankers among the Washington establishment have long since shelved Iraq like a neat little box, cross-posted under the categories of “Model COIN Operations” and “Why George Bush Was Right.” That basic services are still lacking,  violence remains a threat, ethnic tensions are flaring and there is still no political reconciliation, seems to bother no one, anymore. Like trees falling in a forest.

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  1. We haven't heard the last from Iraq by a long shot. The safest prediction? Lots more violence, chaos and trouble.

  2. This oilswine, T. Boone Pickens, commented the other day that he found it unfair that the oil-related franchises in Iraq were being awarded to Chinese firms by the Iraqi Government. He feels that after the investment (and to me loss) of 5,000 American lives and a trillion or so dollars, American oil firms are not getting the treatment they deserve. Such people are beyond redemption. Perhaps, America is also.

    1. Well I guess in the old days if a pirate ship attacked a galleon and captured it after taking fifty casualties they would undoubtedly consider it their "rightful" plunder. I guess if the Nazis had achieved their goals in operation Barbarossa they would consider Russia's oil "their's" after the "investment" of the 6th army at Stalingrad. Such rationalization knows no bounds.

  3. The fate of Iraq and the Iraqis was sealed when the Bush decided to invade that country!The american establishment wants the blood-shed to continue to justify the continued occupation!

    The question who is really behind the latest bombings?!

  4. “What’s the sin that those people committed?" Their sin, Mohammed, was peaceful cooperation with the US occupation.

    On the one hand you have the Iraqi resistance fighters who are dying daily in an effort to unseat the greedy occupiers – who have been looting your oil fields for nearly 7 years now – and send them packing. On the other hand you have the unimaginably greedy Rothschild family (they own the majority of shares in the Federal Reserve and are raking in immense profits from these two wars!) and the other Illuminati Banksters, who run the US government by proxy. There is, of course, the "defense" contractors who are also reaping billions from these wars each year. And then we have tiny Israel – disproportionately powerful Israel – who enjoys total control over US foreign policy; they don't want the US to leave the Middle-East until the whole region has been conquered and pacified…and that includes the Iranian territory too; the prospect of this last bit sends the Christian Zionists into orgasmic convulsions!

    Your people will continue to die, Mohammed, because your religious leaders – with the exception of Muqtada al-Sadr – aren't smart enough to put an end to it…or maybe they've been bought off. I don't know…but passively complying with the US occupation is the last thing you should be doing!

    You see, Mohammed, the American people have been systematically stupefied through a combination of extremely poor public education, constant fluoride poisoning, and inane television programming (which is totally controlled by the Jews). And, to make matters even worse, the anti-war/peace movement in the US is controlled by the Jews, who have intentionally done everything possible to muck it up (Code Pink is just one example)! So, Mohammed, if you're waiting on the American Sheople to do anything to bring an end to your suffering, and the suffering of millions of others in the Middle-East, you're going to be waiting a very long time!

    Peaceful cooperation is not the answer! If you really want the US to leave you must make the American Sheople feel the pain…make them feel YOUR pain, Mohammed! When the body-bags start coming back by the hundreds each week, they will then want to leave. It's just that simple.

  5. How many events like this have to occur before our lying government officials admit that "the surge" did not work after all? How many more people have to die before we get the heck out of Dodge?

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