17 thoughts on “Video: Justin Raimondo on Fox (8/10/10)”

  1. Wow! /Bravo Justin Raimondo – telling it like it is yet again. Your conquest hungry opponent comes across as a medium grade moron, ie, just like he really is.

  2. Justin,

    The next time you debate Gen. Simmons, you might offer to check that there are no monsters under his bed.

  3. Moderators stop being so touchy for Chrissakes!!

    All I said was that Justin can run circles around these clowns and he should stop treating them with

    kid gloves. They are clueless about the problems facing our nation and Justin should use this

    opportunity to drive this point home to their naive viewers. Well, either clueless or complicit.

    Go for the KO Justin.

  4. Wow, this General Simmons dude is a real kook. The format of the "debate" was ridiculous and the "moderator" is such a transparent schmuck.

          1. I think its more out of choice, I'm sure a lot of people would like to have him on their shows if he expressed an interest.. Besides thats hardly a cogent criteria for evaluating someone.

            My experiences in life have given me an outlook that tends to be skeptical but I respect your views.

  5. "[Raimondo]'s never picked up a weapon in his life!"

    OMG, where do they find these clowns??? Wayne Simmons isn't a human being, he's a right-wing caricature!

  6. Awesome! That Wayne dude zinged Raimondo, a guy who has never picked up a weapon in his entire life.

    Ask yourself this, why is it that the vast majority of the most vociferous critics of the War on Islamo-Fascism also happen to be the very same individuals who avoided Military Service?

    If the Girlie Man label fits…

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