Earlier today, took down the cloud servers that were being used by WikiLeaks to serve their site. One of the products Amazon sells is space on their cloud servers at a very competitive rate. Thousands of websites, including WikiLeaks, use their service. gave no notice to WikiLeaks. Normally, in an ethical and legal business relationship, notice is given when contracts are terminated to allow for smooth transition. In fact, if WikiLeaks had chosen to terminate the contract with Amazon, they would have been required to give 30 days notice. gave no such notice, they just unplugged the servers. As a result, WikiLeaks was down for several hours today.

Why did they do this? got a call from Senator Joe Lieberman who threatened to start a boycott. Other officials reportedly leaned on Amazon. I can understand Amazon’s fear of the government, but that is no excuse to unethically target a customer without notice.

In the past year, has received about $10,000 from for referrals on the sale of books and merchandise. We cannot continue to profit from or deal with We are removing the Amazon ads and book widgets from our website, and urge other supporters of WikiLeaks to join the boycott.

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  1. side threatens to boycott them for dumping Wikileaks. It's not fair to Amazon to be put into this position by any of us. Like it or not, Amazon is a public firm with shareholders at stake and a threat from a very powerful congressman must be taken seriously. It's not about whether or not I agree with their de

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  3. Are all of you retarded? Where's the proof that Amazon took down the cloud severs that were used by Wikileaks? Where's the proof that they took them down because Wikileaks used them? Where's the proof Amazon "just unplugged" the servers and it wasn't a case of Wikileaks having data stored on a server that actually went down? Where's the proof that Amazon took the server down because Senator Joe Lieberman threatened a boycott? Where's the proof that received, "about $10,000 from for referrals on the sale of books and merchandise." and that has stopped all activities?

    See, you all take things at face-value and never think. This article basically said, "Amazon is evil. We are righteous." But never offered any proof to back-up those claims.

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  6. I've been boycotting Amazon for well over two years now, ever since they declared their intent to use their power to silence journalism and protect the interests of criminals.

    In that time, Wikileaks has revealed further information revealing diplomatic cables that show, among other things, that the US was conducting air strikes in Yemen and Somalia while getting the governments there to claim credit and provide cover. Wikileaks has revealed the collusion between large private security companies and spying on the public in the Stratfor files. The amount of evil being funded by our tax dollars is truly remarkable.

    Even more remarkable is that nobody cares.

    The most die-hard "liberals" and "conservatives" love Amazon more than ever even knowing what they do. I've had this conversation a thousand times with people. When push comes to shove, Americans place no value on freedom of speech or the press or of the evil done in their name and with their tax dollars.

    None of this stuff is hidden, yet nobody is looking. The daily occurrences are hidden in plain sight. I guess it's true what they say, "Freedom will not make you free". Giving information and choice to those who support fascism will not remove fascism. People, especially my fellow Americans, have a moral crisis that will pre-empt any move towards life, liberty, and justice.

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