Murder Poster for Assange

This poster accompanied an article by Washington Times columnist Jeffrey Kuhner calling for the killing of Assange. (Kuhner is a talk show host from Canada).

Have other folks seem similar artwork out there?

It is amazing how dark American politics has become.

One thought on “Murder Poster for Assange”

  1. You know what? Even though there may have been a few such posters (perhaps in the Nixon White House) about Daniel Ellsberg, the viciousness of today has one main cause: FEAR, generated of course by 9/11. This puts the Daddy State in the driver's seat, with the panicked children holding their breaths, and trying to stifle any of the other kiddies who are screaming that Daddy keeps veering out towards the cliff they are driving along.

    Fear is what is at the bottom of our permissive culture – permissive that is towards our government.

  2. The Washington Times, owned by brainwashing religious cult leader Sun Myung Moon, has always had a fascist streak.

  3. What happens when someone takes the law into their own hands and cites this 'wanted' poster as providing the justification for killing another human being? What will the reaction of the public be? Will it be to prosecute the killer for his crime, or to let him go free based on the mob's feelings about the victim?

    Unless such a poster is published by legal authority to order the subject brought in 'dead or alive', anything like this should be classified as hate speech and prosecuted. "But it's just a joke" doesn't cut it when it's inciting others to commit murder.

    If someone murders Assange based on this poster, what would our reaction be? Thanks or revulsion? Now turn it around- what if someone murdered the President based on their reaction to seeing a 'wanted dead or alive' poster with Obama's face in the crosshairs? Thanks or revulsion? I'm betting the answer is different in each case- why? Murder is murder, is it not?

    Funny, isn't it, how we mock what we fear. Truth, anyone?

  4. The publication of this Poster by the Washingtom Post shows how the US developed to a criminal country. After 21 years of living and working in this country, I could not stand to stay there anylonger.

    1. T'was the Washington Times, not the Post.

      The former is in orbit of the Moon Reality Distortion Field, the second in orbit of the Capital Beltway Reality Distortion Field.

  5. I am thinking your "someone"(s) are not ignorant bystanders. These are players in The Game of Kings. These went to the fair knowing the (potential) price.

    1. you're thinking , but you dont know that . and by your own rational Assange can expect the same …no ? "went to the fair " lol…that's cute , and simplistic .

      1. Of course Assange understands there are potential dangers as does all those standing in opposition to The State. Opposition to power lives in expectation of retaliation. I and mine are being prodded into an all-encompassing National Security State by the very people you express concern for. So which is cause for greater alarm: what 'may' happen to apparatchiks of The State or what 'is' happening to us as a people?

      2. The only one simple minded here is you bada-Bush-butt-boy…Tell us, what has Assange sd that we didn't already know? Not a whole lot..what do we know about this assange character? Vague history, used to work for the Economist which is owned by the Rothschilds and run by the Economist Group- a known CIA front…Parents were part of some LSD cult where they abused children..Hmmm…He's not against war, he's against the thousands of architects/engineers, pilots and military officers who have signed on to the 9-11 truth movement..he travels the globe w/no visible means of support…But this all too deep for you bada-Bush-butt-boy…Your friends at Fox are waiting for you to tune in and receive further programming.

  6. So Julian Assange decides to travel to/through the UK, a country he knows is a stooge of Rome-on-the-Potomac, under the rule of a government that he knows will arrest him the minute he sets foot on British soil. He also chooses to travel to said country at a time when the Reigning Establishment whose nose he has been tweaking is in a murderous frenzy and is demanding his head on a platter.

    Sorry, but this observer smells a rat. And please, don't tell me that Assange decided to do the right thing by turning himself in and facing his Swedish accusers in a court of law in order to clear his name and put unfounded accusations to rest. Surely someone in his position is smart enough to know that he has about as much chance of getting a fair hearing and due process in any court of law right now as a rabbit has of surviving an encounter with a pack of starving wolves. Someone who is genuinely a renegade and who is wanted by the world's most powerful governments just doesn't travel to the capitol city of one of those governments and expect to slip through the crowd unnoticed. The very idea is utterly absurd, unless Julian has decided that his newly-gained fame is too heavy a weight to carry and that he wants to commit "suicide by murderous, tyrannical regime."

    I've had my suspicions about Assange and Wikileaks for a long time (If he was really the extreme danger to Amerikan "national security" that the Regime claims he is, then he would be a target assigned the priority of an Osama bin Laden and no expense or resource would have been spared in hunting him down and skinning him alive). I was willing to give him and his organization the benefit of the doubt in the wake of the most recent "leaks" (none of which, amazingly, contain anything truly revelatory or of real relevance to the cause of government transparency and disclosure) . But no more.

    Julian, call Langley. The have a new list of material for you to prepare while you're locked up in Stockholm preparing for the mock trial they're scripting for you.

    (Flame away…)

    1. Conspiracy Theorist! How dare you question the received wisdom about Saint Julian! You must be a double agent working for the CIA (I've actually been accused of this).

      I was also willing to give Assange the benefit of the doubt until he promised groundbreaking leaks of secret government data and we got trivia and neocon propaganda instead. Surely, this is just a coincidence, and can in no way imply or indicate an agenda on Assange's part.

      It's been particularly disheartening to see people pissing themselves silly over the emperor's new clothes when the emperor has yet to don any of the dazzling vestments he (and the media) have promised to show us. Instead, he's running around butt naked in his dirty neocon socks laughing at our gullibility.

      The televised spectacle of Julian Assange starring as The Fugitive, a dude with freaky white hair traveling through airports and regularly scheduling interviews with the media and TV appearances yet miraculously staying one step ahead of the police and intelligence agencies of the entire planet has been particularly amusing. Here's Julian Assange hiding with the Masai, and here he is blending inconspicuously with a group of kindergarteners. Here's Julian hiding in the bushes outside the BBC, waiting to do an interview.


      If they wanted him dead they would have suicided his ass ages ago. But that would be a waste of talent.

      Here's my prediction: we'll see nothing of substance from Wikileaks.

      1. What is especially disheartening is to see the libertarian punditry, who should certainly know better, grabbing up this fool's gold as if it were the real thing.

      2. But you already have. One example: Recall Pat Buchanan's opposition to extension of NATO to the Baltic States. Pat asked why Americans should be expected to wage war against Russia if Russia were to once again seize these nations. Recall how Pat was mocked and hooted down. Preposterous! Kook! Conspiracy Nut! shouted the distractors.

        Yet here you are: Uncle Sam and His NATO sidekick planning to defend The Baltic States from Russia.

  7. I wasn't even alive during the Pentagon Papers, but I sure can't find any public calls from pundits or 1972 presidential hopefuls calling for Daniel Ellsberg's assassination.

  8. Glad you left Wolfgang , you made your money though huh . besides I'll bet wherever you are now , posters like the one in mention are not a-typical .

  9. Although comparisons are made , the Ellsberg Pentagon Papers are not the same , in their implications to others persons , nor universal harm , or confidential information regarding relations to other governments , allies etc . They were focused on a DOD study in which Ellsberg participated , where intentional decdeption and misconduct on the part of the US conduct in the war S.,E.Asia . Ellsberg was charged with treason and espionage , anfd those charges were dismissed by the Supreme Court , the reason being that it exposed misconduct . If wikileaks exposed primarily the same type of info , the two would be similar . Wikileaks however exposes diplomatic cables regarding opinions and, estimations of US and foreign diplomats , locations of strategic geographical /economic and military locations . There is a wide gap between info , PURPOSE, and implications to the safety of individuals , and security to vital US interests as well as it's allies . No , this is NOT the same as the Pentagon Papers , and I doubt if any of Assanges supporters are old enough to realize that .

    1. Universal harm? Really? Wikileaks causes universal harm, eh? Care to cite any evidence to back up that assertion?

      1. He can't…It's all so ridiculous…"ooh, the US govt failed to adequately police the butchers of Blackwater.." ( They imported them for the express purpose of terrorizing the Iraqi people into submission…) "oohhh, Iran's flying drones over Iraq.." ( We own the airspace over Iraq..) " Oooh, they really did find WMD" ( Yeah, right bunkers filled w/ICBM's no doubt.)

  10. Why are some people below the law or above the law? Try putting a president's face on a poster like that and you will be sending the holidays in maximum security. Just more proof that we are a fascist country.

  11. It is amazing how dark American politics has become.

    That's why they will do anything to stop the bright light of truth shining through their windows.

  12. Hey Cooke if you think the U S a facist country …then move out man ! Besides I think Obama's been on similar posters , as well as Bush .
    HATE is ok man , as long as you hate the "right people " .

    1. No, some of us will continue to work to undermine this rotten state right here here, thank you sir. But feel free take you own advice….

      Yup, lots of people have been on similar posters – so what's your point? These comments aren't about hatred qua hatred, but about *this* brand of hatred as a sign of creeping fascism. Try to think a little.

      1. Take my own advice ? I'm not whining and handwringing about the U S being a facist state – YOU are . Not going anywhere man , I love this country , been around the world and there's no freer land than this . No it's not facist , that's your biased estimation . Funny how the right becries "socialism or marxism " and the left – "facism " . Not about hatred ?? Try a little introspection .Assange drips with it , And uh , you dont attempt to destroy that which you say you want to fix or defend , and do it with total lack of concern for implications of your act . Smells like hypocrisy to me .

        1. So because we don't agree with the direction our government is headed we want to destroy America? *scratches head* Oh yes, you figured us out! We're all self-loathing Americans! That must be it! I mean, it can't be anything related to things like lying, torture, kidnaping and even murder. Or about increased government intrusion into the lives of it's citizenry or government officials acting outside the law with nary a check or balance in sight. Nope. We must obviously be loony lefties or crazed libertarians if we think that centralized absolute power without any meaningful restraint is bad. /end sarcasm

  13. Oh, a few people are just pissed because Julian has done things that many of us only fantasize about. He's a self made man, and that isn't a common thing any more. He shot the U.S. Warmongers in their Achilles tendons, and they are bawling in the moonlight, like little girls.

  14. "self made man " really ? nothing more than a hacker with a big brain , small penis and no testicles . Made famous by stolen goods handed to him by a traitor . If it were JUST , the warmongers Assange targeted , you would have an argument , but the stolen information goes beyond that , his purpose more one of embarrassment rather than reformation .. an obvious ax to grind as motive .

    1. I lol at you. 'Stolen Goods!' That's rich. A lot of what was classified was done so not out of any security concerns but to hide things from the American public. That's what's so evil about the culture of secrecy that has taken root in our government. It's to hide wrongdoing, not promote security.
      And I lol at your traitor comment, since the US was a nation founded on treason, treason to the british crown. If you read what many of the founding fathers had written you would realize just how far our government has gone into tyranny today with the the sweeping powers it now claims. But apparently that's all ok if it keeps us safe, right?
      Mark my words, the biggest threat to Americans right now isn't from cave-dwelling terrorists or internet hackers, but from our very own government.

    2. Hmmmm… ""If it were JUST the warmongers Assange targeted…"

      In this National Security State engaged in constant war how is one able to differentiate?

  15. To the party concerned with badaboo, we have the IP, location, etc. If we really thought there was a problem, we'd report it to 'the appropriate officials"…or not. The criminalization of "hate speech" is a symptom of failed republic, not an open society.

    One of great things about the concept of "America" if not the reality is that one can express oneself without fear of repercussion. Besides, be reasonable. Badaboo can't commit genocide from his computer. No Palestinians are harmed in his comments.

  16. Everything secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity". This degeneration comes about because when injustice is concealed, including plans for future injustice, it cannot be addressed. When governance is closed, man's eyes become cataracts. When governance is open, man can see and so act to move the world towards a more just state

  17. Hatespeech ? lol…Genocide ! No palestinians harmed ? I disagree with Assange , i think he's a dirt bag = hatespeech ? What I said about palestinians on this blog , is exposing them , by their own words and actions for what they are , in fact QUOTING their leaders , which accentuates their agenda ,and that = GENOCIDE ?
    To the "party concerned with badaboo" …SUCK IT UP ….I made no VEILED THREATS . Get a bloody grip on yourself , you are in hysteria …..anyone "concerned with my comments " is thus concerned with FREE SPEECH , lol….facists bemoaning facism as it were . We are not living in Utopia , there ARE people in this world who have as their purpose, to set the world afire , therefore there IS a purpose for secrecy, Revisionism is one of their tools , and it works well on the uninformed and the hopelessly opinionated .

  18. …and just a note to all "would be guardians of Liberty " – DISSENT is a two-way street , and does not always go your way .
    Common sense is not homogeneuos , automatically bestowed on all , it is attained , and must be maintained with effort .

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