Why are they so dangerous?

Why Julian Assange (and Wikileaks) are so dangerous. In Assange’s own words – – –

Sun 31 Dec 2006 : The non linear effects of leaks on unjust systems of governance

…different structures of power are differentially affected by leaks (the defection of the inner to the outer) [and] its motivations may become clearer.

The more secretive or unjust an organization is, the more leaks induce fear and paranoia in its leadership and planning coterie. This must result in minimization of efficient internal communications mechanisms (an increase in cognitive "secrecy tax") and consequent system-wide cognitive decline resulting in decreased ability to hold onto power as the environment demands adaption. Hence in a world where leaking is easy, secretive or unjust systems are nonlinearly hit relative to open, just systems. Since unjust systems, by their nature induce opponents, and in many places barely have the upper hand, mass leaking leaves them exquisitely vulnerable to those who seek to replace them with more open forms of governance. ja-conspiracies.pdf

One thought on “Why are they so dangerous?”

  1. Oh what a crock of psuedo-intellectual B.S. / "more open forms of governance " …..let me put on hip boots to walk through this pile of horseshheet . We'll see how just "The Grand Scrutinizer " is when the first person loses his or her life , due to stolen and leaked information .And if his deluded approvers think that this will change anything in the way politics , diplomats etc . operate , then they are dumber than Assange is . The only thing that will be accomplished is discomfort and embarrassment , no different than publicizing names and conversations in a whore house , but unfortunately , these may well lead to deaths of the people Assange has already decided he is morally superior to . Hope he enjoys his new diggs , may the extradition hearing last long , and without bail .

    1. How many have lost their lives because of the corrupt, clandestine schemes of the US government? MILLIONS! The Vietnam war was based on lies. The Iraq war was based on lies. Military intervention after military intervention has been based on ulterior motives that have nothing to do with serving the interests of the American people.

      You are such a gullible chump. Names are redacted before the documents are released.

      You probably buy every line of bull shit put out by the US government and its sycophants in the media. Did you ever doubt for a minute that the government was lying about Saddam's WMD? I doubt it.

    2. As another poster already pointed out, this is laughable, considering the US is responsible for the deaths of roughly 4 million Vietnamese and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, among others.

    3. @sshole, any deaths that result would be collateral damage, and vomit such as yourself are OK with collateral damage.

  2. Cybercrime machination 101 to which humans are not citzens with rights. We have plenty of corrupted programmers who need prosecuted for violationg criminal codes of FISA
    making war by breaking the Kellogg Braid Pact most important war laws on the UN as well as agents admittedly guilty of torture.
    International law and comparative law to cyberspace and human rights. Law is law for All . I feel comforted that the New UN expert on torture Juan Mendez Is a 67 year old surviving torture victim.

  3. Maybe, someday, something could possibly happen to somebody who might have done or said something which may have been construed to infer a relative need of obfuscation in “secrecy.”

    And if this does, did, or is happening, NOBODY will ever know because telling the story will endanger countless secret investments, the treachery of those in power, or the simple profit of war.

    So, until we NEVER find out about, it NEVER will happen. There is no such thing as “secret” or invisible spilled blood, or lost life.

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