We’re All Neocons Now

In an appearance on Greg Gutfeld’s “Red Eye” late night Fox News panoply of buffoons, neocon Godfather Bill Kristol exulted in President Barack Obama’s conversion to the “democracy”-promotion foreign policy championed by the Bush administration, reports the Daily Caller:

“Gutfeld asked Kristol how he felt about Obama coming to him for help (reportedly the president had met with him and others prior to his Monday night address). ‘He didn’t come to me for help, of course,’ Kristol said. ‘I’m not going to acknowledge that. He came to me to make sure I was supporting his sound policies. Of course, since his sound policies are more like the policies people like me have been advocating for quite a while, I’m happy to support them. He’s a born-again neo-con…. What’s the joke – they told me if I voted for McCain, we’d be going to war in a third Muslim country? I voted for McCain and we’re doing it.”

Hey, Obama-bots — how’s that hopey-changey thing going?

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  1. In an odd occurance of trans-presidential morphism, G. Bush is now B. Obama. And by golly, if'n the Obama ain't got the "official" Kristol seal of approval. As you always say Mr. R, we are trapped in 'bizarro world' for certain. Well, I've never actually read where you said "trapped." I just threw that in there…

  2. Political partisans–whether Republican or Democrat–truly are fools. Elections are no more meaningful than the outcome of sporting events. Your team wins or loses the latest game and the winners enjoy bragging rights and a few more perks. The lives of the fans do not change in any meaningful way.

    The true owners of this country vote with dollars. They give to politicians of BOTH parties in every election year. They call the shots and get their way. Meanwhile, the rubes are distracted by the theater that is partisan politics.

    1. "Meanwhile, the rubes are distracted by the theater that is partisan politics" while wearing their favorite "team's" t-shirts.

    2. Truth be told, I don't give a shit who becomes President. Whichever DemoPublican Party hack–O-Bomb-a . . . Clinton . . . McInsane . . . Romney . . . Palin . . . Gingrich . . . Pawlenty . . . Bachmann–holds office, we get corruption and lawlessness at home, corruption and lawlessness abroad, statism. The District of Corruption is owned by everybody except Joe Sixpack.

  3. Mr. Raimondo? Question, gots a question…
    So with the unveiling of the Bush/Obama trans-terminal ascendancy, does that hold for a power-point presentation on "presidential continuity?" Golly, that's a big word there. Continuity. Seems that I remember reading something, somewhere, about "presidential continuity"…

  4. Is all oratory by the US/EU-NATO capitalism system.., is from within the systems nature talking for the US/NATO interests with continues of the same policies toward nations in Middle East.., one thing is for sure.., anything and everything that any US president been saying about a Palestinians states for last 20 years or so have turn out to be rhetoric saving the US and EU emporium interests to begin with.

    The only change here is that Barack Hussein Obama is point out the notion presented by Saudis 5-10 years ago into his speech asking for Israel to go back to 1967 Israeli borders.., in that regard Israel already have rejected the idea.., which means that there is not going to be any peace no matter what Obama have said or going to say or for that matter the up coming president; nonetheless’ throughout the years Israel has rejected anything and everything that practically been presented to them. In the other hand and in regard to what happening in Middle East and Libya.., once again a US president been humiliated by Israel rejecting the idea in peace or for that matter establishing a Palestinians States making sure that the Middle East turmoil is going to continue benefiting Israel political demands asking for more change all over the Middle East.., today is Hama’s, tomorrow is Iranian, after tomorrow is Saudi Arabia and later Israel will demand for US to remove President Chaves in Venezuela or the Chinas communist regime for Israel to negotiate with Palestinians. So the question is: where would it end and when would the US wars ends.

    Talking about peace between Islamic sects is yet another reelection party line based on Obama doctrine mimicking Jimmy Carter doctrine.., regarding religious democracy and how to achieve it in Middle East.., but the idea behind democracy no matter how you look at it is not based on religion.., so by US and EU establishing and supporting Muslims Brotherhood is establishing another dictatorial regime which would not work for democracy and Israel will reject to that as well.

    Here, Iran and Iraq are example of what kind of ”democracy” that Obama is talking about.., or for that matter Bahrain and other royal tyrants family which Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Power and Obama is protecting., the brutality, murdering and displacing Sunnis or Shiites’ or Christianity is a daily happening in Iraq, the brutal Saudis or Bahraini or Iranian regime killing of its people, Israel militarism regime hand in hand with its religious fundamentalisms killings of Palestinians.., the non existing freedom of speech, the non existing rights of women and or political parties.., and whatever is there is only based on religious framed laws; therefore the notion that there will be a peace and democracy later in time is ridicules by itself.

    Mr. Obama.., Israel is designed and based on idea in Zionism.., as US and EU are imperialism.., here there is that idea .., Zionism and Imperialism.., bounding US/NATO and Israel which in reality all the party have a common goal and that is: by dividing it they would rule the world.., it started many years ago and been active since then.., here for US to show the world that the US idea is truly based on democracy, it needs to separate itself from AIPAC.., AIPAC is representing Israel interests in US.., therefore it is not a peace core nor a American social movement but rather a economical and political movement that Israel have built in US.., penetrating the US social political and economic system .., here by US government ignoring that influence and not acting on be half of American people whom are demanding such separation then US militarism is going to be at war to when its ends.., that is to say if it ends.

    Having said that: democracy is a two way street leading to all other junctions.., limiting it then is going to be a one way street.., therefore, for last 50 years or so is all been talks and no actions from US or EU to force Israel to accept the fact that they cannot go around calling themselves the only democracy in the region receiving all kind of economical and political help from US and EU while it is Israel who sabotaging the peace and forthcoming of a democratic government of Palestine.., while such behavior been one of the reasons for uprising of religious fundamentalism in Middle East .., so if Obama wants peace then Israel have to be forced to accept the peace plan accepting what the Palestinians are formed of.., if not.., then boycott the country and reject all kind of payment to Israel.., ($whatever the billions amount is that US annually paying to Israel) . As US and EU have done to Iraq.., doing it to Libya and Syria and other nation in Middle East.., then for the sake of peace US and EU needs to boycott Israel.., then and only then Obama doctrine is about democracy and not just a rhetoric in peace or democracy.., otherwise as many president before the entire matter is just another re-election lies as before.

  5. I hope that whoever wins the Republican nomination in 2012 also wins the White House. We are better off with a declared Republican–ANY declared Republican–in the White House than a stealth Republican. That would motivate the stupid Obamabots to once again oppose the bipartisan policies that they hated when Bush was president but excuse or ignore now.

  6. "Hey, Obama-bots – how’s that hopey-changey thing going?" – Raimindo

    Takes a lot of f'ing nerve to parrot the warmongering, neocon, fundamentalist christian, anti-gay gash Palin while claiming to be a non interventionist libertarian. Is there a bigger fraud than Justin Raimondo? No there is not.

    YOU are the one who claimed that your Tea Party was going to take the power away from Kristol and his ilk weren't you?

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