168 Children Murdered By US Drones

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) last month began to publish their findings in a study of the U.S. drone war in Pakistan. The study found that much higher rates of civilian casualties had resulted from the U.S. drone war than had been admitted by the government or than had been reported in the press.

As I blogged about at the time, just prior to the study’s publication, high level Obama administration officials actually dared to say publicly that the drone attacks had killed zero civilians. The substantiated findings of the study made foolish liars out of the Obama administration. To boot, there was also Noor Behram, who had been on the ground in Pakistan tallying the dead, estimating that “for every 10 to 15 people killed, maybe they get one militant.”

TBIJ has now come out with news that an estimated 168 innocent children have been killed in the strikes.

I’m waiting with bated breath for the public outcry in America, and the subsequent criminal investigation of those in the highest reaches of our government. And by that I mean the systematic disregard for the murder of “others” and total impunity for the criminals in charge.

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  1. No public outcry in America. All the outrage and rightoeous indignation was and is still being spent on Casey Anthony.

    1. Yes, you are correct about that, I think. She is now the most hated person in Amerika, according to some poll I just saw on TV

  2. If an private individual did this one by one with a knife, it would be a crime of the century. When done by a group of individuals collectively known as 'the state,' it is not considered a crime or even news.

    1. Excellent distinction. There are always real people, with real names and real faces, behind the murders committed by (insert name of nation here). We need to pull the killers out of the anonymity of the crowd/nation and plaster them across the web, accompanied by the photos of their work: their murdered victims.

      Accountability is the key to reining in the killers in high places.

  3. Good ol' Barack Obombya..

    That he is a mass murderer of children is not in doubt.

    And your tax money, the money he and his criminal gang take from you (by force if necessary (if you refuse to pay they will send men with guns after you and if you resist they will murder you, too)) and the money he borrows and prints (the costs of which will fall on your and your kids heads) funds the killing.

    Amerika, whadda country!

    1. Yup, so let's all wave our little AmeroCon flags and slap another "Support Our Troops" magnetic bumper sticker on the ol' Hummer and support our Chinese "Support Our Troops" magnetic bumper sticker makers.

      Amerika, whadday country!

  4. Who dares bring the muderers to justice? and what are the reasons for fighting a war in foreign lands. One must differentiate between love for one's country and support for war-mongering industrialists.

  5. They will only say that what they done have matched with military standard procedure. That's a common answer from military force, nearly same from country to country who murdered civilian during military operation.

  6. The WORLD cries out for JUSTICE.
    Bring the WAR CRIMINALS from USA, France, Britain NATO and the hangerson to trial.
    There will be no peace as long as CRIMINALS run these countries.

  7. Mention this to everyone you know, especially Obama supporters, but also to Republicans who support candidates that wont end the wars. Nobody knows about these drone strikes.

  8. Bravo continue this killing as I say america has becomes leading killers of cilians in the world and are immune against their concious or they have at all concious is a big question.
    Main goal is to kill for what?

  9. I said it all along america is the most terrorist country on the planet killing anyone that gets in its way and has threatened just about evry one on the planet.now it wants to get irans oil and accuses it of terror in the name of isreal,they lie,murder,kill,the seals that got killed were on a killing mission no rescue but murder so now an afgan family can live with their children as theres killers got whatbwas coming to them.Tell your self why does the USA have 800 bases around the world and for what reason.They talk of china and iran and north korea and stick their nose into everyones country if not to control the world but china and russia are out of reach so in less than 10 years i think ww3 will come as america will want the rest of the world so in all the most danderost and worst country is america the terror

  10. You can't have a "long war" against terrorism if you don't manufacture the "terrorists" yourself. All these innocent children have parents, and siblings, and relatives, and friends (if they haven't all been killed) who will remember who killed them – for collecting wood…

    It's a self-fulfilling prophecy – there will be a long, long war of terrorism and we (the innocent non-combatants of the US) WILL feel the brunt of it. And the circle will be complete – and it will continue – until we, the non-combatant US citizens put an end to it.

  11. In 1942 the Nazis murdered 82 Czech chlidren in Lidice, Czechoslovakia as revenge for the murder of SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich and the world still remembers this atrocity, which was a centerpiece of the Nuremberg trials. Now comes evidence of the murder of twice as many Pakistani children by Americans in revenge for nothing at all and aside from the families of those who were murdered no one gives a damn.

  12. I hate what the American government does they do nothing but evil.The American people if they don't take to the streets in larger numbers than during Vietnam they are partsially responsible for doing nothing.Sonn it will be time for a war American citizens VS the government because most the army if humain will stand with the people witch is part of the constitution they swore to uphold.The government will fire the first shots so it will be self defence.The government even with the people in the military that will stand with them will have no chance of winning against the 350 million citizens in the most armed civilians in any country in the world.Don't ever let them take your constitutional right to bear arms or all will be losdt an you will be slaves untill the end of the world in WW3 if you don't force your government to stop there illegal activitys.Really you need a hole new government worse than any Mid Eastern country.Lots of western countrys need new governments including my own Canada aMERICAS LAP dog.We were peacefull not l;ong ago what happened?

  13. There was no Taliban involved with 9-11. The US dethroned them for providing sanctuary to Al-Qaida in Afghanistan. Now that Al-Qaida is on the run, what's excuse US has to kill Pashtuns and their children? Just because they are fighting an invader from thousands of miles away who occupied their country?

  14. if we were only as good at running our country as we are at killing people america would be a utopia….we are the most lethal geniuses in history,…too bad our wisdom lags far behind our technology….every dead child has at least 10 family members and a few of those are now going to take up arms against us insuring a never ending supply of "terrorists"…like i said we are geniuses

  15. Mr Glaser, you can wait till hell freezes over for the American public to express outrage over the sickening murders of civilians by U.S. armed forces. These horrific deaths of men, women, and children will not be seen in local newspapers or on commercial T.V. networks. That is the fact of the matter. People cannot be outraged by what they do not see or know.

  16. Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate that I would vote for. Interesting that Paul has more campaign money from the military, than all of his R opponents combined, and well over what Obama has raised from that sector. His policy is to bring the troops home and have trade instead

    He has little chance. He won the fox news poll last night, and then they shut down the poll and did not invite Paul after.

  17. The average american is only concerned in having its double whopper with cheese,and couldnt care less what their war criminal president does or how many he murders.

  18. F-ck, you people are stupid. The kids where not murdered by drones, they where killed during a strike. The only people to blame are the elders, they let their children near the people that they knew damn well where terrorists.

    1. Hey tough guy, why don't you get your @ss over to Afghanistan? Therre's a body bag with your name on it over there.

    2. ok; is it not conceiveable, were the situation reversed, & you were, innocent or not, targeted as a "potential" "militant", that a remotely launched missile attack may strike where you would most likely be; home, amongst family & neighbors?

    3. The Afghans are brave people who are fighting an evil empire.

      If a foreign country invaded and occupied your country and then attacked your family would you give everything you had to fight them, including your life?

      How would you react if your family was killed by a remote controlled drone?

      All you are is a keyboard commando and compared to the Afghan people you are a pure disgrace.

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