How The War Is Spun: Mass Killings Mean ‘Progress’

That’s the title of Kevin Baron’s piece at Stars and Stripes, which explains how propaganda is wrapped around the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan to make them seem as if they’re on the losing end.

Politico’s Morning Defense shared an email Monday that is pure military public affairs gold. How do you interpret a suicide bombing assassination attempt north of Kabul that killed at least 20 people into an obvious sign the war was going as planned?

An International Security Assistance Force spokesman emailed MD’s Chuck Hoskinson a response claiming the attack was “a resounding failure” because: 1) the target, a provincial governor survived, 2) the Afghan security forces reacted “autonomously” and 3) the attack did not target U.S. forces.

The ISAF spokesman explained those points are important to make because they are “crucial to undermining the Taliban’s attempt to obtain a propaganda victory from their failed attack.”

Judge for yourself who won the victory, propaganda or otherwise. According to The Washington Post, the attack occurred in a relatively secure Parwan province, north of Kabul. A car bomb blew up an entrance to the governor’s compound, five insurgents breached the facility and a two-hour gunfight commenced where five explosions “shook the building.” ISAF reported at least six IEDs in addition to the car bomb were detonated.

In far worse carnage, bombings in at least 17 Iraqi cities on Monday killed more than 60 people in “bloodbath” scenes of scattered human flesh.

Stars and Stripes’ Erik Slavin, in Iraq, reports U.S. servicemembers were not attackedand Iraqi forces had to call for American assistance just once.

U.S. Forces Iraq spokesman Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, in the Pentagon Monday, said the attacks show Iraq remains dangerous but do not threaten the government and the insurgency remains an unpopular shadow of its former self.

This is notable, but of course just barely scratches the surface. I’ve written variously about systematic bias throughout the media, which is particularly potent when it comes to war. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans still develop their opinions about American foreign policy, and these wars in particular, from “news anchors” and pundits on the major networks. This results in systematic misunderstandings about U.S. foreign policy and obviously needs to change.

3 thoughts on “How The War Is Spun: Mass Killings Mean ‘Progress’”

  1. It's very clear that the MSM has it's corporate bias. The internet is making a difference. However, the problem is that if you are on-line looking for the truth you probably already know what the truth is. I'm hoping that the fence sitters will come over to the anti-war side at least. However, it has become harder to convince people that war is wrong when you have a (D) President who panders to the anti-war crowd. After all he won the Nobel Peace Prize didn't he?

    I'm not lossing hope, there are many Dem's who have remained anti-war and who are slowly backing off of their support for Obama. However, once again there is a problem with that. It's not likely they will change their mind and vote for a peace candidate if he doesn't have a (D) behind his name. Some will come over and vote for Dr. Paul. But, he is for cutting welfare and that's a huge no-no when it comes to liberals and progressives alike. It's hard to get the message through that the poor would also be better off with Ron Paul in office.

  2. The way people get there information does need to change.As for Ron Paul cutting welfare I would think a great man like him would have a good plan before such a thing happens and would not kick people out on the streets unless they refused to work.He is a moral man and belive he would find a good way for such a thing.Hes not Bibby and wont treat Americans like Israel does the Palistinians.Without a job you need help.The money in America should not be in very few hands well everyone else suffers.90 persent of Americas wealth is in 1 persent of the population and the other 99 persent are supposed to share the other 10 persent of the paper backed up by nothing.Must have been stupid people that made paper money with nothing making it worth anything.I do not belive Ron Paul will kick famillys to the streets he is a smart man only someone evil would do such a thing.Welfare as far as giving money to countrys when you are broak would stop right away America can't afford it.The main reason they need money is because of the US holding them down.

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