Angela Keaton is awesome at The Daily Caller!

A wonderful presentation by Angela Keaton on The Daily Caller TV. director of operations appeared on The Daily Caller‘s series for the anniversary of 9/11.

Check it out:

One thought on “Angela Keaton is awesome at The Daily Caller!”

  1. Oops, except right there at the very end, I wish she hadn't taken a swipe at liberalism, when it's really neo-conservatism that's the problem.

    1. Neoconservatism and (American) liberalism are both obstacles for ending the wars. Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman, and Johnson were not neoconservatives, were they? Sure, Bill Kristol calls Barack Obama a "born-again" neoconservative for bombing Libya, but I don't think many would make the argument that Obama is a neocon simply because he bombed some country based on international mandate. The problem is not left or right, it's the state.

      1. Republicans, Democrats, Neoconservatives are all pretty much supporting war and torture. I am not a Libertarian, but Libertarians seem to be the only group truly against war. War is pretty much an American thing – we are a democracy, so the people must want continuous war, no?

      2. Agreed. As Justin has said (I seem to remember) that whole left-right thing is antiquated… at least since 911 hurtled us into the alternate bizarro dimension. I just want to get away from that paradigm and let antiwar be simply… antiwar.

  2. Nice work Angela. You were very natural and accessible. I really enjoyed the way you presented your ideas.

  3. Yes, as long as you are productive to the capitalist class you are okay. If at some point you can no longer work, throw them to the wolves!

    Otherwise, I'm in agreement with the anti-war rap.

    1. I'm sure that those who can no longer work and know you can rely on you to go around committing armed robbery to support them, in the event the state can no longer do so.

  4. What's the capitalist class? Capitalism as a system isn't really a class based system, quite the contrary in fact. While comming from a European country I do believe that a social security system is a decent construct to provide for higher social mobility, government spending tends to focus power and money in fewer hands, and prop up what you would like to call the 'capitalist class' in a neo-mercantilist society (or corporatist special interest society).

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