Cyber-Attacking Wikileaks

After publishing tens of thousands of additional diplomatic cables since last week, the WikiLeaks website is apparently under attack. The twitter account announced it tonight a number of times (and asked for help from supporters).

Raw Story:

The online assault came hours after US officials voiced renewed concern over the risks to individuals after WikiLeaks made public more US diplomatic cables, many of which contained the names of sensitive sources.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland would not confirm the authenticity of the latest documents, but said “the United States strongly condemns any illegal disclosure of classified information.

The US government has proclaimed every case of cyber-warfare a terrible crime, except of course in cases where they do it. Although it can’t be known at this point where the attacks are coming from, the US government is the most likely source in my view. They certainly have the motive. That is, to prevent the one source shedding light on government behavior from staying up and running. If it is the US, it would be a serious crime of suppressing free speech and freedom of the press. But it wouldn’t be their first time.

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  1. WikeLeaks has a card up its sleeve – if the world authorities go too far with their illegal actions against WikiLeaks, they can release all previous documents with everybody´s name involved.

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