What Neoconservatives Think

Elliot Abrams’ wife (and as Glenn Greenwald points out, central figure in the neocon family) Rachel Abrams on the release of Gilad Shalit:

“Celebrate, Israel, with all the joyous gratitude that fills your hearts, as we all do along with you.

“Then round up [Shalit’s] captors, the slaughtering, death-worshiping, innocent-butchering, child-sacrificing savages who dip their hands in blood and use women—those who aren’t strapping bombs to their own devils’ spawn and sending them out to meet their seventy-two virgins by taking the lives of the school-bus-riding, heart-drawing, Transformer-doodling, homework-losing children of Others—and their offspring—those who haven’t already been pimped out by their mothers to the murder god—as shields, hiding behind their burkas and cradles like the unmanned animals they are, and throw them not into your prisons, where they can bide until they’re traded by the thousands for another child of Israel, but into the sea, to float there, food for sharks, stargazers, and whatever other oceanic carnivores God has put there for the purpose.”

Shalit was a bit more forgiving:

“I hope this deal helps achieve peace between both sides, Israel and the Palestinians. …

“I would be very happy if the [Palestinian prisoners] were all released so that they can go back to their families and their lands. I would be very happy if this happened.”

Author: Scott Horton

Scott Horton is editorial director of Antiwar.com, director of the Libertarian Institute, host of Antiwar Radio on Pacifica, 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles, California and podcasts the Scott Horton Show from ScottHorton.org. He’s the author of the 2017 book, Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan and editor of The Great Ron Paul: The Scott Horton Show Interviews 2004–2019. He’s conducted more than 5,000 interviews since 2003. Scott lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, investigative reporter Larisa Alexandrovna Horton. He is a fan of, but no relation to the lawyer from Harper’s. Scott’s Twitter, YouTube, Patreon.

12 thoughts on “What Neoconservatives Think”

  1. Ugh. Somebody give this vile harpy a one-way ticket to the promised land! Then again, perhaps that wouldn't be altogether ethical, as the last thing they need over there is another racialist savage out razing olive groves and defacing cemeteries. She'll probably do a lot less damage posting psychotic frothings on her obscure stateside blog. And who knows? Maybe she's doing a modicum of good by giving the world a peek at the gorgon horrors that lurk behind the Israel Firsters' dimestore 'Murican masks.

    1. Of course, I didn't take into account her scribblings for The Weekly Standard, Commentary, etc.—which unfortunately *aren't* obscure (though I can't imagine they're much more readable than her overwrought blog entries.)

      In any case, it's utterly baffling to me how any of this happened—how a few interrelated clans, none of whose members seems to possess any redeeming intellectual or personal qualities, were able to hijack the foreign policy apparatus of the world's remaining superpower. How in the devil did this ever happen?!

      1. Commentary and The Weekly Standard are chickenhawk, Israel-First publications. They're suitable for wiping your–uh, buttocks.

        I agree that Rachel Abrams and that ex-con, Israel-First husband of hers ought to be shipped the hell over to Zionist Central.

  2. How frightening that "Americans" like the Abramses have so much access to the corridors of power. This blood-lusting gorgon (and her ilk) need to go back to Israel and leave the rest of the world in peace.

    1. On third thought, perhaps the one-way ticket deal IS the more ethical way to go . . . I certainly look forward to the day when Americans finally find the good sense and courage to tell the Abramses, Kagans, Kristols and all the rest of their parasitic ilk to go pound sand.

  3. I wish more Israelis and Americans were more like Gilad Shalit.. The peace process would move forward.

  4. Classy lady…

    But this mentality is exactly the motivation for everything netenyahoo, ehud, and the bouncer are doing and every evil the necons have unleashed upon the world. And this presumable educated and modern woman so eloquently goes to the heart of the problem: a worldview where there is one group of people and then "the Others" who are probably seen as far less than human. Just because someone has an education, dresses properly, has money and power doesn't mean she hasn't left the stone age.

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