You’ve Heard the War Party. Now Hear

  • Stan

    I hang my head in shame as an Australian that our government is just goose stepping behind the government of the United States of America in the same fashion Benito Mussolini's Italy did behind Adolf Hitlers Germany during the early stages of World War II.( the good old days when Australia & the USA were actually the good guys).
    Australia lets Indonesia invade East Timor in 1975 & kill 5 Australian journalists without battering a eye lid whilst we made arrangements with Indonesia to get cheap supplies of East Timorese natural gas. In 1999 Australia sends troops to East Timor after Indonesia withdrawls & pro-Indonesian militia attack East Timorese troops. After Indonesia's withdrawl, Australia takes control of East Timorese natural resources.

  • Nicely done. You guys need to start doing your own TV channel on the web. Or at the very least, get a webcam up during Scott Horton's pieces.

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  • Duglarri

    I second the motion: webcam Scott's studio. Today: the webcam. Tomorrow: za verld!

    Heard a good one from the Economist for December 31st: "among other wacky beliefs, is Ron Paul's promise to bring troops home from American bases overseas, which he calls an Empire."

    Almost ate my headphones.

  • will

    Blatant and disgusting bias against Ron Paul in CBS peice. Mentions every candidate for NH primary except second place Ron Paul.

  • tuellz

    Content was great. Execution was so-so. The sound tract is distracting.

  • Kudos for a awareness with the superb authored bit. I’m sure thrilled We’ve utilized the amount of time you just read that.

  • fauziabenedetti

    Did Hillary Clinton say "pacific power?" Does she think everyone is a absolutely stupid? These politicians and their disgusting and blatant lies and greed, responsible for the deaths of thousands, make me sick

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