The Three Faces of Jon Huntsman

Someone is playing games on Youtube, and they’ve managed to fool an awful lot of people – mostly “reporters” and bloggers who hate Ron Paul – into falling for one of the more transparent hoaxes of this election season.

It all started with an incredibly stupid video posted on Youtube by “NHLiberty4Paul” accusing Jon Huntsman of being a Chinese agent — a “Manchurian candidate” — and making fun of his daughters. The Huntsman campaign was quick to pounce on this, responding very quickly with a blast of righteous indignation from Huntsman himself.

Of course, anyone can post anything on Youtube, and the content of the video – in the course of which Huntsman is called a “Chicom” – is not something an authentic Ron Paul supporter would say. The complete lack of evidence that the Paul campaign was behind it didn’t stop Huntsman, however, nor did it stop the Usual Suspects from glomming on to the video as “evidence” of Paul’s perfidy. The Huffington Post jumped on the “story,” as did Gawker (natch!),, and

There’s just one problem with this “story” – it has a sequel. Hours after the now-infamous video was put up yet another video was posted by “NH4MittRomney,” and, subsequently, by “NH4Santorum” – the same video that is supposed to be the work of Paul’s supporters. What’s funny is that “NH4Santorum” is posting comments under the other two Youtube pages. On the page attributed to “NHLiberty4Paul” he advertises his latest masterpiece: “Watch our ad about Huntsman on our chanel [sic] !!! rick also dislikes huntsman!” He (or she) also points out to one commenter on the Santorum page that “Rick has the same opinion as the Paul-supporters [sic].” Meanwhile, “NH4MittRomney” pays a visit to “NHLiberty4Paul”’s page and advertises his wares.

It’s the political version of “The Three Faces of Eve.”

So who is behind all this? Someone took a screen shot of the earliest statistics of the “NHLiberty4Paul” page: it clearly shows that one of the first four visitors to the page (aside from its creator) came from the Huntsman web site,

Pretty quick on the draw, those Huntsman people — a little too quick, wouldn’t you say? If you suspect this is a case of “The Three Faces of Jon Huntsman” — that the Huntsman campaign, or one of his supporters, is responsible — I won’t argue with you. It does seem odd that whoever posted the video just happened to have footage of Huntsman’s daughters — what appear to be home movies — that I haven’t seen anywhere else. However, the following scenario seems far more likely to me:

Some fool put up a nasty video and made it look like the work of a Paul supporter, and Huntsman immediately went nuclear, blaming the Paul campaign. Even as Huntsman was playing the victim, the same idiot was putting up the same  video trying to make it look like the work of supporters of Romney and Santorum. Huntsman has been hoaxed — but don’t hold your breath waiting for a retraction.

Question: if Huntsman flies off the handle this easily, and can be taken in by a transparently obvious prank like this stupid video, then do we really want his finger on the nuclear trigger?


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  1. That's the 'fourth' face of Jonny-boy Huntsman. Thin skinned oh yeah. Huntsman can go ballistic in about a New Yawk minute. Ask Jonny-boy how he "likes" Chris Vanocur.

  2. Do we really want a president who is sensitive to some poorly produced video put on Youtube? Even if it was authentic, would we want an individuals free speech censored? Huntsman wanted to oppress a youtube video. He wanted to blame a whole group(Paul supporters) for the action of one. He used the media for propaganda even when he knew it was false.

    Dangerous. Yes indeed…..

  3. Obviously reporters in this day and age have never heard of Donald Segretti or CONTILPRO.

    Ask yourself this question, how does one little You Tube video out of the millions and millions posted somehow gain so much attention so quickly and also ask yourself how a Paul supporter would have gotten hold of video of Hunstman in China with his family to edit into an attack as? Hmm?

  4. What if it was posted by a 3rd party, seeking to cause trouble for both the Paul and Hunstman campaigns? An Obama or Romney operative, for instance? Just sayin'. Cui Bono?

  5. other candidates are all baggage, except Ron, so obviously any false flag on Dr Paul and supporters will be magnified by you know who :-)

  6. If it comes from Huntsman campaign: Huntsman is portrayed as worldly, associating with the other, but nothing inflammatory. Then having the children in the video makes it taboo. What does that say about the other candidates the hoax associates itself with? It portrays them as disrespectful xenophobes. People that would actually take the video seriously probably don't have the resources, the desire, nor the ability to find and view it. People who would respond to the video with disgust and actually believe that it comes from the supporters of the other candidates is much larger because it fits into a societal narrative regarding conservatives.

  7. There is no doubt that the video originates from Huntsman campaign, but I suspect the two other youtube channels NH4MittRomney and NH4Santorum has been created to prove to the public it is very easy to create fake channels.

  8. It could possibly be that the Huntsman campaign had a Google alert set up to be sent to their email address, hence why the first referrals seemed to have originated from

    1. A google alert doesn't alert you to youtube videos. You have to go there and look for them. This piece in Politico makes a good case that "friends" of the Huntsman campaign engineered the whole thing, see here:

      I think this pretty much confirms the case I made above: either it's a hoax that Huntsman opportunistically gloomed on to or else it's a dirty trick. In neither case does this dime-store Romney come off looking all that "presidential." I suspect he's running for Secretary of State in a Romney administration.

      1. Excellent detective work. It's hard to keep up with all the tricks going down right now.

  9. It is unbelievable the way the press has run away with this thing, hardly able to contain their enthusiasm. Only fringe media is reporting what really happened here – and there are no retractions from the MSM.
    Furthermore, according to the publicly-viewable stats provided by YouTube, the very first place this video was posted was Jon Huntsman’s campaign website, This was done on January 4, the very day the video was uploaded to YouTube, and before the video had received any traffic from other sites.

    The press, CBS included, do not know how youtube works. Youtube averages over 25,000 new video uploads every day. There are currently millions of videos on youtube. If you are new, as this poster was, 24 hours new – and you post a video – it will not be seen – unless it is breaking news. A political homemade video would in no way find its way to the Huntsman campaign with Huntsman actually commenting – without the poster directing it to the campaign's attention. Anybody "randomly" discovering it and sending it to Huntsman is impossible. Even if they entered "Jon Huntsman" in to the youtube or google search engines, this video would not show up unless they repeated the search 100 times getting into the deep pages. 24 hours is not enough time for this video to propagate. Anybody who understands youtube knows this is a complete red herring, false flag, total scam.

    And the American press is not interested in investigating it. The exact same video was released under NHLiberty4Santorum, NHLiberty4Romney – the same day. But we don’t hear a thing about that. Internet forensics show the trail goes right back to the Huntsman camp. Despite all of this evidence that this is a “false flag”-style dirty trick set up by OPPONENTS of Paul with the complicity of — or even at the direction of — the Huntsman campaign, the corporate media is now running with this story and attributing the video to Paul supporters, and in some cases even the actual Ron Paul campaign itself, while allowing Huntsman to play the victim.

    1. This is not an accident… this is exactly the same media bs that went down with Gulf War I.

      The "surge" of rumination about Santorum was the manufactured party line and it was Everywhere, Suddenly out of Nowhere 4 days before the Iowa count.  

      It was the sheer panic of the Establishment at the spectre of Paul coming in second–the noteworthy story at that time.

      On election eve, the two page spread of the NYT had one small photo of Paul at the very bottom. (I understand NYT's point of view, but this was too transparent to maintain credibility, even for them.) 40% coverage went to the Santorum wag the dog speculation. 3% space went to Paul (photo only, no text)… who was still running in 2nd place.

      It was a fascinating case study, as deflecting the public's attention actually did work, in a sense. The throw to Santorum did not come at Paul's expense, rather, it magnetized votes from Newt's to Santorum's camp, in order to bump Paul down.  That is, some of the Catholic base bailed on Newt and readily rejected him for the lesser concentrated version of miniMeNewt.  Newt must have been fuming!!

      The fact that these votes came at the expense of Newt – and that people are finally rejecting the consummate insider operator –  indicates the ROC will have to abandon revolving door Santorum along the way.  He cannot run against Obama.  But he is useful for the time being as an attention-diversion tactic.

      Sunday true news story is Santorum's corruption, And it was studiously ignored.
      Monday's true news was Paul was running 2nd and Gingrich got 5million bucks from his casino sugardaddy. Huntsman is the new diversionary tactic.

  10. At the risk of sounding polemic, I have to say my personal opinion is that John Huntsman's campaign is a complete joke. I see Mitt Romney's campaign as a doomed 'wannabe' Obama campaign that can only be won if Mr. Obama shoots himself in the face–a scenario which seems extremely unlikely considering Mr. Obama is the incumbent President and his 'campaign' track record of offing Hilliary and McCain and all…

    John Huntsman's campaign is even worse than Romney's, as he seems to be running a similar strategy as the "wannabe" Romney… This is not a perfect analogy because I think if Romney goes down, Huntsman will still have 0 chance of winning the primary, much less the general election; however, the doomed strategy of superficial platitudes and subtle (no doubt fake) distinctions remains.

    1. The Establishment has apparently designated him as VP. Santorum can only be a place holder to keep Paul out of the way only so long.

  11. That said, Mr. Huntsman seems to be at odds with his pledge to support the GOP nominee whoever it maybe, as he is apparently unsure he would, in fact, vote for Ron Paul rather than Barak Obama:

    Be that as it may, Mr. Huntsman has dismissed Ron Paul as "not electable in the end", despite the fact that Ron Paul is ahead of Mr. Huntsman in the NH polls, as well as all National polls…

    Maybe Justin is right…Mr. Huntsman is so delusional, he is running to be "Secretary of State" in a Romney Administration which will never exist. Funny, yet sad at the same time…

  12. Not a single first page article on Ron Paul on ANY of the major media. OR a completely separate section so that the audience has nearly zero interaction with Libertarian (or true conservatism, in the very best sense of the term that need not scare the abused public, for that matter). Paul supporters and coverage are technically not ignored, while being segregated from general circulation.

    Please write ONE non-strident letter a day to one of the "mainstream" outlets. Maximum effect is realized if it's an article that completely ignores Paul (99.9% of them). The Establishment is terrified of Paul but the public smells the rats and is starting to catch on to the endless war economy they are paying dearly for in every way — some just can't quite see straight yet (amazingly) and need reality checks. It's so heartening Paul is doing so well in spite of the blackout.

  13. As governor, Huntsman listed economic development, health-care reform, education, and energy security as his top priorities. He oversaw tax cuts and advocated reorganizing the way that services were distributed so that the government would not become overwhelmed by the state's fast growing population. Thanks.

  14. Huntsman earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank of the Boy Scouts of America. Huntsman attended Highland High School in Salt Lake City but dropped out before graduating to pursue his passion as a keyboard player in a rock band called Wizard. Thanks.

  15. In addition to his public service, Huntsman served as an executive for the Huntsman Corporation, chairman of the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, and CEO of Huntsman Family Holdings Company. Thanks.

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