Drones: Coming to the Skies Near You, Part II

From Secrecy News:

A House-Senate conference report this week called on the Administration to accelerate the use of civilian unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or “drones,” in U.S. airspace.

The pending authorization bill for the Federal Aviation Administration directs the Secretary of Transporation to develop within nine months “a comprehensive plan to safely accelerate the integration of civil unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace system.”

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15 thoughts on “Drones: Coming to the Skies Near You, Part II”

  1. There is really nothng "civilian" about these drone aircraft–vehicles not operated by the military will be operated by police and sheriff's departments, and Federal agencies (FBI, DHS, DEA, Customs, etc.), and certainly not for any peaceful civilian purposes. Just 21st Century versions of the spy helicopters Orwell had in "1984". Also, the same treasonous cretins in the House and Senate (vitrtually all of them) who voted for NDAA probably pushed for FAA authorization to fly these drones here.

    1. My understanding was drones were actually part of the larger NDAA defense authorization bill (not the indefinite detention part, and not the part escalating the war with Iran with further sanctions, but another part). Ah yes the NDAA what a lovely bill that was.

    2. And we are footing the bill for this? This move towards a police state is scary. (What am I saying? Moving towards a police state? I think we are there.)

      1. Yea at seems as taxpayers we are now funding our own overhead drones not to mention our own indefinite detention.

  2. Please allow me to unveil my Chicken Hawk Politician eradication System or CHEEPS!

    If All Libertarian and Green Party Voters throw their votes against all incumbents in the House and Senate who do not vote our way, we could create a Political Death Machine, that could mechanically separate the Political chicken Hawk Guts of these Warmongering Profiteers of Human suffering.
    We must throw them all into the fires of un-election and protect and advance those who vote our way.

    1. Please support and vote for and advance, the following champions of Peace, Freedom of Prosperity as these fine US Federal Government Servants have voted to pull are troops out of Afghanistan, de-fund the DHS and audit the Federal Reserve Bank and their Pyramid Scheme warefare economics.

      US Senate: Bernie Sanders VT, Rand Paul KY, Mike Lee UT.

      US House: Lynn Woolsey CA, Zoe Lofgren CA, Dana Rohrabaucher CA, Jared Polis CO,
      Timothy Johnson IL, Peter Viscloscky IN, John Yarmuth KY, Micheal Michaud ME,
      James McGovern MA, John Tierney MA, Maurice Hinchey NY, Walter Jones NC,
      Dennis Kuchinch OH, Peter De Fazio OR, Ron Paul TX, Jason Chaffetz UT, Peter Welch VT,
      Tammy Baldwin WI.

  3. These drones will, if not already, be armed within no less than 5 years. And, does everyone remember how Don Rumsfeld was boasting about how one of these drones fired a missile at an SUV driving down some highway in Afghanistan and blew it to kingdom come because, in Rummy's own words, that SUV was thought to have 'suspected' terrorists/bad guys inside it?

    No evidence. No arrest. No trial. Nothing but a vague 'suspicion' that the occupants might be bad guys. Ka-Boom.

    This is the wet and very sticky dream of these Trotskyite neo-cons, who – for those of us who've done our research – know are the direct ethnic descendants of those blood-thirsty, mass murdering Bolsheviks who seized the people of Russia by 'the hair of their heads' in 1917 and then, once in power, proceeded to viciously slaughter somewhere over 66 million Russians and Ukrainians, per Alexander Solzhenitisyn's estimates. Not quite 100 years later, the spawn of those earlier monsters rise out of the ground, seize control of another White European nation, and now they have all the frightening new high-tech military death dealing weaponry that Western nations have invented at their disposal.

    Write a letter to your Congress Critter that declares your passionate opposition to wars without end for Israel's benefit? Post a comment on a blog for any news website that forces you to log in via 'Facebook', where your personal profile can be used by the jackboots to identify and locate you? The FBI/CIA are using Facebook to create dossiers on Americans, you know – and to categorize 'dissidents'. If you have a cell phone – and carry it on your person, there is a cellular triangulation technique, already used in Afghanistan and Iraq to draw a predator drone bead on 'suspected' terrorists and then deliver a missile to a specific pair of BVDs – and you can bet the farm that the criminals who have managed to hijack the US government and who are recreating the USSR right here in North America will not hesitate to start ordering the targeted killing of 'dissidents' who dare to protest or help expose their war criminality and nation wrecking, nation bankrupting insanity and blood lust.

    Think I'm overly paranoid? Think it can't happen here? Guess again.

    1. The FBI/CIA are using Facebook to create dossiers on Americans, you know – and to categorize 'dissidents'.

      That may be, but being a "good German" isn't going to save one either I get the feeling ….

  4. It just hit me. Why are we talking about drones coming to the skies of America when they're already here. Namely they're sitting in the White House, Congress, and Pentagon… amongst other places. They're soulless "drones" already operating without a moral compass. Operating free of constraints or repercussions.

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