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"War is the motor that runs the turbine of growing government power," our Editorial Director Justin Raimondo wrote last week. "It is in wartime that the power of the State takes a ‘great leap forward,’ and, in the holy name of ‘national security,’ overpowers the private sector and the realm of freedom."

"For the past fourteen years," Raimondo added, has been on a "campaign to change our interventionist foreign policy, to reverse America’s road to world empire and set us back on the course the Founders intended." But we can’t continue our work without your help. And "the movement for peace and liberty cannot afford to lose us."

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Things are always picking up here at and the past few weeks have been exceptionally active. Justin Raimondo was quoted in the New York Times last week scorning the War Party’s Iran propaganda. Steve Horn has provided on the ground, exclusive coverage of the Chicago protests at the NATO Summit and the police state’s efforts to charge youthful demonstrators with terrorism. Our DC Editor John Glaser appeared in a 30-minute TV spot on Russia Today, debating NATO policies with a British member of Parliament and a Polish political analyst. Glaser also attended an event in DC hosted by the National Iranian American Council, featuring the following speakers: PJ Crowley, Aaron David Miller, Bijan Khajehpour, George Perkovich, moderated by Trita Parsi.

Our work is vital and continues to persuade people that war is the antithesis of both liberty and security. Our news section is hard-hitting and comprehensive. The blog is on fire. Our columnists are as brilliant as ever. Antiwar Radio continues to stand out in getting distinguished scholars, journalists, and activists on the air. But it’s up to you to keep it all going.

This week’s top news:

US: World Obviously Won’t Accept Iran’s Civilian Enrichment of Uranium: The Baghdad summit between the P5+1 and Iran has ended, with both sides agreeing to launch another round of talks next month in Moscow. No agreements beyond this were reached, but Western powers seem to insist on continuing sanctions and denying Iran’s legal right to a civilian nuclear program.

US Prepares to Vet Syrian Rebels for Indirect Shipments of Arms: The Obama administration is preparing a plan that would attempt to vet rebel militias in Syria to determine whether they would be suitable recipients of munitions coming through Gulf Arab states with U.S. help, according to officials. Except they are already receiving this lethal aid with U.S. help and without any vetting process.

Afghanistan Secretly Adopts Indefinite Detention Regime With US Instruction: With Washington’s supervision, Afghanistan is secretly adopting a system of indefinite detention for thousands of prisoners previously held without charge by the U.S.

Growing Opposition as US Mulls Arming Domestic Drones: Opposition to the use of domestic surveillance drones by law enforcement had only just begun, but now U.S. authorities are doubling down by considering actually arming their domestic drones.

China Accuses Pentagon of Hyping Chinese Military Threat: China’s Defense Ministry has accused the Pentagon of hyping Chinese military power and inflating the threat it may pose to its neighbors, as ties between the two powers continue to be undermined by Washington’s aggressive postures.

Russia’s New Missile to Target US Missile Shield: Just days after NATO announced that its missile defense shield in Europe is provisionally operational, the Russian military has successfully tested a new ICBM that it says is designed to penetrate the system.

Opinion and Analysis


Angela Keaton will be speaking on techniques on how to speak to non-activists about the War at Porcfest, June 22nd. Porcfest is an annual gathering of peace and freedom lovers in Lancaster, NH.

  • Besides the direct ties to the Iraq war, there are other reasons for anti-war groups to work on climate change issues, namely, US wars of aggression are often driven by our addiction to fossil fuels.