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This week’s top news:

Obama Signed Secret Order to Aid Syrian Rebels: This news doesn’t change what has been known for months about the Obama administration’s approach to Syria, but it does emphasize how explicit their goal of regime change by proxy is.

Netanyahu Tells Panetta US Threats Toward Iran Not Enough: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said US threats of military options against Iran are not enough, suggesting the Obama administration ought to prepare for war against Iran’s imaginary nuclear weapons program.

Putin Urges NATO to Stay in Afghanistan: Russian President Vladimir Putin today expressed ‘regret’ at the idea that NATO might end its occupation of Afghanistan at the end of 2014, saying that he believes NATO should remain in the country for as long as it takes to "get the job done."

July the Deadliest Month in Iraq in Two Years: The Iraqi Health Ministry put the overall toll at 325 dead and nearly 700 wounded. The vast majority of both dead and wounded were civilians, while 44 soldiers and 40 police were also killed.

Pentagon Plans for Air-Sea War in Asia Inflames China Tensions: The Pentagon is drawing up new plans to prepare for an air and sea war in Asia, presumably against China, in the Obama administration’s most belligerent manifestation yet of the so-called pivot to Asia-Pacific.

US Pouring More Military Aid into Africa, Chasing Non-Threats: The United states is pouring increasing amounts of military funding into client states in Africa – $82 million so far this year – to counter trumped up "terrorist" threats from militant groups the Pentagon indiscriminately claims are al-Qaeda-linked.

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