Chicago Tribune Pitches Perpetual Proxy War in Ukraine

Daniel DePetris’ Tribune commentary ‘Forget about diplomacy. Putin’s annexation guarantees a longer war’ is a masterwork in disinformation and misdirection.

It frames Russia’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia, into the Russian Federation, solely as an attempt to achieve victory from current Russian failures in its war against Ukraine. It further claims the annexation will make negotiations to end the war impossible.

But DePetris ignores the US role that looms large in both premises. A more likely case can be made that the annexation became inevitable when the US blew up the tentative 15 point March peace agreement brokered by NATO member Turkey that could have ended the war in its first month. Ukraine president Zelensky even hinted at such an agreement in a speech to his people.

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Free Julian Assange: Worldwide Protests Saturday, October 8

On Saturday, October 8, people are protesting around the globe to free Julian Assange.

Find your event, new ones being added every day.

Washington, DC
San Francisco
Melbourne, Australia
Bendigo, Australia
Byron Bay, Australia
Wellington, New Zealand
Ottawa, Canada
Victoria, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Hamburg, Germany
Paris, France
Mexico City
Pretoria, South Africa
Milano, Italy
Roma, Italy

Elon Musk’s Ukraine Peace Proposal Slammed By Ukraine Officials

On Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Tesla and Space-X chief Elon Musk got a taste of the vitriol delved out to anyone who challenges the Ukraine narrative, as his Tweeted proposal to begin discussions on ending the Russia-Ukraine war was incinerated by pro-Ukraine Twitter users. Ukraine’s president himself got into the act, slamming the very person who provided Ukraine with Starlink technology to save Ukraine’s Internet. Also today, former Pentagon senior official Col. Doug Macgregor on who might be responsible for Nordstream sabotage.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.