Israel vs. Free Speech: Justin Raimondo
Why Do Iowans Like to Caucus But Iraqis Don't?: Ivan Eland
Bush Wants Internet Surveillance: Haider Rizvi
New Effort for Guantanamo Detainees: Sanjay Suri
Updated January 21, 2004 – 8:50 pm EST
US May Bow to Shi'ites on Elections
Bush Meets With Iraqis, Defers to UN on Elections
Top Iranian Officials Resign as Crisis Deepens
Iraqis Want Saddam's Old US Friends on Trial
Kurds Turn Against US: 'More Autonomy Under Saddam'
US Terror Lookout List Numbers Five Million People
Israel Admits Error, but Fighter Jets Strike Lebanon Anyway
Bush Pushes Plan to Permit Internet Surveillance
Wesley Clark: Supporter of Torture School, Spy Software, PATRIOT Act by James Ridgeway
Five Impolite Questions for the President   by Don Williams
Cry, Our Beloved Country by Gideon Levy
King's Words on War Ring True Today by William Raspberry
Give Iraqis the Election They Want by Robert Scheer
A Cold Draft by Ted Rall

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Bush Focus: War, Terrorism, and Reelection
Sullivan's Smear
New Effort Launched for Guantanamo Detainees
Army Faults Its Treatment of Reserve Troops
Pakistan Bans Travel by Nuclear Scientists
Neocon-Backed Terrorist Group Plans DC Fundraiser
US Denies Killing Afghan Civilians, Including Children
Powell Blames Hezbullah for Israel Strike
5,000 Shi'ites March to Demand Saddam's Trial and Execution
Shi'ites Rising Up in Iraq   East Asia
Iraqi Cleric Could Force Transfer of Power
Sistani Ally Urges UN to Focus on Iraq Elections
Al-Sistani and Iraq's Shi'ites
South Korea's New Envoy May Displease US
Beijing's Secret Cross-Strait Diplomacy
Taiwan's Chen Pulls Out All the Stops to Win Re-election
Occupied Iraq   Israel / Palestine
Iraq's Ex-UN Envoy: US Sowing Chaos
A Raid in Iraq, And a Glimpse Into the World of Foreign Infiltrators
US Seeks Global Aid for Iraq
Qatar, UAE to Waive Most of Saddam's Debts
High-Ranking Saddam Loyalist Surrenders
Suddenly, Jordan is an Enemy of Israel
Pakistan: Israeli Minister Was Not Invited to Visit
Many Israelis Want to Keep Golan
Israeli Bulldozers Flatten 30 Houses in Gaza Refugee Camp
Extreme Inspiration: Peace Hike in Antarctica
Miscellaneous   Middle East
FBI: '20th Hijacker' Stopped in Orlando Weeks Before 9/11
US Will Work With UN in Libya
PATRIOT Act to Be Used Against al-Arian
Wife Overthrows Husband as Head of Liberian Rebels
Reformists Regain a Little Ground in Iran
Diplomats Accuse Iran of Breaking Uranium Promise
Israel Warns Syria Not to Fight by Proxy
Syrian Exiles to Push Reform
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