Government Doing What It Does Best in Iraq

From the AP:

Holidays established, abolished by new Iraqi governing council

Sunday July 13, 2003

A look at holidays abolished by the new Iraqi governing council in its first official act, and the new holiday declared to mark the ouster of Saddam Hussein:


February 8: Baath Party first took power, 1963

April 7: Foundation of Saddam’s Baath Party, 1947.

April 17: Commemoration of Iraqi military victory in important battle for Faw during Iran-Iraq war, 1987

April 28: Saddam’s birthday.

July 17: Return of Baath party to power, 1968

August 8: End of Iran-Iraq war, 1988.


April 9 The fall of Baghdad and Saddam’s regime.

Expect much squabbling over whether MLK Day should be a paid holiday for state workers.