Billions Spent, Thousands Dead, Iraq in Shambles, Neocons Giggling

An amazingly flippant take on postwar Iraq from National Review. Alleged humorist Bruce Stockler’s plan to “solve Iraq’s internal problems, get our troops out of harm’s way, save us $14 billion a month, and unite the rest of the world, West and East, left and right”? Reinstall Saddam Hussein.

This is really funny because you didn’t see it coming, right? Or maybe it’s supposed to be less humorous than shocking, like an Andrew Dice Clay routine. Don’t take my word for it:

What message will Saddam’s return send to Iran, Syria, North Korea, and the other axles of evil? This is the brilliant part. Returning Saddam to power is such an unpredictable, confusing, and outside-the-box piece of political strategy that our enemies will spend years trying to divine our motives. No country could draw any rational foreign policy conclusion. Arab nations may question if Saddam is working for the CIA or if he is, in fact, a body double. Our closest allies will be at a loss to understand our motivations as well. Imagine the river of Xanax and Paxil that will be flowing into the U.N. as the befuddled delegates try to move their diplomatic chess pieces around a board we have not only wiped clean but packed away and stuffed into the attic.

Yes, mass murder and machtpolitik– hilarious stuff.