Iraq – or Kosovo?

Chris Floyd of the Moscow Times had a column last week about the occupation forces’ use of Saddam’s secret police to govern the “new” Iraq.
Floyd’s style is so cutting edge, I would hardly be surprised if Imperial officials actually bled after reading this stuff.
Consider this phrase, used to describe the US alliance with the Iraqi secret police:
“monstrous copulation of rapacious conquerors with bloodthirsty scum.”
Conjures images of NATO’s alliance with the KLA, doesn’t it?

The article, titled “Die Laughing”, does invoke the images of Kosovo, however unwittingly:

– wary reporters and Raj officials displayed the usual hilarious delicacy in coming up with reality-fogging prose to protect the tender sensibilities of the American people, who must never be told what their betters are really getting up to.

(Sounds like the coverage of Kosovo occupation all right, with brutal murders of defenseless non-Albanians described as “ethnic conflict,” terrorist bombings as “incidents” and a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing and destruction of churches and monasteries as “revenge attacks.”)

– You certainly don’t employ professional murderers and rapists if you are genuinely interested in building a “decent, open, democratic society,” as the Bushists claim in their imperial PR.

(We hear about that sort of stuff in Kosovo all the time, yet the ‘government’ is full of KLA thugs – OK, so they’re not ‘professionals’ but what’s the difference? – and let’s not forget the infamous ‘Kosovo Protection Corps’…)