Oh, How the Lucid Have Lost It

After reading this bizarre celebration of the Grenada invasion on NRO this morning, I first checked to make sure that the author is the same Lawrence W. Reed whose essays I’ve often enjoyed over the years. Upon the shocking discovery that the two are one, I looked back through some of Reed’s online articles for any early warnings of his now full-blown mental collapse, but all I found was sensible commentary. Take this bit from 1994:

Millions of Americans today believe that as long as the cause is “good,” it’s a duty of government. They look upon government as a fountain of happiness and material goods. They have forgotten George Washington’s warning, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And like fire, it can either be a dangerous servant or a fearful master.”

Here’s Reed today, justifying the war on Grenada:

The doubting Thomases who dismissed the administration’s claim that the medical students needed to be rescued were forever silenced when those very students returned to the United States. The first one off the plane fell to his knees and kissed the tarmac. At the White House, the students expressed their profound appreciation for what American troops had done.

It’s time to quit writing, Larry, and get a job on Fox and Friends.