The Unkindest Cut/Putting the Free State Project to Use’s own Alan Bock had this to say in Sunday’s OC Register:

Dennis Kucinich, who drove Cleveland to bankruptcy before getting himself elected to Congress, is a buffoon who seems determined to use his campaign to discredit the anti-war movement.


Meanwhile, my suggestion last week of a Kucinich/Ron Paul megamicrocoalition has gotten some enthusiastic responses from readers.

Erich has a plan slightly more convoluted than my own:

[i]1) Ron Paul changes party affiliation to Democrat. This places him squarely in the Jefferson/ Jackson tradition and enables a Libertarian shift to the Democratic Party. (Imagine a Libertarian Caucus within the Democrats.)

2) All of those Libertarians who have moved to New Hampshire…plus the Live Free or Die folks now have someone to vote for who is neither Bush nor a cookie-cutter Democrat.

3) Momentum builds thoughout the primary season…and at some point Paul pledges his votes to Kucinich in exchange for the VP spot. Now we’ve got an operable anti-war coalition.

4) Tricky bit here…(as if the other steps weren’t)… Get Nader and Buchanan to sign on; get the Libertarian Party to sign on. Best way to do this is get a Dennis Kucinich/Ron Paul slot on the Green, Reform, and Libertarian ballots… This will be hard since Green fundamentalists will not support Paul, and Libertarian fundamentalists won’t touch Kucinich. There will have to be a plurality in all three parties who are convinced that the single most significant issue is the war. Which means…

5) Both candidates will have to stay strictly on message. Since both candidates are passionate men, and who care deeply about a range of issues, including several where there can be no agreement (health, for example) – good luck![/i]