…And Nothing but the Truth?

What happens if an Agent of Empire disobeys his masters and tells the truth, for once? He gets fired, and his work dropped into the Memory Hole.
Such is the case of Chris Stephen, of the London-based Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR), who found out first-hand the price of displeasing the Powers That Be…

Back in late September, after it was announced that a star prosecution witness in a Srebrenica trial, Momir Nikolic, wilfully committed perjury in order to successfully close a plea-bargain arrangement with the Inquisitors, IWPR reporter Chris Stephen wrote a scathing critique of the entire system. The IWPR usually acts like an extension of the Tribunal’s press office, with coverage nothing short of worshipful, so the article was most unusual. And sure enough, it was quickly removed and replaced with another, rewritten to reflect better on the Inquisition, and dismiss Nikolic’s admission of perjury as a honest mistake made in excess zeal for truth and justice.
I called attention to the switch in a mid-October Balkan Express, but haven’t heard a thing about it since. But last week, a reporter for the Belgrade daily Politika found out Stephen had resigned, effective December 1. Aparently, the rewrite wasn’t his idea, or even IWPR’s, but the product of pressure brought on them by the Tribunal through their principal funders: the Soros Foundation and the British Foreign Office. Even [i]Politika[/i] was subject to an angry letter from the Inquisition, demanding they print their version of Nikolic’s courtroom shenanigans. So accustomed is the Hague “Tribunal” to fabricating truth, they have come to believe everyone else can be forced to parrot their propaganda.
They don’t care so much about people like me – I have no official position, no title, no fancy fellowship or chairmanship or some such. In their statist minds, the fact that I don’t occupy a position within a statist hierarchy renders my claims irrelevant [i]a priori [/i]. But Chris Stephen was different. He worked for these people. His lapse in judgment (or lapse [i]into[/i] sound judgment, if you will) was a slap to the entire apparatus. He bit the hand that fed him – and the hand bit him back.
Maybe now he’ll get an honest job, for a change. Either way, his employers stand exposed as first-class presstitutes, and another notch is added to the “Tribunal’s” list of lies.