US Woman Spied for Saddam?

Drudge-ish, but apparently real, the story of a Maryland woman named Susan Lindauer – accused of spying for the Iraqi Intelligence – hit the wires a few hours ago. The first stories identified her as a former aid to several Democrats, but a bit more digging turned up some other intriguing links.

Daily Kos is on the story.

If you’ve followed the story of the American woman arrested on charges related to spying and Iraq, you probably know that the accused, Susan Lindauer, has at various times worked for four Capitol Hill Democrats–Congressman Peter DeFazio (OR), then-Congressman and now Senator Ron Wyden (OR), former Senator Carol Mosley-Braun (IL), and most recently, Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (CA). The “Weakly” Standard–to which we’ll return–was quick to post this information as what they called Lindauer’s “work record,” although they conveniently failed to mention that Lindauer’s time on these jobs accounts for only 3 of the last 11 years. But there’s a lot more than the rest of her work record (which includes newspaper writing in the 1980’s) that’s been missing from the stories of Lindauer’s arrest, including her direct connection to the Bush White House.
According to the indictment, “Lindauer delivered a letter `to the home of a United States government official’ on Jan. 8, 2003, in which she described her access to members of dictator Saddam Hussein’s regime `in an unsuccessful attempt to influence United States policy.’ ” That official, who wasn’t identified in earlier reports, is Lindauer’s second cousin–White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card.

Curiouser and curiouser. Much more at the link.

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