Where is 45″ Tony?

I came across this article and suddenly realized they’re right…Tony is trying to slip away unnoticed and miss the gala one year Shock and Awe Anniversary Party.

Hey, Tony, no speeches or Liberation Parties? Nothing?

Remember this, Tony?

The future of the Iraqi people is one reason why much of our discussion has focused on humanitarian issues. Again here we have the ship, the Sir Galahad, loaded with tonnes of supplies destined for the people of Iraq. The other immediate humanitarian priority is to re-start the UN oil for food programme which the President and I discussed and which I will be discussing with Kofi Annan later this evening, and this is urgent. We also discussed the post-conflict issues. Contrary to a lot of the comment on this, the position is exactly as the President and I set out in the Azores, namely that we will work with the UN, our allies and partners and bilateral donors. We will seek new UN Security Council resolutions to affirm Iraq’s territorial integrity, to ensure a rapid delivery of humanitarian relief, and endorse an appropriatepost-conflict administration for Iraq.
And the other reason why I think it is important that we act, and why indeed we have many, many allies, is because people do know that this is a brutal regime. That is not the reason for us initiating this action, that is in relation to weapons of mass destruction, but it is the reason why if we do so as we are doing.

You guys pretty much blew that deal, didn’t you? No wonder you aren’t celebrating.