Jim Henley Must Die

Only joking, of course, and so is he. His April 1 hoax succeeds so brilliantly because it sounds just like Glenn Reynolds and the other warbloggers–well, actually, it’s much more coherent in its ridiculousness than any of those guys ever are. Priceless:

    But then I thought of Madrid. One detail has gotten lost. The killers detonated their bombs by cell phone. They themselves got off the train safely, though alert action by the Aznar government rounded several of them up in short order.

    They didn’t kill themselves too.

    Yes, they murdered hundreds. Yes they are evil men, mass murderers who should be killed after trial and sentencing. Yes, we have a long way to go. But they were not suicides like the destroyers of the Cole and Khobar Towers, the WTC hijackers and the numberless slaughterers of Jews in Israel and elsewhere. The President has already taught these aficionados of martyrdom to value their own lives, if not yet others. That’s progress. That’s a start. It is not, obviously, a final victory. But it’s proof that our government’s plan to change the culture of death is starting to work. Once our enemies realize the central principle of our own culture – that life is sweet – for themselves, then the next lesson is to apply the principle to others.