Laugh of the Day

Just because I’m a nice guy, I’ll give this kid a link. Here’s a snippet regarding my column on Monday:

    Normally, I ignore the disgusting rants of fools like Bargainer, given the extremist nature of his website and his fellow authors. However, since he’s singled this blog out for special inclusion in a racist diatribe, I thought I’d ask Bargainer a question in return: How do you sleep at night?

If even four of you click on this link, you’ll quadruple his daily traffic! Go help the kid out!

Beware: His stated policy for comments is as follows:

    If you: (1) use profanity, (2) get overly abusive with other commenters or me (at my discretion), or (3) launch into some paranoid schizophrenic “Bush Lied, People Died” rant, I will delete your tirade and insert an extremely embarassing piece of my own, while attributing it to you.

I fully expect that by the time you read the post, he will have replaced my comment with some racist cant. Just for the record, however, my original comment read as follows:

    Hey Ryan, glad to see you found my link to you. Took it a little hard, eh? I really thought you’d be more appreciative for the exposure.

    By the way, as I’ve tried to explain to you before, I’m not a leftist. If you want to be ridiculous, then at least get my place on the political spectrum right, y’know, call me a right-wing extremist.

    Oh, and what did you think of Zeyad’s “rape all the women” shtick? I notice you didn’t turn on him until he pointed out a possible U.S. atrocity. Why’s that?


See, I can be nice.