A Project for the Neocons

Ted Koppel intends to read aloud the list of 530 troops killed in action in Iraq, while showing a photo of each captioned with their hometown and age on Nightline. Koppel claims the inspiration for the program is the famous Life magazine June 1969 issue, which published the pictures of all the Americans killed in one week in Vietnam.

Neocon spokesbot William Kristol has denounced the program, calling it a “stupid statement.” Kristol claims to be offended because reading the names of the Iraq invasion dead neglects those killed in Afghanistan.

I agree with Kristol that it is unfair to leave any of the dead in Afghanistan and Iraq unnamed. I propose that Kristol and whatever other neocon warfloggers he can get to help him should be allowed to read the names of all the Afghanis and Iraqis killed in the WOT so far. Surely we can get someone to donate a few hundred hours of airtime for such a worthy project.