Posing with an Iraqi corpse

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These pictures are even being aired on American television. This is the Iraqi featured in this news article:granerdead-iraqi

When CIA officers brought the Iraqi detainee to Abu Ghraib prison, his head was covered with an empty sandbag and Army guards were ordered to take him directly to a shower room that served as a makeshift interrogation center at the overcrowded, shell-damaged facility outside Baghdad.

An hour later, in the midst of intensive questioning by military intelligence officials, the prisoner collapsed and died. Only then did interrogators remove the hood to reveal severe head wounds that had never been treated.

The dead prisoner, whose identity has not been made public, would become famous around the world in the photograph of the body wrapped in plastic sheeting and packed in ice – among the grisliest images yet made public in the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal.

An account of his final hours – and of the failure to provide medical attention to a severely wounded prisoner – is contained in sworn testimony statements provided to Army investigators by military police guards at Abu Ghraib.

Even after the prisoner died, the documents say, officials continued to pursue their own agendas: They haggled over who was responsible for the body. Eventually, the body deteriorated to where it had to be disposed.

The horrific way this man died makes the idiotically happy smiles on Graner and Harman’s faces even more shocking and repulsive.

These pictures have been added to AntiWar.com’s archive of Iraqi prison torture photos.