La Voz de Aztlan: Spreading Disinformation and Hatred

I have been writing to the Website La Voz de Aztlan for several weeks now.

They have been the main site promoting the bogus “Iraqi Rape” photos that have been circulating around the web. These photos are actually from a bad porno produced before the invasion of Iraq, called “Baghdad Babes,” which is available on the Web.

I got no response to my many emails, but today I got a fund pitch for them, and responded to their “donation” address.

Here is their response, which speaks for itself:

We do not watch pornographic movies (ie. Baghdad Babes) like apparently you do. As far as we are concerned, the photographs are genuine. Just because Jewish pornographers are using them on their porn websites to make money does not automatically make them a fraud.

We suggest that you stop harrasing us and go about your business. People like you are probably sodomites like those who now control the LA antiwar ( movement in Los Angeles.

They are now promoting the decadent “faggot” parade in LA. You people are disgusting!

If you would like to send your comments to La Voz de Aztlan, I urge you to write them.