The Ongoing War on Women

Yet more evidence makes it clearer still that the U.S. intervention in Afghanistan has had less than a desirable outcome to date for the inhabitants of that country, especially the women. In that benighted country, branding someone a communist is enough to invite a death sentence by the warlords. Especially if you’re an uppity woman, such as Malalai Joya, who continues to defy the Afghan warlords.

Nevertheless, the women of Afghanistan continue to amaze with their fortitude and guts: “I have seen too many sorrows and I have no fear in my soul anymore,” Joya is quoted. “…I’m sleeping in a different house every night and I have cars with blacked out windows following me everywhere.”

Another article spells out reasons for attacking women in a recent bus bombing attack:

    Fawzia Mohamadi, 30, a victim of the bombing, said male passers-by shouted as the bus burned. “They were saying, ‘Let them die,'” she said from her hospital bed, where she is recovering from burns to her left leg. “They were shouting, ‘These are women begging for America’s dollars. Don’t help them.’ They were holding up our burning sandals and clothes and shouting.”

Or, succinctly, as the article title puts it: “Use your vote and you’ll die, Taliban tell Afghan women.”