Terrorist PM OK?

After the sham “elections”in occupied Kosovo were finally certified by the Imperial viceroy, Albanians announced their new “government” will be led by two parties: Ibrahim Rugova’s LDK, and Ramush Haradinaj’s AAK. This means Hashim Taqi, the former supremo of the terrorist KLA, won’t be in the government again. Only trouble is, Haradinaj is KLA as well. And he’s under investigation by the Hague Inquisition.

Being investigated or indicted by the ICTY is the political equivalent of leprosy in the Balkans; no one under such a cloud can hold government office for long, or comfortably. Yet in Haradinaj’s case, the “international community” seems oddly conflicted. Viceroy Jessen-Petersen even said, “If I say no to this candidate, I would be saying no to democracy.”
Haradinaj’s party got almost 8% of the vote; that means at least 80% of Albanians (Serbs and others didn’t bother to vote, as it was pointless) didn’t elect him. And even if they had, what difference would it make? The Inquisition trumps democracy – unless the rules have changed. Have they?
Of course, Haradinaj has long been an American “asset,” frequently traveling to Washington junkets with various “peace” and “human rights” groups that function as appendages of the Imperial government. So it’s easy to see why the Empire might turn a blind eye, even if he is a terrorist and murderer, with multiple indictments in Serbia; wishes of Washington trump wishes of Belgrade.
Be that as it may, having a terrorist (who pretty much boasted about that in his memoir) as a Prime Minister – even a sham one – of an Empire-occupied territory in the midst of “war on terror,” doesn’t only appear absurd: it actually is.