Video of Mosul suicide bombing posted on the web

Ansar Al-Sunna has posted a video of the attack on the US base FOB Marez in Mosul. Astonishingly, they filmed the actual explosion, then drove around the base in order to get a good shot of the gaping hole in the tent. They introduce the tape with a segment in which an Ansar al-Sunna fighter uses a map of the base to show how the attack was accomplished. The bomber is shown receiving farewell hugs before departing on his mission.

UPDATE: CBS has posted translation of some of the dialogue on the video:

In the new video, which carried a Dec. 20 date on the footage, three guerrillas clad in black, wearing face masks and carrying AK-47 automatic rifles describe their plans.

One of the men read a statement saying another of the three identified as Abu Omar al-Musali would carry the attack by breaking into the base through the perimeter fence. The man reading the statement later embraced the bomber, who was wearing an explosives-laden vest

“He will take advantage of the change of guards. We have been observing their schedule for a long time. This lion will then proceed to his target and we will take advantage of lunch time. He will storm the dining room where the crusaders and their (Iraqi) allies are gathered,” said the man.
The man reading the statement indicated with a rifle bayonet to a hand drawn map of the base. He also addressed a warning to President Bush, and prime ministers Tony Blair and Ayad Allawi of Britain and Iraq.

“Let Bush, Blair and Allawi know that we are coming and that we will chase them all away, God willing,” the masked man said.