Liberated Democratic Iraq

Ali, the “Free Iraqi” has written an interesting post about how the New Iraqi Democracy is working out. Apparently his comment was inspired by 4,000 Sadrist militiamen marching in the streets of Basra in a show of power today.

I say no to any reconciliation with terrorists aids, their supporters and with the fanatics who justify their acts and with anyone linked to them closely. No reward should be given to them, as this is what they’re asking, a reward and not our forgiveness. They have to apologize not us and then we should sue them for any crimes they may have committed, and after that they can run for offices like all honest and good Iraqis have and if they win, then it’s just fine for us!

Otherwise, he says, “We should fight these terrorists and fanatics that want to infiltrate the new system we want to build and ruin it from inside with their corrupt minds and with hands that are still stained with the blood of their victims.

I think Ali put a little too much faith in the power of elections. For one thing, he didn’t win – Al Sadr did. Look whose army is marching in the streets.