Recent Letters, Feb 24

In Backtalk:

Emile Meylan describes visiting his daughter Mariela at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

R.T. Carpenter points out that the last Civil War widow/ pensioner died just last year. The hundreds of billions budgeted for today’s wars are just the down payment.

Gordon Prather explains why the N. Korean nuke mess is still Bush’s fault.

Eric Garris explains how you can e-mail any Web page.

We get an update from the Kevin Benderman Defense Committee.

And more….


Speaking of “peak oil,” Brian S. Wesbury (“Greenspan’s Quiver“) says:

Oil valued in dollars is up 20% versus its peak in 2000, but when valued in euros, the price of oil has fallen by 20%. In other words, it is not a shortage of oil that is driving prices up; it is the falling value of the dollar. If there were a true shortage of oil, its price would be up in all currencies.”

Oh yeah, and:

The Department of Homeland Security has given hundreds of millions of dollars to protect ports since Sept. 11, 2001, without sufficiently directing the money to those that are most vulnerable, a policy that has compromised the nation’s ability to better defend the most critical ports against terrorist attacks, the department’s inspector general has concluded.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested in redundant lighting systems and unnecessary technical equipment, the audit found, but “the program has not yet achieved its intended results in the form of actual improvement in port security.”

Author: Sam Koritz

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