Uh, Stephen, if You Insist…

… on bombarding someone with spam, why not try Matt Welch, who issued this haymaker about you and your ilk a few weeks back:

    God, if there’s something I’m tired of, it’s former Trotskyites, or Castro-huggers, or Weathermen-sympathizers, lecturing me or anyone else about how we are objectively pro-whateverist because we don’t agree with their modern prescriptions for foreign policy or personal comportment. Some of us out here in hard-to-define-but-not-right-of-center land have NEVER apologized for dictators, NEVER flirted with Communism, never sat in the fetid pools of our own self-regret over “the college years,” or whatever. I suppose it’s neat that some people have “grown,” but I wish they’d stop inflicting their overcompensation on the rest of us.